SPY ADDON Removal Entirely


I only saw 2 addons that were affected out of all the other garbage I read. Damage and threat meters specifically, but there is no proof that the addons are broken. Just a bunch of arm chair warriors going “this will mess up everything”.

Maybe you just linked a bad thread because it was actually useless to go through, but please send me another if you want.


For vanilla I do all the math, things like hit cap being around 6 or 7% for orcs using an axe, is not that hard to do, or considering whether +20 strength is better than +40 attack power, jeez… vanilla is not big numbers yet people download 15 addons for it.

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If you didnt ise addons in vanilla you were in the minority. A big selling point for vanilla was to abilty to use addons.


This addon has been soft-removed. It currently does nothing beyond counting players you’ve moused over. It doesn’t even track players casting things in your face.


yea ban people for using the api because thats all spy does recount dbm users your all cheaters and must be banned because your using the api… why dont you get good instead of trying to blame an addon for your failure


i agree with this


I never said I’m against the add-on, kid, so calm down. I just said that people defend Spy by claiming that Blizzard can only fix it by breaking other add-ons. Which is not true.


This addon is for garbage players and shouldn’t exist on classic in any capacity. Break it. Ban it. Kill it.


funny enough guess what they reduced the range to try and appease the crying players and it negatively affected a bunch of addons its almost like a bunch of addons make use of the api. furthermore they cant scan for the files they are kept client side. the addon also does not break the TOS in anyway so good luck justifying the ban. the same logic that would justify banning it would lead to every other addon that uses the api to be a bannable offense.


You calling it a cheat addon doesn’t make it cheating, kiddo.

Bring something to the conversation other than you admitting you’re a bad rogue. The addon was “nerfed” and as evidence the forums are much quieter on the subject. Maybe you should play PvE or try getting better at PvP yourself instead of blaming your deaths on addons. Spy doesn’t automate anything. By your logic every addon you use is a cheat. That’s laughable logic.


Ahh so call them garbage and only have an addon as your reasoning. Are you even cut out for PvP?

Don’t use it. That’s YOUR choice. Like with every addon. It won’t be banned. If it is then you’ll be banned as well for using other addons. Similar addons existed in Vanilla. Garbage players such as yourself who scream about banning can be ignored in favor of people who think before posting on the subject. You don’t even understand how the addon works.

I’d love to see an actual thought out reply. Your type of posts is the vast majority of people upset over Spy. The handful of logical ones get drown out by the likes of yourself.


spy addon is only thing keeping this game from failing take that away and watch servers become ghost towns.


That won’t work. You need to actually break the API. Any other approach would allow for individuals with LUA or any other programming experience to create their own addons of this nature. Any addon under the public’s radar would slip by unchecked.

Dismissing this would be useful for a guy like me. Could you imagine if they banned Spy and I just used my own custom addon? Or if somebody took a harmless PvE addon and added some more code to make it have Spy-like functionality and hide it among the rest of the code? Imagine being Blizzard and having to go through all of that.


Says a 20 rogue who mains a caster :roll_eyes:


dont forget that all of the affect of the addon can be created without it by parsing out the combat log and creating macros.


Tmorph edits files client side and is bannable.


Oh FFS tmoph is not an addon its a program that modify game files and modifying game files is against the TOS what blizz is detecting is the modification of the game files not the existence of the program.


It helps find all the allies hiding when you’re ganking. I say keep it!


Hi Vlad,

Damage and threat meters have been affected by the range limitation, especially in raids where everyone is spread out beyond the 50yds. I have recorded evidence from our MC last week if you are truly thirsty for visual proof.

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This is how people defend Spy, folks.