What's the point of the Void Elves?

(Alamara) #37

Umbric being so flawless and bland is one of the reasons I think betrayal is coming.

What arc does he have? He’s already mastering the void. He’s shown no inner or outer conflict. He’s too good to be true. We know nothing of his story. He will be revealed as duplicitous, I’m sure.


The guy has learned nothing. Lease of which is why he AND Alleria were exiled in the first place. The Void and the Sunwell do NOT play well together.

(Alamara) #39

Has he learned nothing? I think he knows very well, just plays dumb.


I pray that’s what he’s actually doing because if not…

(Nowise) #41

I think players would have been happier with Half Elves if the goal was to quench the Blood Elf thirst.

At least there is already a bit of lore with it; Arator the Redeemer and Vereesa’s twin children (forget their names) just go to show that Human + Elf offspring is not only possible but common.

They could’ve had the Elf model but human ears and non-glowing eyes, tattoos and unique hairstyles, etc. Arator could finally get a unique model too. It could also explain how the scattered High Elf settlements have been able to survive this long, e.g. with the aid of Humans.

That’s just one idea. There was a lot of potential in this area of design but they went with Void Elves instead.

(Alamara) #42

Here’s my theory on what Blizzard is setting up for the void elves:


so Blizzard can have fun trolling us while pretending to work on things they say we need.

(Autai) #44

I really like the flavor text of a LFD healing on our boat. It’s along the lines of, “The Alliance using my abilities to heal wounds here is a waste of my talents when I should be on the battlefield.” Blizzard seems to be a bit self aware.

(Fallynn) #45

Personally I love void elves. People seem to love to hate them though. To me they’re actually interesting. I do wish they had more monsterous features though. They’re not bland and i like the style but they could be so much more.

(Hamstar) #46

The thread can stop here. It was never about lore. It was always about giving Alliance a High Elf model that was different enough from Blood Elves.

(Rhulos) #47

The point is, someone at Blizzard was being toddler-level stubborn on the request to make High Elves playable. They knew they couldn’t completely refuse the request, so they half-assed it.


No it will not stop here!
WHY doi the enemy races have to not resemble each other?
and the orig HIGH Elf models looked different enough from those sticks you got running around Eversong.

(Hamstar) #49

Yes it can stop here because the question was WHY they exist, not you complaining about getting High Elves.


I don’t think there is a point to them.

(Garrondorf) #51

Because they still had to give the Alliance something, even though it pains Blizzard to do so.


considering all the High Elf threads you and yours have invaded, I’d say we’re even.


Eh, I’d have preferred having to wait to get a race that actually has a story.

But that seems to be expecting a lot.

(Garrondorf) #54

Ha ha, oh you sweet summer child.

You’d be waiting a long time.


All out of likes, so :+1:

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Talking about High Elves in High Elf threads is “invading”? Sorry that you don’t like people having different opinions or correcting the repeated bad lore the High Elf for Alliance people keep using.