Crafting Bans!?!?

Which is great. I’m not raging at Blizzard or anything, I’m just sympathetic because I can see how people could easily get caught in the crossfire.

I disagree with the idea that a player’s first thought when they go to their prof menu and don’t see a CD must be “well I better check the patch notes before touching it” - and if Bizzard is reversing bans of people who just did that a few times, they also disagree.

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Gonna stop you right here. Id bet about 95% of all crafters look at the things they’re trying to craft and go “Oh crap i have enough material to make 2 or 3 of these, ok then!” And then get banned for it which is INSANELY unreasonable.

Im not defending people who actually and intentionally exploit. Im talking about someone who may wanted to give crafting a go around, had enough material to make multiple items, made said items and then got slapped with a ban for essentially playing the game.

Except that’s not what happened. Again.

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You have no say in what happened or didnt happen. Again most crafters, myself as well if I bothered to do it at all, would simply go “i have enough magerial to make 2 or 3 or 4” and then press “craft all.” You dont seem to understand what the term “ban wave” means. Whether it was from my example or legitimately someone trying to exploit the system they both got hit and were both looked at in the same regard

And you don’t seem to understand that when you make something which has a CD, just like in JC, the second you make it, there’s a red line of text which shows up and says “On CD until…”. ← There is zero way to avoid the fact that the people who exploited this saw it. Went through a loading screen. Saw that there was no longer a CD. And suddenly did it again. And repeated the process.

The people who got caught in the crossfire innocently are already being unbanned and WoWhead and people in this thread have already shown proof Blizzard is unbanning people who are innocent. The only people who are still banned are the people who explicitly and outright exploited.

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Except this bug DIDNT have that red line if text or whatever. I forgot I was speaking to jesus christ herself who can see the future and know what people are going to do before they do it, my sincerest apologies my liege but lets take a moment to think about this for half a second. Since launch day zones have been buggy as hell, mainly valdrakken and the azure span. If this whole process happened where the reload screen popped up one could easily dismiss it as a glitch from the particular zone they were in rather than having to zero in on EVERY crafting thing they can make to make sure they dont make themselves out to be something they arent. You seem to have this false mentality that people who are playing this game should stop playing said game and research every single blue post blizzard does and does not put out. Which no person in their right mind, especially with a goal in mind, is going to do. I await your next asinine response.

Final point, if this issue was serious enough to be met with a ban for people, wouldnt it make more sense to have a notification on the battle net launcher or in an alert message bubble to notify people of this particular thing? Call me crazy with all the early warning systems blizzard has in place to notify the general game public about it instead of letting the player base continue on with business as usual?

If we assume blizzard ban everyone who craft like one more that they should you are right but what most likely happen is that bans were to people who made a bunch of those by exploiting the reset.

For a good example is like you go into ATM and realizes that if you withdraw 100 it will actually give you 1k, if that happens once you can probably argue that you were unsure if you actually put 100 or if you mistakenly put 1k, if you buy a mansion doing that your behind is going to jail no questions asked

This just sounds like you paying for a mistake you didnt intend to have happen which isnt fair or right at all. Secondly, why are they jumping straight to bans when they have the ability to disable the craft in the first place? The more you try to make sense of this the more it becomes a lazy fix

This reminds me when the boss was very in toxicated and gave us all bonus’s for the year.

After a week he asked for it all back cause it was a mistake on his part.

Shortly after words the company went backrupt and i got a new job with a 2000$ kickstart.

again people who were actually suspended was the one who exploit to hell and back of this.

if you made a honest mistake you are not getting suspended or at very least it will be uplift if you make a ticket.

is temporary ban ( thats why I us suspended in this post) and because people were abusing the bug?.

I nver thought I would see people begging blizzard to not punish cheaters

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Dragonflight has been a case study on the virtues of
“Exploit early, Exploit often.”

This seems to be the sole exception to the rule so far.

Lets not put words in my mouth. Im not talking about people who voluntarily knew about it and went on their merry way, i agree with the bans on those people.

Im talking about someone who may be new to crafting or just filling out orders and happens to go “Oh ok, my CD isnt up on this, lets see if I can make another one.” Which is what the bans absolutely did to people.

Lastly, you foolishly go right to the nuclear option of a ban when there are other ways to stop it from happening plus would give you a more detailed and targeted way to track it. If you are someone who exploits things and youre still making the item that disabled you basically are shouting from the rooftops to get banned. All this did was get people to NOT do crafting cause god forbid people have to get a mini heart attack for everything they craft.

Please see my related thread about the problem with punishing “Exploiters.”

Temporary ban is not a nuclear option, disabling craft makes no sense if you can fix the problem, you fix and ban people who exploit it, disabling is a way serious take than baning cheaters, you have no idea what you talking about.

Blizzard has logs on literally everything you do, if you made a honest mistake you either not gonna get ban or get your ban revoke once you contested it.

You are Strawnmaning this topic, nobody is in favor of baning mistakes, but yes of you exploit it you should be ban, if you saw the “mistake” and went “ohh wow the thing that should have a day CD is refreshing every time I join a group I guess I’ll join and leave a bunch of group to make a bunch of this in the same day” you should also be ban.
Common sense is a must.

Your whole way of thinking sounds like someone who stumble upon the exploit and did it but now wanna claim ignorance, idk if that’s your case and it might not be I’m just saying how you come cross to me but know this you will only stay ban if you did the exploit like a lot.

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Why is this thread still a thing? The bans were reversed on those who didn’t know what was going on.

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Nobody who was banned for this wasn’t intentionally cheating it.

You omit the part where you hearthed to get around the cd, though. One time? Sure, after that, you’re clearly cheating.

First off youre a fool and on top of that an ignorant one. Let me make something perfectly clear, I dont do or partake in crafting in this or any other game cause as I stated in my very first post, “I dont make enough money in my RL job to come home and work a second one.”

Secondly, if i did partake of the exploit and got banned I wouldnt be on here in the first place cause i literally couldnt be because of said ban.

Lastly, as ive stated MULTIPLE TIMES im not defending people who take advantage of the exploit, not even remotely so. You seem to have this preconcieved and very incorrect way of thinking that people who play this game for fun and do partake of crafting pay attention to every little detail of every little thing all the time, which is a nauseating task in and of itself. Most of the player base when they do craft something just see they have the materials for it and click “Craft all.” Not to mention the multitude of other problems the zones themselves have had with azure span and valdrakken being buggy to the point the developers have put forth a feedback blue post asking players to document locations and times they experience massive lag so blizzard can pinpoint the issue. On top of everything else the whole “certain crafting options having cooldowns” is a brand new thing as far as im aware of.

All your responses show and make it painfully obvious of is your mentality of punishing people who dont PERFECTLY pay attention to everything they do. Coupled that with a clear god complex and the option in your mind is “Ban them all and let god sort them out.” Which I pray to God above you dont have that sort of position to influence your toxic belief system onto anyone else and if you do, then they have the mentality to realize your sick perverse mindset and dump you faster than your head can spin. NO ONE who legitimately plays this game should have to worry about being banned because of a bug that happened that hid the internal cooldown. Equally so, no one should play this game and have to have their head on a swivel and be scared to level things up because “Oh god I was making this thing and got distracted by a world event and cant remember if I made 2 things or 3, what do I do!?!?”

Considering you have no actual argument and is getting this mad over something you have nothing to do with I’m inclined to believe you are the fool here.

I guess you never heard of people who have multiple accounts? And in the fool lol.

No it’s not, it’s either since vanilla or tbc, the fact that you are either ignorant about that or is just straight lying shows how little you actually know of the issue.

So no to everything you said, crafting having CD is nothing new and if you are a crafter you know about it but even if you are not a big red line saying its on cd for 1 day appears once you craft it.

I have said many times that if you made a mistake you are either not getting banned or getting your banned overturned.

No one who doesn’t wanna abuse exploit will craft literally hundreds of those before realizing something is wrong.

Your ad hominem has literally no arguments just show how shallow you can get and your lack of arguments.

Go educate yourself before commenting on a topic you know nothing about.


Nothing you said is even remotely close to a response to what ive stated and your nit picking certain points to sound smart actually makes you look toxic as hell.

I dont know anything related to crafting cooldowns or anything cause I havent done them. All you can do is be toxic and instead of highlight my main focus you chose things you could respond to, point them wildly out of context and decided to trumpet yourself like youre the victor especially when you base my knowledge of the system off of blizzards insane response to it which is the entirety of my focus.

So good job, all your lazy arguement post has done is get you ignored and reported.