Unable to transfer Classic character

I’m having a similar problem but its not tied to a boost. I resubbed today and tried to transfer my level 60 on classic to my friend’s realm but I got the same message. “An error was encountered. Please come back later” Am I subject to that same 72 hour wait or is this something else?

I’m going to split this to its own topic to avoid any confusion. Classic character transfers may have some additional restrictions right now.

Make sure the realm you’re trying to transfer to isn’t currently locked.


oh thank you, but it seems the server I was trying to go to isn’t listed anywhere there.

Trying to go from Blaumeux to Fairbanks

I am having same issue. Trying to go from Kromcrush to Grobbulus and I get that error

Fairbanks is on the list as being unable to transfer to, Zolvolt.


This article lists the realms locked to transfers and new character creation:

I’m having the same issue, going from Skarum to Grobbulus.

Transfers to Grobbulus are restricted. That’s why you are having the issue.

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So I can create new characters on Grobbulus, since I already have several there, but I cant transfer an existing toon to play with my friends. The server I’m on sucks, since it’s 90% Horde.

Looks like that’s true. Feedback would belong in the Classic General Discussion forum. The Devs don’t take feedback from the Customer Support forum.

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So the consensus is we can’t transfer to grobbulus unless we’re established on that server right? Considering this is my second account I’m not established on there like my main. If I level to a certain level on grobbulus do you think I’d then be eligible for that transfer?

You may not have the answers but it’s worth a ask

If Blizzard has locked a realm so players can’t transfer in, having a character on that realm won’t matter. You still won’t be able to transfer to that realm.


Well hopefully it’s lifted sooner than later. Appreciate your replies

oh thanks rufflebottom

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Thanks for sharing the other thread, Ruffle! I had forgotten it. I edited it in to my original reply.

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