STV Event Questions

Lol all of my fears about this event were confirmed and then some.

Roll back all gains from the PvP event or leave it how it was. There is 0 reason to punish the people who didn’t exploit your absolute TRAVESTY of a WPVP event/system while doing nothing to punish the people who did. You have people with their pre-raid BiS (and in some cases phase BiS) epics already, DAY 2, and now anyone else trying to pursue a similar path is looking at ~10 days (assuming you hit every 3 hour window) of farming this event.

If you didn’t exploit this event, you are now going to be punished not only by Blizzard’s poor attempt at hotfixing it, but by level 40’s who already have their epic weapons from capitalizing on this whole ordeal. What an absolute joke.


You aren’t forced to run back to your corpse to rez. You can rez instantly and for free at any spirit healer, and there are also chained spirits all over the zone. So you can die, then corpse run to another chain spirit and rez for free, with no rez sickness.

So sure ideally, but if you see an enemy that gives no honor, people are still going to kill it. FFA aint it. You spend more time walking to your corpse or an instant rez you hope isn’t camped, than being alive with 50 people around you camping gys.

The only place you can res and ‘regroup’ with 4 other people in your corpse away from any gys.

Now when will the thousands of coins that the early exploiters farmed be taken away?


Maybe killing too many bloodless peoples summons the champion

Them poor people who already farmed 100s of coins having a friend auto rez over and over :frowning:

So once again, the early rush exploiters get a huge advantage and the rest of us get shafted



This isn’t it man. Awful change. Let me guess, the early exploiters get to keep all the coins and epics? :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


1 minute feels like it’s too long

u cant see the debuff to start with since ill be beaming you from 36ish yards and nameplates only 20

1 minute is FARRR too long.

Why couldn’t you just make respawn randomly.

Personally doing a free for all event takes away horde vs alliance and i think its a terrible plan as most players enjoy faction vs faction


event bugged lost all bloods randomly LOL good job team 5 stars

So, this was a full complete lie.

I am literally live with debuff trying to kill ppl with no debuff and I get no credit. So I’m here wasting my time again.

You also completely forgot to mention removing all the chained spirits.

Now we got people not caring about the debuff wasting peoples time.

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it’s not too late just hotfix 3 generals and a boss for each faction in stv and call blood moon a failure


Why in the name of sanity are Horde players being picked off by OUR GUARDS in GG when coming in on the Zep. YOU HAVE NO WAY TO OPT OUT BEFORE COMING INTO THE ZONE!!!

I play on a PVE server to avoid this toxic garbage and now you shove it in our faces. Who thought this was a good idea?


Okay, I know that has to be frustrating, and I apologize in advance, but that’s funny as all get out.


No one can see the debuff and just keeps auto attacking you at the GY, you can’t even get away to opt out. You get killed immediately when zoning in… This is horrible.

AND NO! JUST NO! I’m not “waiting until it goes away”. Sit your obtuse tail down. I play this game at MY convenience, NOT BLIZZARDS.

This needs to be an opt in event on the PVE server(s), like by Tuesday at the latest. This is horse malarkey to force PVE players into a play style WE DON’T WANT!


The Blood Moon is a harsh mistress

I’m not sure who you’re talking to here, but I didn’t make that suggestion.