What time will Blackhand's Command drop?

An official response would be nice. Save us Blizzard.

They didn’t specify an exact time. It said Jan 10. Hope it’s 23:59.

new league of legends season started today i hope i make my master promos this season i failed them last season i was so mad about it :frowning: #swain main

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Yeah. I’ve had people quote the time for phase 3 release on the official post, but the post says nothing about the release time for this drop. Just the date.

Confirmation would be nice.

Y’all need to chill, go home, grab a hot pocket, then come back for the quest tomorrow. I can 100% guarantee that it will be in the game 1/11…can’t tell you what time 1/10

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They have a month to do a brain dead attunement and already panicking… my God these people. :joy::joy::joy:


Lmao I’ll do it solo the day before raid drops and have an easier time than these 40 fools waiting for 4 hours…


Blackhand’s Command is now dropping. Best of luck to all!

I would also like to know when the quest item will begin dropping so I can log back in to try for it :smiley:

Just confirming that it should have started dropping about an hour ago.


Thanks, Kaivax.


BTW - how do you pronounce that name? KAY-vacks or KYE-vacks?


pretty sure they forgot the nt in their name

supposed to be K-anti-vax

You solved the code.

Why is this in this thread? Stop trying to fish for a blue post and stay on the topic.

Cannot get this to drop. Is there a prerequisite or something?

Level 55 min. Some older replies on wowhead state must have the quest to kill Gen Drak (ony attune) completed - not confirmed.

I can confirm not needing to be ony attuned to get this to drop - we did this last night for a 57 rogue who was on the ‘collect rend’s head’ step of the chain - they were able to loot the command and click the orb.

Why do you have to be nasty? Kaivax said their looking into it and it wasn’t anything that was causing a derailment. It was just a question, that now that he mentions it… I’m a bit curious about too. Try to be nicer to your fellow posters, and not attack them for pointless reasons. It makes for a happier forum.

Can confirm working.

We hit him up on the way to MC last night and he dropped the item. He has a very fast respawn timer currently, somewhere around 1-2 minutes tops.