Will Crafting Orders work with Legacy Gear?

Does anyone know if this question has been asked/answered anywhere in the videos/interviews today?

My main question is, will the new Crafting Orders work for legacy gear from prior expansions to get people to make them for transmog purposes? If not, Blizz should consider adding this in the future!


Great question. Hopefully they work for all crafted items.

Great question indeed.

I’m also curious: The Future of Warcraft Announcements – Professions Update - Community / WoW Community Council - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

It is an interesting system but we really don’t have enough information to tell how it is going to work. It could be an amazing concept if done correctly.

I want to say maybe? Vial of the Sands was apparent in one of the screenshots. I’m not sure if that was definitely for work orders or not, but I did 100% see it.

Great question, but I can see a major problem with it when it comes to MoP/WoD/Alot of Alchemy due to the, still in place and frankly absurd, daily refinement lockouts to produce the base materials (which are soulbound) and for MoP specifically, how painful it is to actually unlock all the recipees due to this

For reference: you need 100 ingots/cloth/leather PER ITEM for WoD mogs, you can only do 1 refine a day which nets 10-20 mats based on profession skill, and pump others through your garison on a like…2 hr per 2-5 mats basis which hard gats producing legacy items for mog (not to mention: THEY STILL HAVEN’T FIXED THE ALTERNATE MOG VERSION UNLOCKS FOR WOD BASED ON ITEM UPGRADES)

Hi! Just curious, was this question ever addressed, I did not see anything mentioned in the most recent post Blizz released about the new systems.

I personally think this would be a great addition to the new system, even if it was added later in Dragonflight. There are lots of rare legacy gear patterns you could put work orders out for.