The faction imbalance marches on!

Whats going to happen in wrath when the horde streamers go alliance for racials? This game has been horde favored since it was made.

No amount of work can fix the wow community. It funny reading this stuff as all that left here are the people who blame everything else but the community they created. :popcorn:

What’s amazing to me is Blizzard knows most players favor horde, especially for PvP, yet they took no measures to prevent this piling when they had a CLEAN SLATE to start over with in classic.

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And two weeks ago before the BG changes, it was 38.6%, now it is 38.3%. Good job, blizzard.

These numbers. I do not think they present the clear evidence you think they do…

I believe you are correct, I think it’s to the point of no return unfortunately.

If they really cared about faction balance, then they should have understood from the beginning that faction transfers had to be controlled tightly for faction balance (i.e. only majority faction can leave and only minority faction can transfer to the server).

But they obviously valued the $ they’re making while all the servers are going through various stages of collapse.

The Incendius debacle (the population spiking and then collapsing within a few months) is the best example of that.

This is literally a problem players created.

This isn’t a blizzard problem, it’s a player problem. Players are inherently selfish and will automatically make decisions that benefit themselves at the cost of others.

It’s very rare to have people purposely inconvenience themselves for the benefit of others.

Blizzard has never capped (To my knowledge) a server and stopped people from playing on said server. The closest thing you get is a queue.

Transfers were offered, people used them to flood servers and cause more imbalance elsewhere.

Honestly, blizzard doesn’t have a good option. :woman_shrugging:

There is a reason they eventually stopped having PVP servers and made everything war-mode.

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People who rolled into alliance were already kind of alliance players who said gryph and heroism. I know because I also had an alliance alt and we knew exactly who were an alliance player and who not.

And as far as I am concerned, those who were alliance on Classic are still aliance today. You play the faction you like most.

Sorry, what exact guilds rerolled to horde as of TBC? Could care to list them here so we can verify your statement or should we throw it away as another conspiracy theory?

YES they have, in Classic. They restricted both new character creation and paid transfers to a number of realms.

Edit: Found a better thread
Unable to transfer Classic character - Support / Customer Support - World of Warcraft Forums (

The main thread with the blue post was edited after the transfers and character creations were turned back on. However new character creations and transfers were turned off on MULTIPLE servers for an extended period. This really helped Classic realms stabilize after there were a lot of realm problems.

This is what was needed this time. This may not have been the intention but it was the result. I am not surprised they aren’t doing it considering they seem to just be considered about money, more with TBCC than with Classic.

I agree that the players are selfish. Some of us wanted to move away from the “You are a number” single player with a lobby CRZ, LFR, layering and warmode soulless experience of Retail. That’s why we came to Classic.

Just reroll horde Wam. It’s never too late to fix your life.

Alliance say the writing on the wall when streamers started preaching go Horde for PVP. So now we all enjoy our playtime on PVE servers. You all thought you wanted PVP but you didn’T

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Play PvE servers. Problem solved. If you are serious about pvp you are doing arena which doesn’t require a pvp server. Get with the program.

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Arenas and world PVP are not the same thing at all.

Yeah venruki and every other high rated arena player that only play undead do so because they think it looks cool, what a moron you are.


If you’re playing on a “Horde dominated” or “Alliance Dominated” server, YOU ARE PLAYING ON A PVE SERVER.

Only morons like you that think 10 v 1 against low level questers is “PvP”.

You’re not on a PvP realm, if you’re on a majority faction server you are playing on a care bear server because only whimps need to play on a majority faction


This is true. Arena is important and rewarding, wpvp is not.

Then xfer off and play on a real PvE server. You’re the one that is trying and complaining about fighting an uphill battle. You’re not impressing anyone either, if you were succeeding in fighting off Horde in wpvp and posting vids or something you would have some bragging rights. But coming to the forums to complain is just wasting everyones time.

My server is 50/50 split. I did my homework and picked appropriately when I xferred. All the tools are there for you, use them and stop complaining about meaningless wpvp issues.

That’s kind of abusrd to measure the value of content strictly in the pixilated rewards that it offers.

Players on PvP servers make up the vast majority of the player base. Clearly a lot of people are interested in Wpvp in some capacity.

To me faction conflict with and against people you see over and over again is a huge community builder. I know I’m not alone in feeling that way. That’s part of one of the big reasons I play Classic: to be a part of a community.

Only because they rolled pvp servers for classic where wpvp had its place. Now we live in the age of arena and wpvp is for the hipsters and griefers.

You can have faction conflict via wpvp on PvE servers too. Its as simple as going out to Crossroads or Southshore and killing guards until someone shows up. People don’t want to do that because to them wpvp means ganking someone when they are questing. You guys on the Horde populated severs are just complaining because you are stuck being the prey.

Like I said earlier the solution is simple. Roll a PvE realm and get with the program. Nobody cares about your valiant efforts defending Southshore or Westfall, its just a waste of time with virtually no reward, unlike arena which has a detailed ranking system and reward structure.

It’s easy to remove an emote. It’s not easy to change 15 years of community perception.