The "Customer Support" Forum Needs Re-named

It is pretty misleading to name a forum “Customer Support” within Blizzard’s official forum system, but then designate such a forum as “player-to-player support”. The typical definition of CS and the forum name are on opposite ends of the pole, and it really should be changed.

It also doesn’t help that “account issues” is listed under the “Support” category. The blues have “Customer Support” under their names and support articles consistently refer to GMs or billing as “Customer Support”. Combine it all and this leads people into thinking that coming to the Customer Support forum with account issues can lead to a resolution, but all it really can do is mostlyl lead to a “submit a ticket” or “post on GD” response.

Please re-name the “Customer Support” forum to something else, such as “Player-to-Player Support”, “General Support”, “General Help”, “Gameplay Support” etc. - something that doesn’t clash with the typical definition of CS, Blizzard’s own references to “Customer Support”, nor set up the expectation that Blizzard CS staff are on-hand to provide in-game or account support.

Otherwise, people will continue making threads expecting Blizzard CS support, only to be met with “CS and GMs don’t read these forums” and “this is player-to-player support” responses, as well as typical antagonistic responses, outcomes of which are a bad look on Blizzard and the fellow players who respond.


yes, I agree. first time I went there I was so confused that blizzard ‘employees’ were so rude - then I found out they were players. If they hadn’t been so rude I would have typed out personal information so I guess I was lucky they were.


I can’t think of many instances where “thank god the community is toxic” was thought. Oof.

I agree. I was so confused at first lol. I was like “how can these people still have a job?” but turns out they weren’t employed by Blizz in the first place.


Yup. I had other ideas to suggest but those seemed extreme (e.g. “delete the forum” or “tell the blues to quit posting player histories/tickets if they supposedly can’t offer support”) and re-naming seems the best balance to me.

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Ahh the toxicity of our city… I only have this forum bookmarked so its like the other ones don’t exist. At the top of my browser there’s a button that says “wow forums”. I should remove the S.

If I’m a CS agent and a player asks a question liiiike

“Yo, I can’t replace my backpack, what gives?”

And another player informs them that you can’t change the backpack I’m not going to answer, the question was answered so there’s no need for me to say “Yeah what he said”.
Not all questions require CS to step in but the ones that do of course should.


I don’t understand. CMs aren’t employed by Blizz?


You poor deluded fool.


Every time I’ve used those forums other people tell me to use the general forums because nobody would notice my posts there, even though they only had to do with bugs in the game.

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He’s whining about the MVP posters (green text). They are not employees of Blizzard.

But I do remember when the op jumped in to complain about something, got corrected and told off by a Blue (an employee).

edit: found it…

So I’m assuming the OP is stinging from that.


Have you had Comcast? If you go to their support forums, 90% of common issues are solved by other customers.

You literally CANNOT SPEAK TO CUSTOMER SERVICE, AT ALL, if there is an outage known in your area, the automated system stops you and informs you to call back once the outage is over.

Customer service is a hollow term in the modern world.

Every time I’ve called customer support in the last couple of years they offer little support but are willing to try and sell me upgrades and additional packages.

So… something everyone knows? I mean, it’s right there in the stickied thread at the top of this forum. :woman_shrugging:

Can’t speak for customer support, but technical support seems to be working. There’s not armies of employees answering every question but there are people there responding and helping.

Your internet that won’t connect could do nothing MUCH FASTER

Correct, the tech support forum is much more in-line with what you’d expect.

My ISP’s customer support is truly horrific. It usually comes down to me rebooting everything for 15 minutes before they’ll even consider the problem might be on their end.

I just use their live chat and have always had my problems resolved on the first try. Granted, there’s some language barriers to work around quite often, but I’ve always ended the chat with a resolution.

There’s a sticky which explains how the forum works.

that’s exactly how my isp works… it’s primarily regular users fielding questions.

CS can’t do anything about bugs.
Either use the bug report forum, or ingame bug report option.