So horde , did you get what you wanted?

really? Because when the forums started going crazy with “my av only started with 5 people” threads, the premade fix was brought in pretty quick.

If you are new here, I can forgive your ignorance.

I would notice if a bunch of people left suddenly. After all if they are kicking one they are probably kicking a few. That didn’t seem to happen.

I never had it done to me and I was in a lot of battles. You’d think if it was common I’d get hit by it at least once.

I also talked to a lot of people both in and out of games and they said they never had it happen to them. Again, if it was common you’d think someone would mention it.

I really only saw it reported on the forums, most of the people who reported it seemed to make multiple topics about it. So there was a lot of noise here but not much in-game. Seems more likely that it was a rare thing and news of it was widely spread as either a few loud, angry voices or as propaganda.

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Which was, as has been said a million times since the changes- a bug. AV was not, according to their old patch notes on the subject, supposed to start with 5 players on a side. The gates simply wouldn’t open.

It also was something mostly Horde were talking about in a fake attempt at empathy because you felt like you needed Alliance player support in order to ruin AV.

Horde also said that changes would bring pug win rates up, make AV competitive, and bring participation up thus lowering Horde queues. So like everything else- Horde lied, and you’re still lying.

When they fixed that bug in Classic, they were fixing a bug that made it not like Vanilla- thus bringing it closer to how Vanilla was.

Everything else was a change Horde wanted that made AV not like how it was designed in Vanilla. So yeah, Alliance managed to get a bug fixed, and Horde got a bunch of changes which predictably ruined AV.

Perhaps. Perhaps not. I’m not sure what the probability would be. It would depend on how many got into the same AV, and how many wanted in to that one with the same group.

I can speak from personal experience, but that is obviously not representative of all people’s experience, as I am just one person among millions.

Its sooo much better, Q for AV, run a dungeon, do some farming then get into Alterac Valley and don’t have to deal with 40 allies in the same discord, riding as fast as they can to avoid any pvp and so they can pve down drek.

i have been exalted for months, still run av for fun… also for the lol’s of watching all the allies fishing, running into walls etc…

There are a simpler solutions to that:

  • Punish leaving the queue too much.
  • Don’t open the gates if the balance is too far out of whack.
  • Combine AV until the smaller side is large enough and cull the larger side to 40, placing those players removed at the front of the current queue.

I’m sure smart people can think of more.

Premades really aren’t the problem, it’d be great if both sides could premade and then fight against other premades. The problem is the lack of a system to handle matchmaking and such.

It would have been a better use of effort to add in some matchmaking rather than add a ton of rules and algorithms to stop premades when smart people will come up with another way next week. Which is exactly what happened, a new method came out week after week and Blizzard had to scramble to keep up with it. I mean, a new method to premade was just discovered and fixed. It’s an arms race and a waste of resources.

I’m not sure either. All I know is that if I’m in a game with 20+ premade players then I’m one out of 15-20 not in the premade group. So if they kick another 5-10 to make room for their buddies then my chances are on the order of 25% - 67% to get kicked.

I got in a bunch of those groups and it seems like if it was common I’d have had it happen to me at least once. Or at least know someone who had it happen to me.

So my conclusion is that it wasn’t likely to have been a major thing. I’m certain it did happen but nowhere as much as the loud people on the forum were reporting.

you’re just straight wrong and alliance who were saying that didn’t understand the issue and Blizz patched that singular problem and premades continued to exist and every game was full regardless of premade or not.

and then they broke premades again, in a different way.

like previously said. you’re wrong.

We’re fixing a setting that allowed the battleground to start with as few as 20 players on a team.

I love the excuses. Love them

As if admitting the map is in your favor clearly from the Rez points I showed.

Naw it’s cool we get it, Alliance don’t have carrot on a stick so we lose…

I guess the AB and WSG players all have carrots and that’s why those bgs are 50/50.

Thanks for clearing up why we lose AV.

It’s you that keeps ignoring the real issue and making excuses for the alliance’s inability to fight. I’ve done proven that your silly math, even when in alliance favor, doesn’t matter. The FACT (not opinion) is that until alliance raid can actually kill horde raid (40 vs 40 btw); they’ll go nowhere.

The reason alliance in WSG/AB do much better is because the good players actually go there. They don’t go to AV. They abandoned AV and left it for the horde. So what you are left with is a garbage alliance raid that never wins, and massively inflated horde queue times. Btw, to bury your position even further, I could point out that other regions actually have alliance that win in AV, with the exact same map. Case closed.

Edit: I’m not repeating myself any further in this thread. “You can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. If it dies of thirst right next to the pond; that’s not your fault.”

My silly math is fact, all you’re staying is your opinion.

You’re blinded by your bias, I’m not.

Those are actual Rez timers and how it works in AV. Not some bad excuse like mount speed or your confirmation bias in the way.

The region excuse again? Those same regions posted on the forums and stated why they we’re winning, it’s because they are using the same vanilla strat for both horde and alliance.

Horde in those regions don’t rush SHGY, they kill Galv while ally kill Bal, then they each cap a Graveyard, this was all pointed out by them on these very forums.

I’m sure repeating bad information is you winning the argument tho.

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TBC battlegrounds won’t even exist when every player on all servers rolls horde.

You can’t fix a player base issue. Combine the better racials of horde combined with the better paladin variant and female blood elves. Alliance will become obsolete and pointless to play.

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Yet I’m sure when every pvp server is 99-1 Horde, people still wonder why they have BG queues and be going purple in the face explaining how there’s no imbalance and it’s just an aesthetic choice.

Anyone trying to say horde isn’t vastly superior come TBC is frankly an idiot.

Alliance are absolutely irrelevant – and class balance doesn’t get better. Just who is OP gets shuffled around as more classes have more nonsense to throw out at each other.

The PvE content is all hallways and grinding out heroics and attunements. The only thing that is arguably better in TBC is the 25 man raid content. Which is also why if and when we do get TBC that is about the only thing I’d do or care about.

Can anyone follow the point of this thread?

Seems to me like somebody is mad they can’t cheat in AV anymore.

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totally mad.

naw just disappointed that i was right all those months ago.

My question is to you - Are you happy with knowing that your side is afk half the time so the only way to stand a reasonable chance you have to have a massive unfair advantage complete with coms?

Its a pointless question. Any alliance mains have been exalted since like week 1. None of the people asking for updates on AV are actually running it these days.

Horde might still be queueing, but that’s because you all know its a free win. No alliance mains play AV anymore. Just bots and alts afking, and they don’t post on forums, so you cant reach them with your questions here. lol.

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it wasnt a massive unfair advantage in the premades i ran. we won around 50 % .

but to answer your question directly, no i am not happy that the bg is that imbalanced that we needed superior communication of voice chat and required everyone with at least an epic mount to compete evenly.

and no i am not happy that it ended up exactly how i called it with the queues and the pug population (minus the people that wanted to win) is so crap that even if we had half a av with people trying to carry we couldnt do it.

are you happy with the queues and the premades in wsg and ab power pwning pugs?