Tailoring Cooldown Suspensions and Reversals

Earlier this week we fixed a bug that had allowed Tailors to circumvent a long cooldown in Tailoring, and quickly ascertained that some players had done so a great deal, so we actioned those players in accordance with how much the exploit was used. Earlier today, after further investigation, we came to understand that some of those we suspended likely didn’t have a deliberate intent to exploit and were simply doing something that appeared to be naturally available. As a result, we’ve now reversed most of these suspensions, so that only the most egregious cases remain penalized.

As a result of this, we’ve heard a lot of feedback about the crafting UI and tooltips therein, and we’re looking into improvements that we can make there in a future patch.

Thank you for your understanding.


Cool beans.

Things like this hurt trust in playing the game. Never know “what” might be a bug that will get you in trouble. Isn’t this why we have things like Beta and PTR etc? Stuff shouldn’t be released broken, and if it’s broken, the action shouldn’t be to punish players but instead ensure that things AREN’T released broken. It’s scary to think one day you might try to login and cannot because of something like this. I know I wasn’t affected because I didn’t level a tailor yet, but I don’t read stuff to know if it’s supposed to be once a day or not. If I can craft something, I do without thinking about it.

I just wish the game was tested better and released without these weird issues (like how Evokers got 100% drop rates on rare mounts) - this seems to be a common thing recently and frankly it isn’t acceptable.


You’ll find forgiveness from myself and others to be very difficult to obtain in this situation considering that numerous other “profession exploits” went without 1 single punishment being handed out but this tailoring one saw 7-30 days handed out and required ticket action to overturn.


I had a chronocloth leg piece crafted yesterday. It was produced in sent to me, but I hope that wasn’t through an exploit.

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No way in hell did they think it was “naturally available”. And Of course it was deliberate intent - they got a benefit out of exploiting a bug.

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Here is an idea… remove silly cooldowns from crafting.


I think that instead of swinging the ban hammer over things like these, the dev’s should consider resetting their tailoring skill or removing the cloth in their inventory. The dev’s need to think about the messaging that mass ban waves send to the community. Should players avoid expansion launches out of fear that they may inadvertently encounter a bug? Especially when professions were released so late into beta.


The head Blizzard Customer Support should be fired. This was a step back after all the good will Dragonflight is earning with the community. On top of this-- tickets weren’t answered for two months before release. Everything is being autotomized to the point that it’s hurting your customers and then Customer Service decided this was a smart move. There is no way many people had any idea this was even an exploit. Unbelievable.


Good to see you guys making it right and not punishing people for your mistakes in design.

get over yourself, seriously


Remember everyone we pay to beta test, how does this pass QA, Alpha, Beta, and PTR Testing… This just proves blizzard rushed the expansion instead of delaying and ACTUALLY testing things.


Cool, now is anyone going to comment on the Artisan’s Consortium exploit where people are dropping professions to mass gain rep?

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This was the result of a UI issue that was present in Beta. Before the game ever went live. The fact that the UI remained in such a state that showed no indication of a cooldown on these specific patterns is the developer’s fault. It does not matter if someone used it 1 time or 1,000 times.

Here’s a neat idea - remove profession cooldowns entirely. The concept is pointless and another method of “time gating” anyhow.

Either way - the UI gave the player no indication of a cooldown or it being locked. I have guildmates who have this same thing in other professions. “I can look at this and it says I can do it again. If I do, will I get banned? How long do I have to wait before it’s safe?”

That’s absurd.

Remove every. Single. Ban. That’s the first step of “doing the right thing”. Once that’s done then y’all can get together, have your meeting, and come up with a solution. Go ahead and use the idea myself and others have given before me. You can take the credit for it.


I agree banning for bugs is not a good look but the sheer amount of exploiting every time a bug is discovered this expansion is ridiculous. They need to start doing a lot of rollbacks on accounts instead of banning

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im ngl, this shouldve been rather obvious that it was a bug.

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No, This is something blizzard should of been on top of if they really cared so much and to be fair the only reason they add daily cooldowns is to sell more wow tokens as it keeps prices high.


Its not just the profession cooldowns though, its been rep quests and god knows how many other bugs people have jumped on.

Yeah, Why release the game when it’s not ready! what do expect is going to happen when you push an unpolished product. The amount of things blizzard has had to nerf or fix is stupid.


Pay to beta test and in the process might lose out on $15.00 worth of sub time for beta testing xD

I hope they are automatically reversing these bans for those affected and not expecting people to wait 15 days to have their 7 day ban reviewed…