Sudden changes to Conquest gear

i purchased the head piece yesterday, today i log in to see this:

did i waste 4 levels?

Is this going to be looked into?

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They look as they should when in comparison to world drops and/or Dream quest rewards, what seems amiss to you?


I’d imagine it’s in regards to a bug that got fixed.

“PvP gear with Champion and Hero upgrade tracks should no longer display incorrect PvP ilvl increases when previewed in the upgrade UI.”


The one you are viewing is 454 with 7 more levels it can gain via upgrades.

The one you show as equipped is 450 with only 4 more levels it can gain via upgrades.


All conquest gear, and this is retroactive, is getting moved to the Champion track. So your Veteran piece you have equipped now will become Champion today. You didn’t waste anything :slight_smile:

Should be visible once servers come up today.


Unfortunately this is bugged. Previously bought items are still on Veteran track, but vendor gear is on Champion.

it sucks, all my wasted mats and catalysts…

Please make sure then to post in the Bug Report forum. Data isn’t collected from this forum, so the proper staff who looks into Bugs have no idea you’re even caught up in this unless you post over there.

Hopefully they’ll get this issue resolved for you and anyone else who is caught up with it.


wasted flight stones and crests

I tried to get them refunded but GM said no.

You see that is the change made by developers, as you’ve correctly mentioned. So in this case we cannot anyhow change it, or compensate it, because that is how the game works now, so we don’t refund in game curency or compensate for the game design.

Yes, it could be disheartening, so let’s make your voice heard!

*As stated in the article we would like you to submit the suggestion for developers. And then let’s see how much support you will have :slight_smile: *

Usually when the case receives a lot of resonance and players support it, then developers perform some changes in game or something else to respond to the player’s feedback.

As I mentioned above - absolutely no data is collected from this forum. This forum is unique in that fashion, as every other forum on this site are spots where feedback and data is collected. So since it is not a bug and is instead intended? I would suggest you post on the PvP forums to get your feedback to get to the right team.

I am sorry it didn’t work out in the way you would have wished, but there is a long-standing practice of not refunding the majority of in-game currencies due to how easy they are to replace, for the most part. It’s an inconvenience, yes, but after the initial push of content, it’s nearly impossible to get them spent to be able to earn more.

Also -

GMs do not make policy - they follow what the Devs dictate. A lot of people tend to think that GMs can do anything and everything, but that is rarely the case. Only if the Devs had decided otherwise and put out the word in how to handle the situation, that is the only way a GM could have done anything differently.


There is no bug so don’t bother with reporting one.

They posted yesterday saying the fix is occurring over multiple stages. They did the vendor first, and then sometime yesterday in the afternoon, they converted non-tier . The only thing left is tier. Have you checked your piece since yesterday evening?


As a followup, tier has been changed too as of tonight. My 447 unranked 1/8 veteran tier shoulders are now 454 champion 1/8.

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