Question on Trust Level 3

I actually find those threads fun too.

Genn Greymane was like Trump with his walls though rofl

lol, I remember that. I miss the jokes, the silly stuff. +1 because I ran out of likes for some strange reason.

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That only shows up for you. I don’t see that information when I look.

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Well that’s good as that would have made me feel very…stalkable lol

There is no free speech on a privately owned forum.

No you can’t. If you were polite it wouldn’t happen. If it did you could appeal it and get it overturned. That said, I’ve never seen someone suspended for being polite, no matter how much they tried to say they were.


i just want to be able to post links properly without jumping through unneccesary formatting hoops -_-

i get banned for using a word players use in their name… a word in the name of a streamer blizz favours.

my only beef is either enforce the rules consistently or don’t bother.

edit: i used this word to describe myself it wasnt directed at anyone except myself. but i get a ban because people are trying to protect my feelings… from myself


“… based upon past transgressions, the suspension stands.”

Is what you receive. So if you EVER say anything slightly naughty, or inflammatory, ever, just people reporting something they don’t like (even though it doesn’t break any rules) can you get you suspended. At that point, just the fact that you had an issue in the past will cause them to reply that the suspension stands.

Then you may see "suspended for 48 hours. " Then you may see “suspension stands, based upon past actions…” Then you may see that you are now just trust level 2, instead of 3.

I was walking on eggshells like crazy. Even so, just disagreeing with someone was labelled as “trolling/spamming.” If enough people report you as that, it is a done deal, since upon review you’ll receive “… based upon past actions…”

You can be polite until the cows come home, but if people don’t agree with you and report you, then you can be auto-suspended. Upon review, it can stand since such things happened in the past. It only seems to take enough people doing it, on their own. I mean, I don’t think there is some conspiracy against me, since I don’t feel that I’m important enough to bother with.

For example, if there is a thread about something as mundane as titanforging, how it ruins the game, then you say, "I think it is great, I love when an item I get can get way better! :wink: " Then people who don’t like titanforging might report you as trolling, with enough of them doing it you may be suspended. Again, there is no conspiracy like people saying, “Hey, let us get Kypookins suspended!” It is just enough like minded people hitting “report, trolling” to then get you auto-suspended. Then, if anything EVER happened where you slipped up and maybe said something that made SENSE for you to be suspended, they’ll email you back, “… based upon past actions, then suspension stands…”, as well as you now being just trust level 2, evidently.


Blizzard and their endless, mindless grinds.
Even their forum isnt exempt from the insanity.


…and others have had appeals which go in their favor.

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Lol this would make some of the interactions I’ve had on these forums make much more sense.


So far I have not and to my knowledge my only sin was posting on a shadowed alt.

I was told that I could earn back my TL3, but it would take time. I was set back to TL2 when I was given a 24 hour break.

From my understanding, it seems to function as Rorrand said:

I don’t think much of that applies to this forum really.

A lot of people get trolled and lose their tempers and say things they shouldn’t. In normal society that would be considered provocation and considered when applying penalties and blizzard does not do that at all from what I can see.

They aren’t big on natural justice at all, consequently, most people just resent them when they get penalties not decide to do ‘better’ next time.

Penalties have to be administered consistently,equally and justly in order to actually act as a deterrent and blizzard system and moderators have absolutely no concern for any of that.

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At one time if you got a 24 break you didn’t lose it, now you do.

losing it for going inactive is lame, i take breaks all the time


Kypookins, you’re correct. Ty for putting that so well.

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they’re not correct.

there’s no such thing as an “auto suspension”

disagreeing with others is perfectly fine… it’s a discussion forum, and people are encouraged share their opinions.

I had it
I lost it
then I got it back


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You are not as eccentric as me though Annastasi

That’s probably because vague is safer than specific when it comes to forum moderation, especially one as heavily trafficked as this one where the users are unruly at best.