The faction imbalance marches on!

Whew… As of last weeks data reset for

Alliance make up 38.3% of the PvP population for Americas & Oceania vs 61.7% for Horde.

Alliance are majority dominate on 5 servers vs Horde being the majority dominate on 23 servers.

But hey, at least we’re fixing the game by removing emotes that virtually impacts no one.


What Blizzard should do? Kill gnomes and alliance looks less cringe so Horde players would feel compelled and see an appeal to roll there?

Because no one is buying the horde superior racials conspiracy. Worse than antivaxx and flat-earthers.


Weeeee the 1400th original post on this topic that expects blizzard to magically create alliance players interested in being on horde heavy pvp servers.


Personally I think the faction transfers would do diddly squat. Mainly because it takes a certain kind of player to be interested in being the minority faction on a server where getting jumped is common. Especially the massively weighted ones.

Yeah horde easy baby faction. People dont want a challenge.


Depends on the server. I am sure Alliance have it real hard on heartseeker…


well we know how many servers are favored. Its 23 to 5. lol


Players created the realm imbalances and players keep them that way. You want to blame Blizzard… but they didn’t pick your realm. You picked your realm. The realms are balanced exactly how players have dictated. If players don’t like it… it’s up to them to move around accordingly.

Furthermore, every single time Blizzard has offered to help with free transfers; no one used them to improve balance. They only used them to further the imbalances. Sooner or later the lesson must be learned that players have to clean up their own mess or live with it.


It doesn’t matter how many are favored. It matters which faction you are playing on which server as to whether you will struggle in the world. I know this concept that not all servers are horde dominated is difficult and that your victim complex is strong, but fact is that if you are alliance playing on heartseeker you are every bit as weak as you are claiming horde players on skeram are.

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Implement faction change and I’ll happily go alliance


In my opinion the HvH thing didn’t help at all, I think it’s part of the cause of the imbalance getting worse.

I don’t think this has anything to do with the /spit which probably took a few seconds to code and was entirely based off the store mounts IMO.

I just don’t think Blizzard cares at all about faction balance and I think that was clear with the way they put the imbalanced servers together for Classic Era. It’s really annoying.

I firmly believe that the stopping of transfers and new character creations on high pop servers in Classic, which was for months, helped with faction imbalance not getting worse. I also believe that free faction transfers from horde to alliance should have been tried first. We’re probably at the point of no return which in my opinion DRASTICALLY reduces the fun in this game but I’m not just a PVE player.


Do you keep this same energy for your PvP queue times? Asking for a friend.


I play on Herod. But yes it does matter which faction you are playing on. As an Ally player on Herod there is zero chance im transferring to a server thats 55 favored for the horde. The chance of getting shafted by the greater influx of horde players is far to high. Horde can likely safely transfer to 55 favored Ally realms.


I 100% agree, if you look at the data, you can clearly see the imbalance getting stronger. It was 47/53 a little over a month ago…


I wasn’t really calling you out specifically. It was more the general player base weakness. It is pervasive. That’s really the part that seems to get overlooked. By and large, the pvp servers are heavily favored one way or the other. If someone is looking to join a pvp server alliance side, it is highly likely they are going somewhere skewed alliance. Why? Because previous statement about general weakness of player base.

Edit. And that goes both ways. Horde do it too.

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No one wants to pay 25$ and transfer. Leave friends/guilds behind. So yes they want to play a server where they wont likely have to transfer again.


Right. So how do faction transfers help this? Not saying you are saying this, just generally think the idea is weak.

You want to make it happen? Give a player on the minority faction a scaling hit point bonus while in the world. Say 1000 hit points for every 10 percent difference in faction balance on the server. That at least attracts people to the minority faction who want to be godlike.

And yeah, I am well aware of the fact that on some servers that is a 9k hit point boost.

I think people far overestimate the influence of wpvp as to why people transfer. People transfer because like my realm Herod. There is just very little people to play with. Do dungeons PvP raid. You have very little options. Its too much work and not fun.

I don’t think there are any easy answers to faction imbalance atm. Blizzard should have done something at the start of TBC. They didn’t do enough to incentivize people to roll Ally unforuntely.

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I play on westfall. It is the exact same here but opposite. Horde are transferring off in droves. There were a whopping 7 level 65 horde online at like 4 pm today.

No one ever talks about the faction imbalance on pve servers but it is just as bad. The only difference is that I don’t get ganked.

Yes and you can see the same thing on PvE servers. People leave for many reasons but a big one is that there is no one to play with and this spirals out of control at around 15-20% it seems.