Revert STV hotfix now! Consider these changes

This is the lesson learned here.

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Yeah, seems the big issue is the fact classic is really bad at conveying buffs/debuffs to other players.

I assume the idea was to prevent people camping but it’s been horribly implemented. Also Blizzard should know by now, not being rewarded has never preventing camping/ganking.
Probably 90% of the camping done in this game since 2004 was people dumping on grey levelled players for no honour but just to ruin someone’s day.

If they wanted that to work they might as well make players that rez with the debuff not PvP targetable for the duration.

They may as well just make it a 1m death timer whenever you die. That would avoid how completely unintuitive the debuff situation is, and would prevent people who cannot give you blood from forcing a fight in which none of you truly win, but now you have less blood.

It’s just the dumbest possible thing they could have done. How did they expect the original event was gonna go, and how do they expect this hotfix to change the way it goes from here on? It took good feelings for everyone and turned it into bad feelings for everyone.

If you simply weren’t PvP targetable during that duration you would at least be able to reposition, rebuff, eat, drink, stealth etc.
Allow you to be back on equal grounds.

It’s not quite the same as 1 min timer as it at least gives the player more agency. Current implementation sounds dumb though.

Current response is they are changing it from a buff to a debuff, so it’s more visible, but I don’t think that realistically solves it.

Where are you seeing responses?

There is another thread that got a reply from Kaivax. I’ll get the link and add it in a sec.

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That is simply not true. I killed people between the debuff and gained no stacks. I tested it multiple times before giving up.

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Those people had the debuff and you couldn’t see it. It’s still a hot mess even if they make it so you can see the debuff though.

They need a better way of dealing with it, because as it stands (and in general) there is no downside to simply killing people regardless.

Even if you don’t benefit specifically from it, you benefit in the removal of the threat at a minimum.

So we’re now 2/2 on the pvp events being exploited to completion in record time before being kneecapped for everyone else. In both cases, the issue was part of normal game play and can’t even be called an exploit.

If the quality control’s going to be this bad for every event going forward, it’d be nice if the events were at least delayed long enough that you didn’t have to degen grind to make it in time for the exploit.


They did it the wrong way around

It should have been MASSIVELY difficult to get coins in the first few weeks to stop sweats from having an obviously unwanted uptick in output WAAAAY before the masses are even ready for it.

Although, I cant see myself either participating nor caring about this past posting and maybe some chuckles.


The event was extremely fun. I’m not huge into PvP in WoW, but this was something else.

Now it’s the same old forced grind feeling crap.

Well I know now not to renew my sub, it expires soon lol.

Loved Ashenvale event for what it was, and if this event is unplayable, well, I was in SoD mostly for the World PvP.

At least there’s other games to play, my backlog is huge.

Good, its not intended for you to get it in 2 sessions or 2 days. it’s a 3 month phase.

So because I slept at night I’m not getting the rewards like those in my guild that already have all of them correct?


This is my exact problem. I can recall various times where people who didn’t have day jobs (or perhaps were blessed with a good time zone) could access content early on, reap the benefits, and then Blizzard hotfixes some content to make it grindier, so that Billy Bob coming home from a rough day of hard labor has to grind more to get the same dopamine rush.


this, the event may not have been perfect, but it was pretty fun before the hotfix.

You got blood fast enough that even if you were dying you still had a good reason to hit respawn, and get back into the action as fast as possible. Playing well or sneakily awarded you with blood faster than the pack. There were lots of juicy kills to go after with the graveyard bloodbath generating lots of blood.
I didn’t see a single target with over 100 blood this morning, less than half the cap.
The new debuff basically forces you to walk into stv for a minute with no pvp, as nobody is gonna want to engage you (unless they think they can delete you, or are in the middle of another fight.) so there’s very little reason to sit within a minute of a graveyard, forcing a 1 minute walkback if you die (including if you spawn at the chained healer!!!)

please revert this change so that people who are just hitting today 40 will get to experience the fun that I had yesterday, and not be left with the sour taste of the event in it’s new hot-fixed state.

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Can I have your gold?

Not to mention, STV pvp was organic. It’s one of the most perfect zones in classic wow. It already has Gurubashi Arena for the pvp incentive. Good luck questing there now.

Hmm i wish i could think of a sub par zone with a BG in it this phase that could have used more players in it to make it feel for alive. O well, time to go quest in Arathi Highlands which everyone loves. I mean, who doesn’t rave about doing the Stromgarde quest chain as horde? I love running across the map 5 times for a sub par quest reward. At least the South Park Episode was filmed here.

Yea WoW SoD team are brickheads. Microsoft just fire them all and give us the Candy Crush team. A PVP event in arathi highlands could have really helped the zone which is sub par at best. The reward could be directly tied to Arathi Basin for your faction instead of “hey, go get us some wood from some other zone”. And yea they could have even had the big bad boss guy that shows up at the end of the pvp battle be legit the dude from the WoW episode named like “Syndacite Overlord” with a neutral party of npcs, in the same exact gear as the boys from South Park, fighting against him that you assist. Hey blizzard, that ball you dropped is way way way over there.


Well some of this i agree with, but the cost the first day was looking like it was too low… but now with the rez debuff taking 1m and people losing blood after the event randomly is not good design. I realize something had to be done about getting graveyard camped but your right this design change can’t be the best solution. Also like layering in Ashenvale I think it would be a really nice idea to have layer based on levels.
example 36-40 on a layer and 35 and own on a diff layer. It was amazing fun when everyone was low 30’s but now you just get groups of 40 faming lowbies. that’s going to make every person in the zone leave if they aren’t 40 we want them to be engaged and participating.