The Future of Warcraft Announcements -- Professions Update

What do you think of the deep dive into the update to professions and related items coming in Dragonflight?


Can items still be crafted away from the crafting table as they were before? (gems/potions/etc) or will we need to be in the main city?


Super pumped for profession transmog really hoping for back enchants for cooking


My thoughts were so scattered I couldn’t pay attention to the professions, but I really want professions to be enjoyable again!

And also I want to make more glyphs with inscription. More glyphs that aren’t solely five new druid forms and then some scraps. I want to see MORE for EVERY OTHER CLASS, please and thank you.


I like the work order system that’s been described. Will this retroactively be applied to older expansions as well? Like, will I be able to put in a work order for a BoP Mail piece from BFA, for instance, with my mats?

Or will a hunter be able to put in a work order for the now relatively hard to buy Mecha Bond Imprint Matrix, if they want to farm the blood of sargeras to save them the money it’d normally cost, with a tip instead?

I would like to see a way to hide the tag with this work order system though.

I go out of my way to avoid buying any crafted gear made by someone with an uncouth name. I don’t need to see something like or <Crafted by *insert name with a bajillion alt characters>.

No way to hide this would suck, because I wouldn’t have any choice on who takes my work order.

The quality feature… I don’t see going well with fans at all. Especially with the work order system. What if a new crafter is the one that answers your order and as such, you get a subpar piece of gear with lower ilvl (as mentioned in the dive) compared to if a skilled and experienced crafter did?

That would feel bad. I highly ask you reconsider how a quality craft proc works before you go through with this. It is counter productive to the entire work order system, and will make people apprehensive to use the work order system.


I am SO HYPED for everything I heard about crafting. Crafting really lost its way the past few expansions. It’s been so dull and purposeless to me, I found myself leveling it just to hit max level and then I never touched it again. The work orders is fantastic and feels long overdue. I can’t believe crafting is coming back to being meaningful! I am really excited to learn more about crafting gear too. Very cool stuff today


I’m a little concerned with quality levels, we might have the Shadowlands legendary situation going all over again - but at least profession items have (at least traditionally) been kind of optional for most people. I don’t really belong to the group of people that do use profession items regularly, so it’s not one of my biggest concerns personally, but it might lead to some problems - especially for consumables. Maybe testing will prove me wrong.

I’m really excited for profession gear, on the other hand!! I was going to make a thread about some of it, but put it on hold in waiting for the expansion - and it was so much better than what I’d been thinking of anyway!

As for profession tables: please give us some consumable/portable versions of these, the RP community has already started asking me for it :>


I am as well. It would be a big impediment to even getting into crafting if you can’t make useful things.

Same. This would be fantastic. If I want something made, I want to be able to put up a work order for it and have someone craft it - from any expansion. It makes ALL crafting feel relevant again, even if it is for transmog. As someone who has not changed their profession since day one and collected a lot of patterns, I would be excited to use the rare ones to help folks get mogs.

The work order system is something I am looking forward to, esp if it includes older expansions.

Last request though, please for the love of everything Blizz, don’t lock the main crafting leveling behind dungeons like you did in Legion. That was bad and made me feel terrible. I don’t do current group content but DO lvel all my profs on alts. Let me keep doing that. SL was just fine for that.


The work order system was something desperately needed. I know the Wow economy side is very happy with that change, it’s something people have been asking about for ages and It’s nice to see it come to the game.

In general, all these profession updates look good. Excited to see more as the expansion gets revealed. I enjoy the little cosmetic sets shown off for the professions, it really adds to the immersion and feel of them.

Edit: Read in an interview you currently have no plans for Archaeology and I hope that changes in the future. There’s some neat stuff you should be able to add, we’re going back to a hidden land with tons of ancient history just waiting to be found and Archaeology seems like an ideal profession for that.


Honestly? I hope they expand on it later to improve the auction house useability.

For instance, say ore on the AH is 10g per ore.

Why not let us put up an offer to buy X ore for 8g an ore. And let the sellers be able to see that an offer is there if they want to get instant results, helping someone who is trying to save some money in the process.

But have a limit on how much you can buy this way per day, to stop people from stealinga ll the items from an AH lol.

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I wasn’t expecting to hear any news regarding 10.0’s profession updates, so that definitely proved to be a welcome surprise : )

I’ve been an avid Blacksmith since I picked up the profession in Cata, and some of my fondest memories are carrying out commissions for epic weapons/armor, and rare niche crafts for transmog connoisseurs. So I’m definitely pumped for work orders, and the chance to hit people up in trade chat and get them ready for raid night with a slick new piece of armor, or a shiny new sword.

At a glance quality levels reminds me of the rank system the legendary crafts of Shadowlands have, which was the major reason I avoided trying to be a part of the crafting market this expansion.
Though the fact that it’s tied to the new gear gives me hope. I’m looking forward to learning more about it later down the line.

Very excited for profession gear. Crafting my own special smithing hammer back in BFA’s Tool of the Trade felt very cool, forced dungeon runs aside.

All in all I’m excited about crafting for the first time in a long time. Keep up the good work!


This announcement and revamp has me absolutely STOKED! One of the devs made the comment about being able to build your client list. This brings me back to my favorite profession time in the game - Vanilla when I was one of the most popular/recipe gathered Enchanters in the game. I’d advertise my services and had a nice client list. The ability to fill work orders and know your professions will be relevant throughout the entire game is fantastic! I just hope some of the profession items can compete with raid gear too, or be able to highly level it to the point to at least enhance a “Best in Slot” item. Super stoked!


Can we bring back Enchants dropping from bosses.

It really does feel better looting a new enchant that has a cool effect from a boss oppose to getting it from rep


…not unless they’re guaranteed.

I farmed one of the enchants in BC pretty much the entire expansion and never got it. Lol.


We can buy an enchant off the AH. They way enchants work right now is bad. You get all your enchants at the start and then nothing we don’t even get the cool effects from the enchants anymore those are all from rep vendors… It made the profession actually useful and relevant like alchemy. I’m not saying they should have a mounts chance at dropping. But it should go back to the previous way if we wanted to make enchanting more important.


I’m really excited by all this! I love the work orders system. The game desperately needed something like that. I would have been happy to craft legendaries for people outside my guild who had their own mats, but it was just too much of a hassle to try to drum up business, and then deal with people who don’t know the correct mats or who are worried I will scam them by taking the materials and running. The work orders system looks like it will solve all that and make crafting much more enjoyable!

I’m also excited about the crafting tables idea–having crafters present and visible in the world rather than tucked away wherever they tend to park their character will make the crafting world feel more immersive and personable.

I’m also excited by dedicated slots for crafting gear. Fun!

The item quality bit does worry me. It seems likely that if there are different quality levels, the highest quality item will immediately become the standard and anything below that will be considered vendor junk. Then we’ll have a situation like we did in Shadowlands with the legendaries, where in order to create the item with value, you have to waste a ton of expensive materials crafting items that sell for little or nothing.


I am looking forward to this, I honestly rarely bother with professions (other than engineering) as I really do find it hard getting some of the mats or recipes etc. The work order system might save me some money, as occasionally I have the mats for something but don’t know anyone who can craft it
Eager to give this a try hopefully in Beta

Everything I saw I think is fantastic.

A cool system I saw in another game once, a very long time ago on a MUD actually, was the ability to “mend” a piece of existing gear. It was a skill that allowed for a field repair of a piece of gear (not so much an issue in WoW admittedly) but there was an off chance that it could either boost the stats of the gear OR completely destroy it in total failure. What this did ultimately was get everyone to attempt to mend every piece of gear they got and when more than half of it inevitable was destroyed, they had to go back out into the world and get a new one. Each piece could potentially be “mended” three times to improve that stats three times, but the odds of a triple mended piece was very low. To get a whole set of triple mended gear took a ton of dedication and some pretty profound heartbreak lol. In any case it was a super engaging gear modification feature and everyone loved it.

Saw this question on the GD and I’m also curious: Will crafting orders work with legacy gear?

Will Crafting Orders work with Legacy Gear? - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

I’d also add on a question of if it applies to more than just gear. Can we get crafted reagents as well? Stuff like current enchanted lightless silk, etc?


I am really for professions, I have every profession on my main server and i make tons of gold with it. So i think it’s good that professions will get more love again as they are a big part of the game.

I love the idea of profession gear but what I really ask myself will this flood my bags or where will I keep this gear? Because i still have different sets in my bag for tanking, dpsing etc… Also one for timewalking in the bank.

I also like the idea of getting better in your profession the more you do it and get better qualities etc. But I don’t know if this is really community friendly if I see how people are complaining right now about the legendary crafting.
Most people i know don’t use their professions yet when they are very easy to be maximized (exept legendaries). So i don’t see the average player doing hours of crafting to get better. But for profession players this will sure be an improvement to give them something they can work towards.

Furthermore I am a little bit concerned about the work orders. I like the main idea that you can go there, craft stuff people actually need and earn some gold. But I also know what some people are willing to give for some items… Let’s just say its not worth the time you spent, if you get like 100 gold for an order. At the start you could get some free skill points with it but i suppose what people want to have will be things you need higher skill for.

And what is with people that find someone who is willing to craft for very low cost and then sell the stuff in the auction house for the price the item would be actually worth? I love some borders in crafting (expulsom, legendary system) to make crafting profitable, because you always notice if everyone can buld something, it is worth less then the materials in the auction house which is kind of silly in my mind. The work orders theoretically gives everyone access to every recipe.

And will this work for everything even older stuff? There are a lot of people that sell old items as transmog or the items for the older legendarys such as thunderfury. I would not like to see the crafting orders destroy all of these markets in any way.