Tailoring Bug is still occuring

The Azureweave Bolt cooldown for tailoring is not fixed as stated by Kaivax earlier this evening (see link below). I used my one charge of the cooldown earlier today, but after hearthing out of a +7 keystone for The Azure Vaults, the cooldown reset to 20 of 30 available. This is incredibly frustrating because the in game UI does not provide a base cooldown or information on what the cooldown reduction should be when fully specialized into Azureweaving.

I too had a new bug where the charge count reset from a timer to showing 10/20, but when I went to craft one it wouldn’t let me. So it seems to be a UI display glitch rather than actually still allowing you to infinitely craft Azureweave /Chronocloth

I think this bug is still not fixed. I levelled up 35 tailors some of them have 7 crafts and others have 30. I am afraid to craft these. Could someone confirm if this is intended behaviour? Its odd that same spec same knowledge point everything would have 7 crafts available on one character and 30 on another. I have not crafted any yet and I am hoping someone could tell me if this is fixed now or the bug is still there. I am pretty sure it is not a display glitch as I was able to craft 30 on one character levelled a week ago. I don’t know if getting knowledge points gives those cooldowns and they reset after you craft them once. But, I feel like this is not fixed yet and I feel bad for levelling so many alts. It does appear to be working properly on my main tho. I had 3 crafts last week and now I have 11.

Same issue here. Also reluctant to craft.

Still not fixed. Please fix in 10.0.7