In Regards to the Professions Update

The Future of Warcraft Announcements -- Professions Update ← CC Thread

With the most recent blue post confirming they aren’t going to do much with the ‘old’ expansion crafted gear, could we at least get some minor changes to make it bearable? Namely 3 things

  1. Daily/Weekly refinement lockouts for old expansion materials being removed
  2. BoP being removed from prior expac profession crafted/refined items or dropped recipies
  3. Finally restore the ability to make the ‘upgrade’ forms of the WoD crafted armors/and weapons which was promised in B4A and STILL hasn’t been fixed, meaning 2/3 of the crafted armor/weapon/offhand t-mog appearences from WoD are hard locked out if you didn’t get them at the time

Honestly though on BoP, I think that should be almost completely done away with if I’m being honest, only reserved for quest rewards honestly, never understood why taking some one’s wallet and finding their shopping list would bind their shopping list to your soul (that’s kinda what most bop lootables feel like imo)


Yes, please and thank you to all of this!

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Yup, and lets hope Bliz notices or some one on the CC does and brings this up also cause these are some really annoying things


I don’t mind the lockouts or cooldowns but the wod craftable items do need to be fixed

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To make some mogs from MoP it takes 2-3 months worth of just refinements due to the daily lockouts, and the refined material is soulbound, meaning you can’t trade/sell it

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Bind on pick up should be completely removed from anything related to professions. Want a crafting scroll to upgrade said item to 233? Cool, send the recipe to alts or send the scrolls themselves to alts. No reason to make something so minor and unimportant BoP outside of forcing yourself to grind rep on multiple alts and make yourself hate the game more.


I disagree. Professions should have bop items for the crafter only. Professions need to be made difficult to reach max level again but also make it rewarding

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Why does something like that need to be difficult? Difficult isn’t always fun, not everyone finds value in their life or fun by completing challenge, repetitive, and boring content constantly. If you want challenge heroic raids, mythic plus, mythic raids, rated pvp, pvp pet battles, world bosses and what ever is there. But professions? Its a fun and chill time away from combat and is worth something because you’re creating something.


Ah yes, because MoP and WoD, the worst offenders for the things I mentioned, are ‘max level crafting’

Lets take Tailoring from MoP for instance: you have, daily lockouts that get you 1 item (that you need 10 or 20 of for some things) and is needed to actually unlock a single recipe at a time, so, you are looking at MONTHS of daily refinement just to unlock the various options, for making Transmogs at this point, let alone actually crafting the items in question.

It’s worse for BS/Engineering, in that you need not only your own refinements (balanced trill for unlocks/energy cores for engineering unlocks) but also to make things and living steel which is, thankfully, tradable, but still a daily lockout from alchemy. For the ‘nicest’ weapon mogs from MoP though, you need Lightning Steel, which is a daily lockout, you can only make in a specific area on the Isle of Thunder, which is deep in the back of the place, Living Steel, and you have to craft it in a tierd way. 30 lightning steel, 12 living steel, 18 Spirit of Harmony are needed to make the 3rd level of these mog weapons. That is 1 month of time for a BS, half a month of time for an Alchemist, and a major grind in Spirits of harmony. Now, one Lightning Steel requires 10 bars of Ghost Iron so, that’ 300 Ghost iron bars for the lightning steel, Living steel requires 6 Trillium Bars, and the ‘daily lockout’ can be bypassed by spending Spirits of Harmony also, so at least 72 Trillium Bars and 12 days, or 72 Trillium bars and 11 more Spirits of Harmony.

And that’s just for 1, singular, transmog weapon at this point.

It. Is. Ridiculous.


Posting to support all this. While I understand the time gating (maybe) when the content was fresh, now that it is being used purely for cosmetics the gating really needs to be removed. Particularly the one per day material creation limits.

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I disagree with point 1 but points 2 and 3 should have already been a thing.

Why do you disagree on point 1 which is that legacy content crafting shouldn’t be time gated any more and 2 that legacy crafting goods (like materials, recipies, or crafted goods) shouldn’t be BoP?

Honestly I don’t think the time gate should be there with current content, as it’s still a time sync from farming the materials themselves, trying to get the recipes, spending the gold on the vendor materials needed in many cases (thread/flux/etc), and just the crafting timer per action done which could be any where from 1 second to 3 or 4 seconds per action. It’s also why I despise BoP outside quest rewards entirely. If I have a guildy that needs x item, but I drop it and they aren’t in the run, I can’t help them out, or vice versa, and that BoP stuff causes the same ‘degenerate’ gameplay (Bliz words there) that happened during the World First race for Sepulcher of the First Ones

I dabble in old-recipe crafting for gold-making purposes. The daily cd mitigates oversaturation in an already slow-moving market.

That said, I don’t think Blizz should ever go back to daily cd’s for crafting.

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I don’t mind BoP crafted items for the crafter to use. I DO mind bop mats of any sort. I always end up with a ton of them on all the characters that can’t use them or don’t need them, but find myself drip fed those mats on the characters that do.

There’s nothing wrong with non-binding mats, especially mats from raids and dungeons. If a wallet warrior wants to spend their way to victory, so be it. It just means more gold in my pocket as I sell my stuff to them.

I am with you. Changes like this end up hurting as many players as helping. So why change the game?

I personally don’t really care either way - I only craft on type of transmog from old content and am not likely to change my behavior either way.

Part of the reason for this is how inaccessible it is for many players, either due to the time requirement, or, the price point. I can make the ‘reforged’ weapons on one of my toon, some of which sell for 250k gold, and I still want that restriction removed because it’s silly/not fun. I’d much rather those mogs be more common, and sell for alot less, than be covetously hoarded for lack of a better term for it, by people that ‘played in the day’ while making even more barriers to entry for customization for newer players.


So, I had another thought recently that I would love more details on.

With the new ‘profession gear slots’ would that be sets for each profession? Like, would we be able to have a fishing set, and an herb set, and our crafting/cooking sets too with dedicated slots so they aren’t eating up inventory space?

How will the fishing rods from prior expansions work with this, will they just be like cosmetic changes or will they have unique effects, like the Dragon Rod from MoP allowing the Ancient Pandaren Charm to work in all fishing not just MoP fishing and the Broker Fishing Rod having a chance to catch say, enchanting mats (aka essences) while fishing, etc?