SPY ADDON Removal Entirely


Honestly I dont care, just check out the latest version then and figure it out


Discussion about Spy Addon. As I have stated, the Spy Addon coordinates are from the player and not the enemy.

> --- Get the current position of the player on a zone level
> -- The returned values are local point coordinates, 0-1. The mapFile can represent a micro dungeon.
> -- @param allowOutOfBounds Allow coordinates to go beyond the current map (ie. outside of the 0-1 range), otherwise nil will be returned
> -- @return x, y, uiMapID, mapType
> function HereBeDragons:GetPlayerZonePosition(allowOutOfBounds)
>     if not currentPlayerUIMapID then return nil, nil, nil, nil end
>     local x, y, _instanceID = self:GetPlayerWorldPosition()
>     if not x or not y then return nil, nil, nil, nil end
>     x, y = self:GetZoneCoordinatesFromWorld(x, y, currentPlayerUIMapID, allowOutOfBounds)
>     if x and y then
>         return x, y, currentPlayerUIMapID, currentPlayerUIMapType
>     end
>     return nil, nil, nil, nil
> end
> --- Get the current world position of the player
> -- The position is transformed to the current continent, if applicable
> -- @return x, y, instanceID
> function HereBeDragons:GetPlayerWorldPosition()
>     -- get the current position
>     local y, x, _z, instanceID = UnitPosition("player")
>     if not x or not y then return nil, nil, instanceIDOverrides[instanceID] or instanceID end
>     -- return transformed coordinates
>     return applyCoordinateTransforms(x, y, instanceID)
> end
> posY, posX, posZ, instanceID = UnitPosition("unit");
> Returns the position of a unit within the current world area. Does not work in raids, dungeons and competitive instances.
> unit 
> String - The unitId for which the position is returned. Does not work with all unit types. Works with "player", "partyN" or "raidN" as unit type. In particular, it does not work on pets or any unit not in your group.


This is a flat out lie, or from your perspective, misinformation, I can’t read this properly. I have multiple screenshots that shows me having enemy players coords, through Spy


Lie?? That’s an actual code, dude… You know, the thing that makes the addon WORK properly??

local y, x, _z, instanceID = UnitPosition(“player”)

The “player” in the parameter is for yourself, the player.


I agree remove spy addon now please blizzard


I was referring to Syrial’s insinuation, not the code. I’m bad at moving my words…but she/he is completely wrong about how the add-on actually works


It doesnt show u exact coordinates it shows your coordinates when their name popped up and even if it did 50 yards is close by the time u see their coords on the map your already half way through a stunlock. Also even if they didnt have spy if u see them they see u, your stealth in plain sight isnt stealthy they are going to aoe you out anyway


I think all Addons that track combat log should not work in battlegrounds.

Spy isn’t everything. What about addons that track opponents cooldowns, huge pvp advantage.


no syrial is not your the one that is wrong this has been repeated over and over that it does not give you the enemy’s location it gives you your location or the player that spot the other guys location but not the opposite faction.


I agree. Remove all classes but rogues and druids NOW BLIZZ!

We need more changes NOW!


This addon needs to go, it gives such an advantage that I feel I have to have it installed.


how does it advantage you more than other addons do


You need these things for vanilla and cant do the math in your head ?


Nobody’s doing complex math in their heads while they play.


Here is the exact reason it is not. Description of another addon from TBC, a remake of one that was used in Vanilla.


I endorse banning this mod 100%

“it just reads your combat log” is no excuse for having a mod that literally announces to the zone that a stealthed player happened to be within visual range of you for a microsecond


Can’t be banned or removed due to the API it uses.



I unironically think the game would be better with rogues 100% removed.

(Velara) #222

Good post, OP. Agree that the addon confers an unfair advantage in the game. Although anyone can use the addon, it is unfair because it provides mass geographical information to players about the whereabouts of enemy players, which information ordinarily would have to be sought out individually.

It unfairly discloses stealthed players and like it or not, stealth is a class feature for rogues and ferals and it shouldn’t be defeated or compromised by an addon.

In fact, I don’t recall any such addon in Vanilla and I played a lot of BGs. I hope the addon is disabled in BGs if not in overworld.

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Well cheaters gotta cheat, I suppose. . .