SPY ADDON Removal Entirely


Yeah, I don’t think you know what that word means.

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Oh, I think I do.


Amazing how they nerf the addon to be hardly worth using and people still are screeching with the ground they were given arguing it now needs to be removed entirely. Like even now I only use the addon to see if people on my KoS list show up and against group fights assess how many people are there rather than individually count heads.

Almost like there is no appeasing the perpetually complaining crowd of people. Give them an inch, they want a mile. Give them the mile, they want 5 miles instead because the one mile they initially asked for has magically become not good enough.


Seriously, I want these people literally to quit.

Stop ruining our game with dumb nonsense about built in UI functionality being cheating or whatever 10iq memery these morons come up with.

WoW classic was not made for you.


because here is the the thing the little twits who don’t understand how the mod worked screached and lied about it to try and get it removed only you cant remove api so blizz tried to appease them but it only backfired an made the addon 10x better and more accurate


Yeah I miss the threads about people trying to argue that it straight up told you where they were at. I looked all through the functionality incase I was missing something, nope. Closest I got was targeting someone fighting a mob and moving in different directions to triangulate their position based on how many steps it was taking me to lose the target.


for me what was funny was the wanna be rogues claiming it made it harder to gank even though its a gankers best friend and makes being a rogue stupidly easy by giving you the audio heads up.


Can’t wait for all the scrub rogue cry threads about how bad the game is when the World of Roguecraft meme fantasy dies off for them around AQ40 when every class lives through a stunlock except ironically rogues.


pfft they cant even rogue now thats the problem they are just trying to blame spy for being so bad… honestly its sickening because it gives rogues a bad name


I think it was Nicksta from Faerlina on a stream that tried ganking me outside Kargath a few days ago, it was someone I knew that streamed for sure. He bottomed out his energy so I blinded him and proceeded to stomp him. Flipped to his stream just to hear the complaining and he raged that “Spell batching” was why I was able to blind him. Not the fact he dumbly chose to backstab into the cheap shot at 100 energy cap which left him with zero and was sitting on not enough energy to cover it with Kidney due to energy timing.

Didn’t even bother to thistle tea to secure it, just blamed spell batching.

Also remember ganking Staysafe back when he streamed in Maraudon when he was outside of the instance. Vanished his death coil point blank because it was clear he was mashing it. It gets vanished and he spends two minutes saying “I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT ROGUE IS SO LUCKY HE RESISTED DEATH COIL! I WOULD HAVE WON THAT FIGHT IF HE DIDN’T RESIST DEATH COIL!” and his stream chat was saying “He vanished your coil dude.”


I guess Method ‘cheated’ their way to so very many world first kills of raid bosses, you know, by using addons that parse the combat log looking for a trigger, or addons that give you geographical data about when and where an event will occur.

Cheated so much. that Blizzard in 15 years has never taken a step like reducing the range of the combat log by 75% as they have in Classic - due to people like yourself crying on the forums.

I hope Spy is infact now improved to triangilate an enemies actual location so we can pinpoint and camp you until you quit. Legitimate pvp server tactic


ROFL you never bottom out unless your gonna pop tea or risk a nade wtf what a joke. like my standard rotation cheap in to back with into nade for the short stun, into a gouge to rebuild my energy.but if at any point i see that resist pop its instant tea.

sigh this reminds me of arguments i had with both guildmates and people i was training. but nades, tea, poisons, etc cost money. yea welcome to be rogue you need to spend the silver to win.

and people say i’m a bad person because i call people bad players sheesh


and you know he will do it to. (camp you till you quit). that’s all the horde have done since pvp has come out. 10 man horde raids camping lowbies for hours. #brave #courage #whenschoolgetsout


It tells you where you were when it first picked someone up, and a bunch of people took this to mean it was their coords that it spat out, because people are morons.


Nah i kill lowbies and move on - i save the camping for the spitters and teabaggers - those players who feel somehow that being attacked by the enemy faction on a pvp server is some great unjustice.

I will camp the zepp gankers until they quit or leave the zepp so my faction has a clear transport hub though.


if your in stealth spy doesnt announce your name unless u walk over the person with stealth and they can literally click you. there is so much misinformation driving the push to ban this addon ffs people IT CANNOT SEE YOU IN STEALTH, IT DOES NOT MARK YOUR LOCATION


Imagine how different life would be if people had to actually understand what they were talking about before having a favorable or disfavorable opinion on something.

Hell even politics would be largely different. You wouldn’t have to worry about a large swath of people who can’t even name the three branches of government let alone their checks and balances towards the other branches voting in morons every cycle. Come to think of it I don’t think we’ve had an objective intelligent president in the last 50 years. At best they’re monkeys with like one or two reasonable ideas. Except W. Still trying to figure out if he had any intelligent ideas in that brain of his. I guess if you consider him pretending to be utterly confused so people talked about dumb he was over how evil he was as intelligent that’s something?


I’m so tired of seeing this. They literally just have to type out a sentence saying “using the Spy Addon is now a bannable offence.” and this whole thing is finished. Addons are literally in the game folder, if it’s there then you are banned.

The answer is simple, people just want to hide behind the false claim of “it’ll break every single addon’s functionality” to argue for it to stay.


It’s way better now since a beep mean combat for sure but that’s just my perspective. Same with rogues/druids i put on my cats eye goggles and try to open.

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Decreasing the combat log detection distance has already affected other add-ons. Take a look at this thread In-Game Combat Log Range Decreased and the comments about damage meters specifically. So yeah it would and already has in a way broken other add-ons.