The faction imbalance marches on!

Right. But you don’t see me or any other horde player coming on here and begging for faction balance changes for pve servers when the problem is every bit as bad on that side. We have roughly 3 servers to choose from and of those, one of them is still heavily in the minority.

I don’t count the tiny servers that no one is playing on.

I mean it is a result of faction imbalance for these pvp servers. The mass transfering is killing our faction.

I mean it sucks for horde on PvE. But Ally are suffering at a higher degree.

No they aren’t. Take a look at the faction imbalance for pve servers. Just because it isn’t something that comes up doesn’t mean it isn’t as bad.

It doesnt come up because there a less players. I dont think you understand what im saying both issues should be addressed we are just seeing more Ally complain because there are more players suffering on Ally.

statistically, it is much worse for alliance overall
as a general statement, horde are MUCH more likely to ruin the game than alliance are in terms of faction imbalance tipping a server
I hate horde players irl

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That’s not correct. The number of pve players and pvp players are pretty close. It doesn’t come up because horde on pve servers have all resigned ourselves to ashkandi or Mankrik

Are you joking? Using the number of pve players are roughly 47k to a 135k pvp populations. Where do you get that these populations are similar?

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they aren’t “pretty close” there are about 20% more horde in the game of only 180k active characters

You are right. I was looking percent not raw. #sigh.

The game mechanics are designed in such a way that it favors the higher populated faction. That’s not necessarily something that Blizzard did intentionally, but it’s how it works. There are plenty of reasons why players want to play on the higher population faction - faster groups, higher number of guilds from which to choose, fewer PVP problems out in the open world, easier time on the AH all around, etc. There’s just one benefit to playing on the lower populated faction that I can think of: faster BG queues.

Until Blizzard actually makes it more attractive to play on the lesser populated faction, the imbalance will just get worse. And even if it is more attractive to do play on the lesser populated faction, the upsides need to be strong enough to get people to throw away everything that they’ve gotten and start anew.

  1. Merge servers that are imbalanced to a basic balanced state.
  2. Turn off paid transfers
  3. Eliminate layers
  4. Offer transfers from over populated realms to dead realms with very specific parameters designed to balance the factions; this includes tools like complete guild transfers so to preserve group relationships.

Unfortunately that isn’t likely to happen because:

  1. It’s not selling micro transactions in the form of transfers
  2. Blizzard is profiting from the present destruction of the servers.

It’s not a conspiracy, people are quite open and honest about being soulless meta gamers.

Having exclusive access to Paladins, fear ward, and some good racials like stoneform and sword spec were enough to make people play Alliance in Vanilla Classic, where Alliance was actually the majority. Apparently looks and gnomes weren’t enough to deter people from playing Alliance in Vanilla Classic but it’s enough to deter them now?

Now that Alliance lost any unique edge or advantage all the meta gamers just decided to bandwagon on Horde. Not only is it not a conspiracy, it’s not even hard to believe or understand.


There actually have been a number of threads recently from players (horde) on PVE servers who have requested help from Blizzard with merges or free transfers off. They are not happy that their side has died off on their PVE servers either.

I just don’t think most PVE players care about the imbalance as much because they are typically just interested in who they can quest, raid and do dungeons with and the other side is just “there”. On a PVP server it’s more apparent, because the other side attacks you. When the AH and groups dry up on PVE servers yes people notice and yes when it gets to that it is a big deal for those players.

As a PVP minded player and also a player who WANTS to be on a balanced server faction balance and server health is a big deal to me and that’s why I’ve talked about it a lot. Note that I want to be on a balanced server, my server was 51/49 on TBCC release, and I have been playing my alliance more lately which is on the imbalanced side. As I’ve already stated I blame both the players and Blizzard for the current imbalance issues which are getting worse by the day.

I really don’t know what you expect blizzard to do about faction balance lol

It takes a special breed to play alliance. Not everyone dares to play on a more elite faction. Most go with the pack and play horde.

There is no pvp element, but I don’t think you are giving enough credence to the other issues that all cross over with pvp server imbalance issues. Auctions are incredibly weak. There aren’t any groups to be had right now. Guilds are leaving making it more difficult to do end game content. Players are quitting making it more difficult to fill those slots. Harder to get things like potions and enchants too. Impossible to do the world pvp objectives.

The snowball effect is exactly the same. Literally the only difference is the pvp element.

None of that is me complaining. Those are just facts of life on my server right now.

As for the pve posts, I haven’t seen them. But the same as with pvp servers, I am not sure what blizzard does to change it now anyway.

And to be clear. The server balance isn’t the issue so much as the faction population. But that is really the difference between a pvp and pve server.

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horde players deserve punishment irl


I’ve seen posts from a few on Westfall about the problem (although the threads I saw were from from alliance on other PVE servers) but not from you until now. I don’t know if you’ve talked about it before or not.

I do see your point and I’m sorry this is happening to your side on your server which I’m sure causes issues for you. I know you haven’t been complaining so please don’t take this the wrong way. I think that when people have no real choice but to quit, reroll, or spend money for a better game experience it always sucks.

unfollow horde streamers, cancel subs to horde streamers, don’t allow them to survive off playing a game while they are horde


For sure. It is one aspect of this game that I think was somewhat poorly thought through. Then every choice blizzard has made seems to make it worse.

I don’t complain about it because honestly I don’t think blizzard can do anything about it at this point. They offered free transfers horde side from Mankrik to westfall which of course few people took lol.

But by offering transfers off, the server just cratered. And I don’t blame people for leaving. It feels like it did at the end of classic and that is bad news horde side.

Anyway, not trying to get on some whine fest a about my server lol. Mainly just saying that I have a pretty solid grasp on the struggles outside of being ganked.

Edit: I guess we should be glad they didn’t perfectly mirror W3 and have 4 factions lol.


It was never about balance, just shorter Q’s.