Thanks! Players come show your support!

Hey Community Manager /wave

Its obvious that heading into the new year, you are making a renewed effort to reach out back to the community to either answer questions regarding new content,

provide new players with pertinent information,

or just reassure a player that our community manager is a human and a gamer just like us!

Im not sure if the flurry of responses from the community manager was prompted from a personal decision to reach out to the community, or from a change in procedures for 2020 going forward, or just Blizzard higher ups asking you to address the the constant “outrage” posts.

Whatever the reason, I personally want to Thank you for the interaction the last week and I hope going forward you keep it up. There’s obviously no need to address every single toxic post on these forums but I think I can speak for at least a portion of the community in saying we really do appreciate the blue posts when they come and knowing there is a blizzard team who is watching these events unfold.

Thanks Kaivax for putting up with our crazy community!

FYI…no need to respond to this post I know you are watching


They don’t pay the dude enough.


I would be shocked if Activision paid him anything to be honest.


Thank you!


Lets see how many people we can get to show their support for the Community Manager. You dont need to agree with everything he says, just let them know that we would rather have more blue posts than have more silence…

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I just wish they would have someone actually answer the issues people are posting about. It’s nice that they reply to new players and all, but you know.


What’s this, 5 posts in?

Imagine this on a birthday card,

“Happy birthday to a wonderful daughter. I just wish you would have cleaned your room.”


I mean…

What exactly are you reffering to? You want him to respond to EVERY post?
Are you taking about specifically AV posts? PVP posts? Content rushed or content drought?

Theres too many contradicting points of view and if he/she stopped to answer every single one they would be setting a precedent that I dont think they want to set.

I have no problem letting them pick and choose their battles as long as we dont have too many periods of time where we go 1 month or more without any blue posts.

Lets be happy we are making forward progress instead of scolding this person for “actually answer the issues people are posting about” i.e. solve all your problems and and answer all your personal questions…

I didn’t scold anyone in my post.

I said it was nice that they helped new players. But this is 100% of what the game needs right now. There will be no waves of new players. Almost everyone who wanted to play classic, and they are mostly max level. The game is dying, they should be adressing issues. Anyway. Done here, have fun in your dead game.

Great support! Thanks for contributing to this thread :slight_smile:


Don’t forget reppin’ for Whitemane.

Promise you’re going away and never coming back? With sprinkles on top?

In all seriousness, you should never have posted a passive-aggressive “It’d be nice if they answered posts about real problems” malarkey. The CMs CANNOT give answers they don’t have, or that they haven’t been given the high-five to give. Anyone who doesn’t get that by now is being stupid and antagonistic on purpose.


Also, it’s never wise to reward the temper tantrum throwing 10 year old at Walmart more candy and toys.


I don’t do the whole “love and care” thing. Instead I’ll offer my condolences for having such a job and perhaps some ice cream.

Yep definitely happy to get any communication we can get.

As someone else mentioned they aren’t going to be able to answer everything, either because they don’t have one ( and neither do the Devs), or because they aren’t allowed to discuss that information.

Being aggravated at them is basically shooting a messenger that has no message.


There was nothing wrong with your post. I mean, having them actually respond to questions/issues IS kinda the point. Sure, it’s nice that they welcomed someone new or gave personal anecdotes (and i can relate to the becoming a healer thing), but yeah. When people say “communication” they usually mean information, solutions, etc. rather than chit chat.

You may now return to your rainbows and butterflies.

I totally agree with Twinkle. It is very nice to have Kaivax out and about!

I represent the People’s Communitymanagerian Front and I approve of OP’s message. :+1:

When I see a Blue Post that isn’t business related and just them as a player THAT makes me happy.

There will always be questions that need answers from a business point of view and community managers have policy and procedure to speak on those on behalf of the company. I understand why they can’t answer or give their opinion on those topics.

Again, when I see a blue post on something that is just casual general conversation it gives me the warm and fuzzies that they’re real people and not robots making obligatory blue posts when the puppet master deems it so.

Thank you for dealing with all of us. I’ve had more fun in the last 6 months than I have in the last 6 years of playing WoW.

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