Still no Access following Invite - Please address this

Thanks for checking. At least I can mess around with it a bit tonight before servers go down for good though.

Dokta, check your account, see if you got flagged for stress.

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If the stress realms go down early, which they may, people are going to freak .

But now y’all know that updates will not be posted here in all likelihood.

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I just got access as well. That was a wild ride.

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I just got updated as well. Due to developing school tonight I unfortunately will not be able to participate in any way. I’m glad that you all got it fixed as well and hope you enjoy at least a little bit of time in game!! :):smiley:

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It appears its available now.

Thanks for your efforts on this Vrakthris.


When I checked about an hour ago I now have access I was one of the ones who contacted CS and had PTRs deleted yesterday.

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I also want to say, of the 3 CS reps I have worked with on this, all have been very good, respectful, and responsive.

No complaints in that regard.

I take it back, apparently I might be able to provide an update…

They are still looking into the overall issue, the causes and how to prevent it going forward, but it looks like they were able to rerun the original list of invites. If you were originally invited into the Stress test, check your account and see if you have the option now.


I do!
Thank you for sticking by us even though we were close to a nervous breakdown.


Hi, so I was originally invited via email, but still have no option to download the client.

I don’t have two PTRs and submitting tickets has gotten me nowhere. There has to be a better way to confirm this was fixed for those of us that didn’t get it resolved during the stress

You actually are flagged for the Stress Test, Cimbom. I’m not sure if the download option is still enabled now that the first stress test is over. Someone with it might be able to verify that, but you have it and should be able to participate during the next test.

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I could see it earlier, after the test had ended, I will go check when I’m on my other PC.

EDIT: The drop down option is there, and I can login, but there is no server to connect to.

If it’s only showing the Classic Stress Server server and it’s greyed out your invite is likely to be Stress Test only. They’ve stated that “For access, we will be including everybody who was invited to the test on May 22” so I’m going to assume the beta license is going to remain on your account (if you have it)

If the beta license is there then the option in the drop down should remain AFAIK.

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They are also going to run an additional stress test on May 29 to check some things they weren’t able to due to the login problems.
The level cap will be raised to 10 for that one.

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I think I love you.

Edit** just restarted and it’s there.

Thank you vrakthris!:blush:

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Thanks… hope the stress on the 29th is for playing the game!

Hmmm, can’t post in the beta forum… checked my account, it says nothing about Stress except do DO have an e-mail ! Checked bnet app, it says no realms are available which sounds right as I think I only have access to the “Stress Test” server, right?

The stress servers only show up when available, yes.

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