RET paladin dilemma

Paladins are the easiest healer to play in Classic - and the most annoying thanks to all the blessings & such (plus the fact that you likely need to downgrade from plate to have the best healing gear & soloing/farming as Holy sucks beyond belief). Holy Paladins were a lot better in TBC, so I won’t be playing one until then (as Dreanei or Blood Elf).

yea but spriests have mass dispel and can get rid of your bubble which kinda sucks. one of the reasons theyre so strong in vanilla cant dispel bubble

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IDK where you get your info

But we are on the best patch hpala has ever had in WoW

TBC hpala? lol

Everything you’ve said shows you understand nothing about the game you’re playing. My god

Its the easiest class to play in raids.

Need to refresh buffs? Have an addon manage that for you.

Hell, if you’re assigned to a tank, you never have to target or look at anything else. Could probably just put a caster on auto-follow the entire raid and just mash flash of light for 2 hours and be a contributing member of the raid while watching netflix.

this is the most simple the game has ever been, and you’re playing the most simple class there is.

figuring out holy shouldn’t take more than 30 second. Seriously, you can auto-follow someone with a FoL rank 1 spam macro and accomplish 95% of what’s expected of you without even looking at your screen… the missing 5% would be buffing and cleansing.

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Longtime Paladin healer here. I made the choice to go Holy after my very first WSG in 2005. I spent the entire time wishing for more heals, and I realized that if someone has to do it, it might as well be me. This really resonated with me:

I really enjoy picking the lowest ranks of heals I can get away with to stretch my mana.


Wow, we agree on at least ONE thing. I’ll drink a beer in your name my man.

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I enjoyed playing my healeradin in vanilla. Not only in PVP.

Lol@downranking flash of light.

/cheer to Kaivax engaging with us! Stay awhile! We like having you here! <3


Yeah, I was holy for about 2 years before switching to ret. To heal as a paladin, I used mostly flash of light. I had 2 ranks of Holy light on in case I needed bigger heals. In the end, it felt like I was playing whack-a-mole. Once I switched to ret, I never went back. I’ll still stop my attacks for clinch heals, buffs, cleanses, etc. But in the end, I have more fun as ret!

You rolled a healer and you don’t know you have healing spells?

You must be a treat to group with.


Yeah it’s a dream spec because he’ll fall asleep with how boring hpal in PvE is lol.

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Some say boring, others say Netflix.


Touche. I’d probably play holy…if I had a second monitor lol.


And I probably wouldn’t if I didn’t :wink:


My last MC(trash and boss fights) I had 1375 casts of Flash Heal and 18 casts of Holy Light. By far a one button spec, but you have a guaranteed raid spot.

Yeah it ain’t very exciting, but you are needed and you can follow a tv pretty closely at the same time.


You should play how you enjoy, number 1 rule. Don’t be forced to play a different style.


A wild blue appears in a random post and heeeeeeeeeere weeeeeeeee gooooo.