Update Coming to Gear from Rated PvP

We’ve heard quite a bit of feedback around the PvE upgrade tracks for gear from rated PvP sources: both the Great Vault and the Conquest vendor. Many of you are concerned that having the Conquest vendor sell gear on the Veteran track significantly reduces the potential PvE item level of most, but not all gear from rated PvP.

To address these concerns, next week we will take all Rated PvP gear on the Veteran track and move it to the Champion track. If the gear has been upgraded, it will keep its item level in this change (so Veteran 6 items will become Champion 2, Veteran 7 items will become Champion 3, and Veteran 8 items will become Champion 4). After the change is complete, current sources of Veteran Rated PvP gear will become sources of Champion Rated PvP gear.

After these changes, this means that all Conquest Gear will have a higher PvE item level potential than it did in Season 2. In Season 2, Conquest gear could be upgraded by Elite players to the equivalent of Champion 7. Once this change is complete, this gear will be upgradeable the same as any other Champion gear up to Champion 8.

This will continue to have no effect on PvP item levels.


TYVM for this. So I can finally fully gear from conquest.
OTOH, I wouldn’t have used the conquest crafting tokens if I knew we were getting a PvE ilvl bump, you might want to address those edge cases.

If I knew this earlier I would have just used my Catalyst on conquest pieces instead of a champion legs I got for 2-set. (On multiple characters).

But aside from slightly bad timing, amazing change!

Also any chance Season 2 Glad gear could have it’s PvP ilvl bumped up to 476 ilvl instead of 450? Feels bad needing to replace my glad gear with honor gear instead of hopping straight into rated arena unlike S2.


Excellent. :dracthyr_love_animated: I was just wondering why conquest pve ilev was so low.


Cool I can now get less bullied by plants and random deer in the Dream


Does this change also affect “conquest” World PvP gear that you can purchase from Malicia with Trophies of Strife?


This is a good change. Now I don’t have to rely strictly on the Vault. Thank you.


What about all the Drake’s Dreaming Crests we sent upgrading to Veteran 8?
60 per piece so far. Is that the same cost as Champion 4?

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When can we expect rated battleground blitz?


who cares

dungeon tuning?

so as usual, pvpers, despite being superior players, are treated as second class citizens. PVP gear should be HIGHER ilvl than pve.


I can’t even really begin to get conquest gear to catch up because I’m locked out of solo shuffle due to…ilvl. Something ain’t right with this nonsense system. Do I have to PVE to PVP?

Awesome! Good stuff.

Do Battleground Blitz and Randoms.
I never bother with solo shuffle, even more now that BB is 50 conquest per win after than initial 100.

Thank god we’re moving away from arenas.

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Now can you remove the requirements to upgrade pvp gear with flight stones and put it back to honor? That was the stupidest change


Earliest is most likely next season, so 5-6 months out.

The more likely time is next expansion, though.

you can get conquest from Blitz, And you can get into shuffle from green honor gear

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In 10.3/Season4 it would be really nice if Blizzard removed the PvP Vault rewards and adjusted the weekly conquest.

It’s still not fun fighting people who RNG PvP Weapons or Tier the first week, or having to prioritize choosing BiS PvE trinkets, etc… over staying competitive in PvP with your friends.

Changing the Vault to Follower, Normal and Heroic Dungeon rewards.

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We are always second class citizens. The one time they listen to the pvpers and do something it still only affects pve.

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Hahahaha lol, I needed that laugh, thank you :rofl:

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