[SoM] Servers in disarray since launch

So I originally avoided making a separate topic for this since I figured the other server comments would have overlapping themes (and to an extent they may). However it feels important to separate and hopefully get some info on the current state of SoM servers and keeping them in better shape than what TBC/Classic servers ended up.

So the current issue is basically at launch the servers seemed quite popular (at least a handful of them), but over time people flocked towards the “bigger” server and this eventually led to basically having 1 big server of each type for each region, and any other server in that region/type is almost extinct. There are quite a few people that committed and leveled on the lower pop servers which have nearly become dead. Others chose to reroll.

For those still stuck on the dead servers they currently have no way to migrate to the other more stable/popular server. I get not wanting to intervene too soon, but I feel that at this point after launch it seems necessary to keep the servers health stable and help those stuck on the dead realms that otherwise would quit because they don’t want to spend 10-15 days releveling again.

Is there anything being planned? If not, please consider either free transfers or possibly merging the low pop realms with the high pop. (Either way people would possibly lose their names, but it’s better than staying the way it is).

I feel free transfers are necessary in this case, rather than opening paid services, because this isn’t just to provide convenience for players to move realms. This feels necessary to basically allow those on the low pop realms a way to salvage what is unsalvagable right now without devoting a ton of time to relevel again.


Hi Sixxfury,

Thanks for asking about this. Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that we do have Free Character Moves (FCMs) planned for WoW Classic Season of Mastery to give some of the lower population realms a relief valve. We’ll be talking more about this including which realms will have FCMs enabled soon.

In addition to adding these for Season of Mastery, we’ll also be enabling FCMs on additional Burning Crusade Classic realms as well.

Thanks you!