Be very careful when trading gold between game versions folks

Do you swap gold with a personal friend? Or did you go through the popular Discord server dedicated to facilitating gold swaps, and if you did, what were you looking for to glean that someone was “legitimate”?

Nobody wants your stinky Wrath gold.

In fact, anyone trading it for SoD gold is a straight-up downgrade for SoD players.

SoD is in, Wrath is out.

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Coming from the person who always calls out abelism.

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That was mean.

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Kind of surprised people are surprised by that…

You probably traded with a gold seller who took a cut, if you really traded, and who sold your gold afterwards.

Why are you promoting cheating and exploiting in other posts?


It’s official.

I feel sorry for you, now.


Dude… sleep it off.


Why are you both like this? What is it about being inflammatory and trolling on a Forum that excites you? Is that all that excites you? I’m here because my account is banned and I can’t play the game… I could never imagine a world where I’d rather spend my time here than playing the game.

Not believing your story is neither of those things.

ETA: I do believe the bit about you catching a ban for buying RMT gold.


I was trying to do you a favor.



That Customer Support forum post got locked because someone kept dribblin at the keyboard. Looks like they thought it was a debate. Blizz don’t debate, folks.

Anyway, there was a third that came in there that mentioned a suspension plus another here I see, who seems rather pickachoo faced about the 2 week vacation. Surprise. Well, not very ehh.

Anyway, I’d be very careful about trading gold folks. There are bad actors out there. And there are consequences for decisions made.

I see our gnomee made a post. So the canary is still alive. I’d be careful in the mines though, very careful.


Last 5 years this stuff wasn’t policed.

Glinda Im really trying to give you the benefit of the doubt and take you at your word. I’ve already edited my post to remove the specific name of the prominent gold swapping discord you took issue with, and now I’m offering to do more for you.

Are you in any Server Discords or Class Discords for Classic/WotLK, I can send you a ton of screenshots I’ve taken over the years to remember and celebrate massive amounts of gold I made; for instance, 117k profit in the first 6 hours of ToC launching from my massive investment in Titanium Ore, which roughly turned into 800,000g gold profit after everything was priced out, cut, crafted, and disenchanted.

I can even send you my TSM data if you’d like, you can see exactly where every copper came from.

I see Preecher made a post in Customer Support to argue the suspension there. That isn’t the place Preecher. Nio one at Blizz will debate there. It will end up locked. No devs/gms will even look there, just the 2 SFA’s now and then (those are the two who will close it if it continues too far).

Start a fresh post here for a debate on how you feel Blizz should deal with cheaters. Give it a nice title. That will get seen.

My goal isn’t to debate it, my goal was to get eyes on it, hopefully, the eyes of a GM or CM that could potentially look into it. It seems like they’ve responded to and have helped resolve other issues on this Forum, I was hoping for the same :confused:

Right. No GMs go there. An appeal is just a chance for a new pair of eyes to look at the case. That is it.

If you appealed, good luck. I hope it gets overturned. But based on what we’ve recently, they aren’t throwing these out lightly and have some pretty solid behind the scenes evidence.

I’d start a new thread on how you feel Blizz should deal with cheaters. It will get looked at I am certain.

You’re gonna tell the truth?

I’m proud of you.

I hear confession is good for the soul.


I’ll take you at you word Preecher, but I still can’t fault Blizzard too much.

This is just a bad game to turn into a gold making exercise right now considering all the problems with RMT and the ‘bad actors’. As far as I understand, a lot of the detection is algorithmic, a lot of the gold is dirty, and Blizz is taking a harder stance against gold shenanigans, at least in SoD. The RMT’ers aren’t going to care about a single account being banned while an honest gold maniac such as yourself is going to feel it.

An innocent person trading gold/boosting/whatever else is painting a target on their back. Assuming you’re being honest it sucks that you got got, but I think people like you are just unfortunately gonna get caught up in the crossfire.

If you won’t enjoy SoD without dealing with large amounts of gold, this might not be the game for you. Unless you’re ready to catch another ban. It is what it is. Blizzard has to do something, it’s gotten out of hand lol


I’m legitimately worried about this, I give away so much… I recognize that I’m in a fortunate position that allows me to afk at the auction house and alt+tab over to relist my auctions every minute or so while at work, and I take that fortune and pay it forward to those I play with regularly. I had an old guildie from Season of Mastery who had come back to Wrath for ICC, and I KITTED them out, every Ulduar crafted BoE, every ToC crafted BoE, every Normal Mode epic BoE, full gems, enchants, the works, 30k gold minimum, and I gave them 10k on top of it as “throwing around gold” for their epic flying mount, and whatever else they might need going forward. And we had a blast. It was so fun to be able to do that, and then it was fun being able to raid with him again.

In SoD I’ve already paid for people to level new professions (as new information about crafted epics/consumable buffs were announced) so that our raid could be stronger as a whole, I’ve covered the cost of consumes for many of them, Alot of gold moves in and out of my hands, and im seriously concerned that I might get banned again for trying to strengthen my guildies & take my fortunate circumstance & “pay it forward”.

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