So ranged survival in NW

New worlds skirmisher spec is what WoW ranged SV should be. If Amazon can get that spec right then so you can you blizzard.


I guess I’d need to look at it, but I’ve said it weeks ago that RSV is winning. We don’t know what the next xpac will do yet, but SV is the most successful beyond 5 yds. When you have a leggo that is practically a MIRV grenade from Team Fortress, it’s quite clear that “melee” Survival is graduating to something else.

While I’m hesitant to say that a WoW class/spec should be developed like a different playstyle from another game, I certainly want the old RSV spec back, obv in a modern form to suit the current game, incl it’s own full set of talents, more baseline core functions and effects, etc.


Factually this isn’t correct.

Although something can’t win when it doesn’t exist. RSV would be more popular if it came back simply because the class was originally built as ranged. Have seen more MSV lately though, probably just due to how much dmg bombs have been doing in keys.

As far as OP; I’ll have to check it out. But judging by how awful combat and overall gameplay design is for new world I’d argue that there’s a heavy personal bias here. That game was seemingly made just for crafting. Hopefully they can improve it over time.

Do you not understand that all but a few abilities have a 40 yd range? Or are you denying existence because you don’t read tooltips?

Actually raptor strike/mongoose is our highest damaging ability most of the time. Outliers being large consistent mobs of aoe.

I just know what I’m talking about. I’m well aware most abilities are ranged as I actually play the class :slight_smile:

Edit: you said survival is most successful beyond 5 yards; which isn’t entirely correct. Unless you are speaking of PvP which kiting and being ranged is a part of that gameplay melee or not.

You don’t have to get heated and ask if people can read just because you are a loose forum cannon.


ill never understand this obsession people have ab removing melee sv, a fun and unique spec, and replacing it with a spec that had a 3 button rotation of putting 2 dots on someone and hitting explosive shot lol.


I mean MSV is about the same amount of buttons. The argument is pretty simple; historically it was ranged so some folks that played it aren’t happy it was changed.

I’ve played both; and currently main MSV and understand that aspect quite well.


First off, not arguing that current SV should be removed.


Any numbers mentioned are only here to provide further depth to the concept and are ofc subject to change.

Core Abilities

[Cobra Shot] - Instant cast
A quick shot causing X Physical damage.

Generates 7 Focus.

[Explosive Shot] - 20 Focus - Instant cast - 10 sec recharge - 2 charges
Fire an explosive charge into the enemy target, dealing Fire damage. The charge will blast the target every second for an additional 4 sec.

[Black Arrow] - 30 Focus - Instant cast - 30 sec cooldown
Fire a shot infused with dark energy at the target, dealing Shadow damage over 12 sec.

The periodic damage-effect applied by Black Arrow can be stacked up to 3 times on the same enemy.

[Serpent Sting] - 15 Focus - Instant cast
Fire a shot that poisons your target, causing them to take Nature damage over 15 sec.

[Arcane Shot] - 20 Focus - Instant cast
A quick shot that causes X Arcane damage.

[Multi-Shot] - 40 Focus - Instant cast
Fires several missiles, hitting up to 5 targets within 8 yards of your current target for X Physical damage.

Multi-Shot applies Serpent Sting to all targets hit.

[Immolation Trap] - Instant cast - 1 minute cooldown
Hurls a fire trap to the target location that will burn the first enemy to approach for X Fire damage over 20 sec. Trap will exist for 1 min.

Class-wide abilities

[Kill Shot] - 10 Focus - Instant cast - 10 sec recharge - 1 Charge
You attempt to finish off a wounded target, dealing X Physical damage.

Only usable on enemies with less than 20% health.

Major Cooldown

[Munition Tactics] - 20 sec duration - 2 minute cooldown.
Increases your haste by X% and instantly triggers Lock & Load(Passive). When Explosive Shot is used during Munition Tactics, this resets the remaining cooldown of Black Arrow.

Any time Explosive Shot deals damage to a target affected by Black Arrow, during Munition Tactics, this will cause the periodic damage effect applied by Black Arrow to spread to nearby enemies as well.
(This effect is replaced by a different passive effect when engaged in instanced PvP; If your Black Arrow is at any time dispelled or otherwise removed from an enemy target, this instantly resets the remaining cooldown of Black Arrow.)


[Mastery Bonus: Toxicology] - Increases all non-physical damage dealt by X%, based on Mastery.

Passive Effects

[Lone Wolf] - Increases your damage by 10% when you do not have an active pet.

[Lock and Load] - Periodic damage dealt by Black Arrow and Immolation Trap have a chance to cause your next Explosive Shot to cost no Focus and trigger no cooldown.

[Trap Mastery] - Tar Trap now slows approaching enemies by an additional X%, and the effect sticks to the enemy for 3 seconds after they have left the tar.

The trigger radius as well as the radius of the effect on your Tar Trap is increased by 25%.

Freezing Trap can now be triggered manually by the hunter once placed, causing it to form a fragile Ice Block that you can stand behind to protect yourself from frontal attacks until shattered. The ice block shatters after 8 seconds or once it has sustained enough damage.
Manually triggering it requires you to stand in close vicinity to the trap.

[Serpent’s Focus] - Using Cobra Shot several times in a row will increase the amount of Focus generated by each shot by 4. Stacking up to 3 times.

[Serpent Spread] - Targets hit by Multi-Shot are also afflicted by Serpent Sting equal to 9 sec of it’s duration.

[Exotic Munitions] - Your Auto Attacks have a chance to increase the remaining duration of either Serpent Sting, Black Arrow or Immolation Trap by 5 seconds, on an enemy affected by either of these periodic damage effects.


Includes all other abilities, such as [Tar Trap][Frost Trap][Aspect of the Turtle][Concussive Shot][Counter Shot][Tranquilizing Shot][Misdirection][Pet Utility][Exhilaration][Disengage][Feign Death], and more.

Note that I would prefer if(on a class-wide basis)

[Posthaste] - becomes a baseline effect.
[Master’s Call] - becomes a baseline ability again.
[Pet Specializations] - Ferocity, Tenacity, and Cunning, if they were changeable again.
[Revive Pet] - Cast time brought down to 2 seconds again.
[Camouflage] - becomes a baseline ability again.


– Level 15 –

[Ever Burning] - If you fire Explosive Shot into an enemy already affected by a previous charge, the remaining duration of the previous charge is refreshed as well as increased by an additional 3 seconds.

An active charge can only have a max duration of 9 seconds.

Exotic Munition-procs now also increases the remaining duration of any active Explosive Shot charges you have on the current target by 3 seconds.

[Noxious Stings] - Increases the periodic critical damage of your Explosive Shot, Serpent Sting, and Black Arrow by 25%, and Serpent Sting now deals increased damage against targets below 30% health.

[Fusion Shot] - (Replaces Cobra Shot) - 1.5s cast time(castable while moving) - 6 sec recharge - 2 Charges
Fire a charged shot into the target, dealing Physical damage.

When your next ability that deals periodic damage hits the target, this triggers a volatile fusion immediately causing it to erupt dealing additional instant damage equal to 40% of it’s total duration. The target will take additional damage of the same type as the ability used to trigger the fusion for the next 12 sec.

Generates 25 Focus.

– Level 25 –

[Death Adder] - Serpent Sting also does instant damage equal to 30% of it’s total periodic effect. Also applies to Serpent Spread(Passive).

Every time Serpent Sting deals damage, you have a chance to gain 3 Focus.

If the passive effect “Exotic Munitions” procs while your Serpent Sting is active on the target, this also triggers the Death Adder-effect.

[Predator] - Casting Explosive Shot, Black Arrow, Serpent Sting, or Multi-Shot reduces the Focus cost and increases the damage of your next Arcane Shot by 30%. This effect stacks.

[Viper Venom] - Whenever Serpent Sting deals damage, there’s a chance that this can cause any other periodic damage effects you have applied to the target to instantly deal damage equal to one tick of their total effect.

If this proc occurs when the target is affected by Black Arrow, this will instantly refresh it’s remaining duration and restore 8 Focus back to you.

– Level 30 –

[Trailblazer] - [Natural Mending]

[Bestial Dicipline] - (Replaces Camouflage as a talent choice) - While your pet is active, you and your pet(s) regenerate X% of total health every 3 sec. Healing done to you and your pet(s) is increased by X%.

Damage taken by your pet(s) is reduced by 15%.

When Lone Wolf(Passive) is active, you continue to heal for the same amount of health.

– Level 35 –

[Cluster Shot] - 25 Focus - Instant cast - 15 sec cooldown.
Fire a shot which explodes on impact, instantly dealing Physical damage to the primary target and all other nearby enemies, and causing them to bleed for an additional X Physical damage over 3 sec.

Explosive Shot-charges which are still active on any target(s) hit by Cluster Shot will instantly erupt, dealing all remaining damage to the affected target(s) at once.

[Wildfire] - 8 sec duration
The periodic damage effect applied by Immolation Trap will now spread to any enemy standing in close range to an already burning target. As long as an enemy is within range of another enemy affected by Wildfire or Immolation Trap, the Wildfire will continue to spread.

[T.N.T.] - Explosive Shot now deals damage to all enemies near the affected target.

– Level 40 –

[Born to be Wild] - [Binding Shot]

[Adaption] - (Replaces Posthaste as a talent choice) Getting hit with an incapacitating effect(Stun/Fear), reduces the remaining cooldown of your Aspect of the Turtle by 30%. This effect has an internal cooldown of X sec.

Aspect of the Turtle is now usable when incapacitated.

When rooted or slowed, the remaining cooldown of Aspect of the Cheetah is reduced by 15 seconds. Aspect of the Cheetah frees you from movement impairing effects and you cannot be slowed below 100% movement speed while it’s active.

– Level 45 –

[Spitting Cobra] - Cobra Shot now deals an additional X% damage as Nature damage and extends the remaining duration of Serpent Sting on the enemy target by X sec.

Cobra Shot now has a high chance of generating double Focus when fired.

  • [Exothermia] (Requires talent: Fusion Shot)
    Increases your critical strike chance against any enemy you hit with Fusion Shot by X% for 12 sec. Dealing Fire damage to the target extends this effect even further.
    Fusion Shot generates an additonal 10 Focus over 5 sec.

[Pre-Heat] - The cooldown of Immolation Trap is reduced by 5 seconds every time Immolation Trap deals critical damage to the enemy target. In addition, if an enemy target dies while affected by Immolation Trap, it’s cooldown is reset.

[Intoxication] - Your ranged Auto Attacks have a chance to grant you 2 stacks of Intoxication. When Black Arrow is refreshed or when it expires from an enemy, you gain this effect as well.

  • Intoxication
    When you use an ability that deals instant damage, it has a 100% chance to be a critical strike.
    When you use an ability that deals periodic damage, damage caused by this ability is increased by an additional X%.

– Level 50 –

[Rapid Recuperation] - Damage caused by Explosive Shot have a chance to reduce the remaining cooldown of Munition Tactics by 1 sec.

Whenever Lock & Load procs, this causes the next Explosive Shot fired to have a 100% chance for each of it’s ticks to reduce the remaining cooldown of Munition Tactics by 1 sec.

Catalysis - Duration 10 sec.
Black Arrow increases any Fire-damage you deal to an enemy by X%.

In addition, Explosive Shot-charges granted by Lock & Load extend the remaining duration of Black Arrow by 1 second every time they deal damage to the affected target.

[Resourcefulness] - Reduces the cooldown of all traps and Black Arrow by 20%. Your Freezing Trap and Tar Trap both have a 100% chance to proc Lock & Load when triggered.

Freezing Trap when triggered manually can now withstand 100% more damage before shattering.

When an enemy breaks free from your Freezing Trap, they will take an additional 10% damage from all sources for the next X seconds.

Critical damage dealt by Immolation Trap is increased by X%.

Bonus effects/Bonus Traits

Got no good names for these traits/bonuses yet but…just wanted to add in some potential fun bonus effects that are spec specific. They can be tied to things such as Set Bonuses or something similar to Artifact Traits/Azerite Traits of the past.

(1) Lock and Load now grants 2 charges of Explosive Shot when it procs, instead of 1.

(2) When you get a Exotic Munitions-proc. It will grant you an additional bonus effect depending on which periodic damage-effect it benefits.

Serpent Sting - Until the current Serpent Sting debuff expires or is refreshed, every time it deals damage to the target, you instantly gain 3 Focus.

Black Arrow - The remaining cooldown of Black Arrow is instantly reset.

Immolation Trap - Your next Immolation Trap will deal an extra X% damage and will also have an increased X% chance to critically hit the affected target.

(3) Arcane Shot now triggers the passive effect “Exotic Munitions” when it hits an enemy target.


Ghorak I always read your ranged SV suggestions and always think “damn those would be so awesome”


I never said anything about getting it removed. I actually find MSV cool. This is just something people assume just because we miss our old spec. Blizzard can easily implement them. They just do not want to.

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Just play MM. Its pretty much the same thing as old RSV

Wut /10char


I played old school survival the entire time it was available, I adored it. I miss old survival. Lock n load procs + black arrow was so satisfying!


Yeaahh no. Not at all actually.


Metro joined in on these discussions a while back, he has even made a YouTube video about it.

Basically, he continuously spouts how current MM is the same as old RSV even though the references he makes about the gameplay of RSV are about the class as it was in WotLK and prior, before there even were actual core specs in the game.

His inclusion of WotLK seems to be based much on the fact that Explosive Shot was an optional talent at the time in the SV category, same as how it is one now in MM, no matter what that actually meant in terms of design and gameplay.


It was a long time coming: some 3 expansion cycles. MSV had one chance to prove it could be a proper melee and it failed in Legion.

Fun fact: rotational complexity is not dependent on being ranged or melee.


dont think i ever said it did, but youve been doing this for literal years so im not gunna stonewall myself by arguing lol

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You did set up a dichotomy between melee SV and ranged SV based on complexity. If ranged SV were so boring to you (evidently the spec was doing something right because it was vastly more popular) why not just push for more unique mechanics for ranged SV? Why cling to SV being melee when it’s just dooming the spec to pariah status?