The new forum is not complete garbage

Yeah I feel that :joy:. When people annoy me on the forums or do the generic witty responses I try not to engage them or if it’s too bad I’ll mute the thread.

Oh okay well it looks like if they changed it to be on good behavior, now that it’s December with Christmas coming up and all, I guess I will try and do the good behavior thing and see what happens.

Well, and that you can LOSE trust level 3. You can lose it for making one tongue in cheek rated G “joke post”(containing one inoffensive image), if enough people report you as trolling, then Blizzard will say, “Based upon past transgressions, the two day suspension stands.”

Then, you notice you are also only trust level 2 now.


When searching *.json for “trust.” Which was also obvious, since can’t post links/images.

yep, once you lose trust 3 its not coming back.

i lost mine over 6 months ago, in that time i wouldve earned it back twice over…

Any Classic information from wowhead can’t be linked either because the links start with https ://classic instead of https ://wowhead.

I truly appreciate that you would provide that information for me!! Thank you!

I’ve earned it twice already myself and I anticipate having to start all over again soon :grimacing: And I feel like I’m living on borrowed time before I lose the ability to have it at all forever. Everyone I know/like on these forums just about has had an involuntary vacation for having an opinion at some point and I just know my number is going to come up.

Particularly given that they will ban for completely arbitrary reasons. Sometimes, they aren’t even sure why they are doing it, and different mods will say different reasons. They get realllly, reallly mad if you ask why.

I’m going to start putting tickets in until a mod tells me how far along the track I am.

The related issue I have is that the requirements in the first place are by character and not by account. WoW’s implementation of the forum software in not unique in this respect. I’m sure that if “ignore” was implemented, it would only be by character (as it is for the other game forums I frequent)

I am not allowed to talk about past suspensions, as that’s against the rules, but what I can talk about is interestingly enough, when I was making my pro-China rants during the Hong Kong protests, Blizzard just ignored me.

Strange. Then again, Blizzard was accused of sucking up to China at the time.

It’s the very first sticky thread in this forum.

Sadly you will never have trust level 3. I was given a nice forum vacation for three days once a long time ago, I should by all rights have TL 3 by now if it wasn’t for that. :frowning:

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I think just like the ‘new armory’ this version was a downgrade for their own convenience. Too much is still missing and hasn’t been changed/fixed, and the ‘infinite’ scrolling honestly is not the greatest thing and makes it harder to re-find something. Also bugs out while scrolling and sometimes scrolls a lot more than intended, or gets stuck scrolling.

Still missing any form of ignore, or ability to hide posts. Trust system is a joke, limited flags/likes is also a joke. The thought that you can never recover from even a minimal action is also awful, it’s just like in-game where you’re far less likely to get beta invites or even at all along with not get invited for other events.

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