The faction imbalance marches on!

I disagree with you but you’re a PVE server player who doesn’t want to understand people with other viewpoints. Pretty much everything you say on this topic shows this.

I want to be able to fight others for resources etc… which is by the way completely relevant to TBCC. Have you not seen all of the threads about resource nodes on PVE servers and the drama surrounding that? I can still get anything I want on my PVP server but sometimes I have to fight for it.

I know who Trashedmom is (the poster you responded to). I know them from seeing them World PVP. Players like this make the game fun for me. Please stop trying to speak for other players who you clearly don’t want to understand. I have no problem with you preferring a PVE server more and you should have no problem with those who prefer PVP servers more.

I’ll say what I want. You can play PvP servers all you want It doesnt bother me. Just don’t act like you are the sole focus on the game. Wpvp phase is over, were in the instanced era of pvp now.

’ll say what I want. You can play PvP servers all you want It doesnt bother me. Just don’t act like you are the sole focus on the game. Wpvp phase is over, were in the instanced era of pvp now.

I don’t think anyone expects it to be the “sole focus” of the game.

Expressing my opinion that it’s an important part of the game to me is far from that. I’d like it if faction imbalance received some attention. Particularly as faction imbalance is the progenitor of several issues in the game apart from Wpvp. I don’t really see how that’s a despotic thing to suggest/ask for

I don’t really understand what the argument is about at this point.

I’m only gleaning that you personally don’t enjoy Wpvp and that you consider it obsolete now that it doesn’t serve the goal of you getting pvp rewards for your character.

That’s fine, not everyone has to play the game the same way. That’s why there are PvE servers.

It really seems like you think that you are the sole focus of the game the way you go into thread after thread to just offhandedly tell people who like wpvp that they are wrong.

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Fite me Alli scum.



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it wouldn’t even be a challenge to get rid of you, horde gnat

I know that you’ll say what you want. You just cannot speak for others and therefore are wrong. I like how you always just avoid the resource thing because your argument can’t handle it. :wink:

I will agree that for me World PVP is not the sole focus of the game since I do pretty much everything. Still, World PVP is part of the game I enjoy and it adds to my experience. For some people who I know World PVP is why they play and you can’t speak for them. I understand you’re too close minded to get it.

Plz sir, you play a dwarf, and you think you could beat anyone irl. Lets be real here.

Again, imbalanced PvP servers are de facto PvE servers, there is no “PvP” on imbalanced pvp serverrs, just one sided griefing which isn’t pvp at all.

If your “opponent” has no chance of fighting back, it’s not pvp, there is zeror skill involved, it’s just griefing.

Man that SSC entrance is going to be spicy tho.

human male LOL arcanite reaper OMEGALUL

Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.

Characters logging raids. Not necessarily unique accounts. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I wonder how many people raid on multiple alts on either faction.

Make it so that there is a threshold that will prevent raid groups from being able to enter raids, if the disparity it too great. That way will always show relatively even faction balance.

Imagine all realms not being able to play thanks to your idea.
60/40 is already a big disparity, regardless of what cringe dwarves may say otherwise.

Sure. But not sure exactly what it means. Can we assume roughly equivalent percentages of raid loggers, alt-raiders, etc. on each faction? (maybe — maybe not)

It would sure push some raid groups to server transfer (or quit — though there is some reason to believe that it wouldn’t really cause people to quit, so is there any reason to believe that it wouldn’t lead to homogeneity across server population balance? idk why that seems to be something some people desire).

Uhm. Cringe sweaty

Ya know, Halaa and The Bone Wastes were a thing back in the day. Not so much these days on Heartseeker. It’s kinda sad, really.

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oh salty /10char

Blizzard did a poll and said the vast majority of players said they didn’t buy the horde superior racials conspiracy.

Meanwhile they did another poll and the vast majority of players want same faction BG’s.

… speaking of conspiracy

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