Sylvanas' endgame and BfA last patch (Speculation)

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While I do think Helya will play an important role in the future, I don’t think that will happen this expansion. Nor do I think she had anything to do with Vol’Jin. Being a Shadow Hunter, he should have been able to tell if she was effecting him in any way. She could have however been responsible for freeing Vol’jins spirit. Since he had been touched by the hand of valor. She may not be part of Odyn’s Valorkyr, but she was still a direct creation of the Titans.


This one could refer to N’zoth being bound to the Black Empires throne, he has Aszhara to help him, thus no longer entirely bound. Or predicting we will indeed set free.
Also as someone said before, inthe phrasing “The boy king serves at the master table, three lies will He offer you”. The one offering the lies could be the Master with the boy just, well, serving them.

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I really doubt Blizzard is going to make the majority of a playable race, even if allied, turn evil. At best a portion, and I really doubt we will see VE’s turn evil after being introduced one expansion ago. But could happen I guess.


This is amazing and I pray this is what blizzards plans are. I have a feeling its probrally close but not as epic


I think we will see more of her this expansion. Like honestly who else would convince Vol’jin

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I don’t see the void elves being hinted at anything but eventually going over the edge. Even Danuser’s interview is all about how the void elves are dealing with incredibly dangerous power, and I see no way of that power being shown as dangerous if not failing to keep it under control.

Anyway, my void elf/high elf prediction was formed as follows:

I started with the following premises:

  • The lack of void elf development is intentional
  • The little we have of void elf lore right now hints at a story direction
  • Void elves were introduced for a purpose in BfA’s story
  • Void elves were made out of blood elves for a reason
  • Blizzard don’t talk about high elves not because they don’t have plans, but because they won’t spoil the story

Ok, then I elaborated each premise with a possible outcome:

  • Void elves lack development because Blizzard does not want us to get too attached to Umbric and his group.
  • Alliance seeing Umbric being all polite and helpful while knowing next to nothing about void elves, while the Horde only sees void elves going crazy about feeding souls to the void or summoning void creatures is intentional: they are hiding their true nature to the Alliance.
  • Since the void elves’ purpose has not been disclosed so far, they must be important in the ending of BfA.
  • Void elves were made out of blood elves because there would be no reason for general high elf population to be converted willingly. However, the current void elf origin does not make them a true race.
  • Blizzard had plans for high elves from the start, and that means becoming void elves unwillingly.

Put all together, and I ended up with this theory:

  • Last patch will involve high elves and void elves working together. Probably a Quel’thalas battle or something, that will make most high elves be rallied to fight.
  • Umbric is a traitor, as are most of the void elves. “The boy king serves at the master’s table” because the Alliance has been an unwitting paw of the void. The ren’dorei will do a Wrathgate-like event of treason, and spring a trap to high elves.
  • Alliance heroes stops the transformation of the high elves, but it’s too late, they are all transformed. We deal with Umbric somehow (either questline or raid boss), but now the high elves are almost entirely turned into void elves. This second generation of void elves now have numbers to be considered race, and is comprised mostly of elves that never wanted to deal with the void, adding a tragic element to their story. Void elf culture must now cope with that betrayal and the Alliance being wary of them.

My fears can be placated enough if that comes with more “high elf-like” customization representing this “second generation”, and, more importantly, if the story is well-handled and done with the proper care for the fans and respect to the character’s involved.

What's the point of the Void Elves?

Yes and they also confirmed there would be more story writing for both the nightborne and the void elves in Bfa we see the nightborne getting some shine in 8.2 hopefully the void elves in 8.3

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I like where you’re going but I highly doubt any of this will go down in the final BFA patch. Blizzard’s biggest regret with Garrosh was losing a good villain after a single expansion.

You’re post for the final patch could easily be most of an expansion with a couple filler raid tiers between major plot points.

(Alamara) #89

I’m not saying how it will end, I have no idea if Sylvanas will survive or die, or who will be last boss. I’m mostly trying to puzzle together the many clues we have had so far to form a clear picture of the overall story up to the start of the last act, but how it ends is anyone’s guess.

(And truly, if Blizzard regreted killing Garrosh, then why make him survive only for him to be killed in the very next expansion?)

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Because WoD was WoW’s mid-life crisis. Born of the backlash to early Mists, they tried to go back to the drawing board and the game is still reeling. I mean buffs. They built this awesome tracker for buffs in WoD and they unified them across classes, it was clean and well done. Then they get got rid of all buffs. Then they brought back like 3 buffs and only 3… WHAT!?


I am worried Sylvanas is going to kill Vereesa. However I think this will snap her back to reality in time to sacrifice herself in a redemption moment… Only to be brought back as a redeemed undead like Calia. She will return to Silvermoon and maybe Calia will step up as the leader of the forsaken. Calia in charge of the forsaken and Baine as the new warchief, it might end the current faction war. For the moment anyway.


This is almost guaranteed not too happen. As Blood/High elves are the same people I don’t get how that would translate to light skin for a second group.

Another scenario i could see happening, if the Alliance do attack Silvermoon, is Rommath finds a way to sever the connection of the Alliance High Elves to the Sunwell. A scene switches to them keeling over realizing instantly what happened and in a moment of desperation Vereesa and the others choose the path of the Void like her sister Alleria.


Blizzard doesnt set clues. They just make it up as they go I think.

Remember the world tree? Everyone had all these cool predictions of how it would burn and Sylvanas wasn’t really mentioned because it would be too obvious… and yet

If anything in the OP’s predictions even come slightly true I’d be thoroughly impressed

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If this happens, I will be very, very pleased and applaud Blizzard for a good plot twist. That was an excellent video and well worth watching. ^^

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It’s weird that you put this much effort into figuring this out when the developers confirmed that they just wanted to do a shot-for-shot remake of MoP.

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Actually, I was saying all along it would be Sylvanas back then.

And here’s proof:

You know, checking the link I posted above and many of the comments on the Burning of Teldrassil, and comparing to some comments in this thread, I see that a lot of people expect plot twists for twists’ sake.

Back then, people expected all sorts of twists and turns to explain who would burn Teldrassil, while the simplest and more predictable outcome ended up right.

I don’t think Sylvanas will be redeemed, reborn as lightforged undead or whatever. To me, there’s no hints of her even showing any kind of emotion or desire that would lead her to salvation. She has been built up as a villain ever since vanilla, with Cataclysm being the moment she truly decided to start kicking puppies.

No one that does what she did deserves mercy or redemption. And there’s nothing pointing out her motives are any different than her drive to survive at all costs that was established for her since the “Edge of Night” short story.

I don’t know what will be her fate by the end of BfA, but she sure won’t be warchief, much less a respected faction leader, after it.

Have you seen Vereesa’s card in Hearthstone? I imagine it as something like that.

Besides, Jeremy Feasel did say “Don’t give up hope” when asked if there could be high elf options for void elves, so…

(Talendrion) #97

IDK it reads more like wishful thinking than an actual possibility IMO. And I think that’s my own bias about the VE introduction.

You are looking for an intent and a well crafted plan while I just see a bad execution. Given the story we are seeing I find it veeeery unlikely this is any sort of planned twist in the making.

Like, I get it, we all have this “They must have a plan, the story can be this… bad” and most often than not, it is so. I really think you are giving them way too much credit. I seriously doubt this was planned when for me everything about VE’s screams rush job.

Now, could they retcon them internally to something like this? Honestly, I think they could lol, and while I’d always doubt they planned it from the beginning, the result still would be far more interesting that VE’s have done.

But that’s my on wishful thinking, that they will do something with VE’s. And everything tells me they just… won’t. Not on BfA at least.

(Alamara) #98

Yes, which is why I said the premises must be true for the prediction to have any chance of happening.

If it’s just bad execution, then I’ll be wrong.

However, a lot in BfA screams that Blizzard has a plan. The BfA story was seemly laid out in 7.0, with Il’gynoth’s whispers, Sylvanas becoming warchief, Sylvie/Helya pact, Stormheim as a prelude to BfA conflict and so on.

BfA story also seems to be all about building some still-unseen endgame with big reveals.

Why would void elves be the only “out of nowhere, going nowhere” element in all that?

(Talendrion) #99

As I said, you are seeing a design where I’m seeing just a bunch of stuff thrown at the wall to see what sticks.

Like I genuinely hope you are right, but I’m just not buying that Blizz is building up a worthy twist -thing that I have been hoping for since the beginning of BfA-


What if, the Void has possessed the leaders of the Alliance and Sylvanas with all of her death powers, can see through that (since the void fears death and is doing what it can to stop her).

The Orcs and the rest of the living don’t have that same vision I suppose, so we just kind of sided with Saurfang out of loyalty because we all fought at the Wrathgate and everywhere else.

N’zoth and the void have always told us half truths from their own perspective. Maybe Sylvanas truly is going to save the world and we are all just too blind to see it. Maybe she was immune to the corruption of the void and her goal is to save the leaders of the alliance as well? That would be an epic twist to some and a betrayal to others.

However, I don’t see them rehashing a story they’ve already told (Garrosh etc).

It seems weird to think that while we are all aiding Illidan, Sylvanas was learning secrets and we are just not aware. What did she learn in that time to consider war so soon after we barely survived the Legion? It has to be more than a preemptive strike.

Maybe it’s a love story? Idk. W/e it is, I wish it would move a long a little faster.