STV Event Questions

I have questions: Can you only turn in once per event? I turned in my blood midway and for the rest of the event afterwards I received no credit for kills. What is the “Bruised” debuff? Why can’t I recover my corpse after the event? Accept button to resurrect is available but unclickable. Does this have something to do with the bruised debuff? And finally, what in the HELL is up with the increasing rez timers for the event? Super duper lame.


Here are some answers.

The new Bloodless buff you get after rezzing does not prevent you from gaining stacks. It prevents you from giving hostile enemies stacks for 1 minute.

We’re working on another hotfix that will change Bloodless from a buff to a debuff, so you can see it on a hostile target and know that you won’t gain anything from them.

You aren’t forced to run back to your corpse to rez. You can rez instantly and for free at any spirit healer, and there are also chained spirits all over the zone. So you can die, then corpse run to another chain spirit and rez for free, with no rez sickness.


Do you really think seeing the debuff is going to prevent people from camping you?

Also, you literally killed this event for solo players.


yeah really lol, what’s stopping someone from who already got their item from the event from going back camping people to just slow their progression


Are players that Win Traded and Exploited yesterday and earlier today going to be actioned against?

Or are they going to get away with it?


I assume this change was to deincentivise camping, however I’m not sure it fully does so.

Obviously a big issue is conveyance of the buff as vanilla prevents buff display outside of addons, however people have been camping and ganking players for no reward since 2004. If people want to ruin someone’s day they will regardless of incentive as we have always seen with killing grey players.

Wouldn’t it be easier to temporarily make those newly rezzed players not PvP targets for the duration of the debuff, allowing them to set back up eat/drink etc without impingement?


Completely killed the entire event in my opinion. Luckily I got enough silver coins today before this change that I can buy the gear I needed, but was hoping to get the mount. Spent 30 minutes getting spawn killed by people that don’t understand the change or care and ended up getting 12 copper coins. What a waste of my time.


This isn’t going to stop people from being mindless and killing debuffed people.


I sure am glad you did, along with a lot of my guildies. I went to join them for this last one and I got completely shafted as they all ran around with their epics and I got 120 coins.


lmao even

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I like the idea of making them non-pvp targets; however, I think a 1 minute buff is too long (with this change or as it currently stands) unless you can cancel it yourself.

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Translation: Exploit early, exploit often.


This ain’t it. You have to understand, if it’s red, it’s dead. People don’t care. That has been the mentality of the majority of the playerbase for 20 years. Some lil ‘Please don’t hit me’ debuff aint gonna change that.


I’d assume if you were a non-pvp target perhaps you could still activate early as you can in areas where you would normally not be an active pvp target maybe?

“Please don’t hit me, but I might hit you xdd” buff even. There’s incentive to kill people even with the debuff. I just can’t fathom that Blizzard thought this was the fix to go with.


cough win/trade swapping cough. Come on… Just admit that Blizz put less than 5 seconds of thought into this and called it a day. It’s beyond stupid.


After what just happened… I assume nothing, even if common sense would say this would be the case.

Yep. The devs REALLY forget how room temperature IQ the average WoW player has during this event. They are not gonna see the rebuff and just zugzug. Red=dead.

Penalize those who are spawn camping, but make it more obvious. As if you’re just getting camped, it feels awful.


Their answer to not having graveyard camping is making you death run to a random guardian spirit (how ever long that will take) in a 30 minute long event that happens every 3 hours?

Exploit early.

Exploit often.