So horde , did you get what you wanted?

Do you understand what a bottle neck is?

He’s trying to say “Look you have long queues, hahaha, I told you so” while ignoring that by doing so the other battlegrounds where real PVP happens got better.

He clearly enjoyed premading AV while horde could not even play with 1 friend. I mean if I played alliance at the time I might feel the same way.

Yep. Since both factions can do it I’m fine with it. Horde had a 4 minute AB queue today.

This seems to be assuming equal percentage per character, and overlooks the possibility for greater/lower probability based on level/class/gear. A level 51 would be more likely to be selected to be removed than a level 60, regardless of class.

From a different perspective, I was not in an AV as Alliance where we did not report at least 1 person to make room for another.

well i guess i was too hasty to say anything definitive.

looking forward to more feedback .


Finished ranking goals doing actual pvp in wsg

Bad Alliance continue to cry about AV while blaming the map instead of the real obvious cause of their failures while good alliance pvpers moved on to premades in wsg/ab which is way more engaging

Long queues make afkers and botters unable to compete for top ranks on horde side preserving the “integrity of the grind”

I’d say all in all im quite happy with how things are now

Bait or delusional. Hard to tell with this one. Seems so emotional. Could just be delusional.

Maybe ask the allies who got into those wonderful handicapped auto losses your premades were providing your own faction with.

Don’t forget 70% of those wins were over the handicapped games your premades were making.
You’re right we weren’t happy because we wanted you punks to put up something that resembled a fight.

Not really it’s super boring and 2.5 hour queues are insane. My question is why do I alliance require premades to win any BG? Seems like the alliance way is premade or AFK. I don’t really get the mentality. Guess it’s just the sweatyboi way.


Came back into see how things have been progressing. Not at all surprised to see the same misinterpretation being committed by alliance saltines.

It has been explained ad nauseum why WSG and AB win %s are different. But hey, keep pretending that horde are simply saying that horde are better than alliance at PVP.

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This. Right here. If it’s not a pve tank and spank they are not engaging. Put in a mechanic where epics have a chance to drop from killing players. Alliance would become the pvp faction. Racials, faction balance, and map imbalance be damned. They would turn into a killing machine over night!

Pretty much this. Horde wanted AV gear and honor. They found that actually PvPing in AV does better than the PvE race.

ALLIANCE TAKE NOTE: AV can actually be fun when you play it as a PvP spot.

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Pretty much.

You lose 95% of your games to people making premades, you start to get tired of it. Turtling a game was a win at those points.

That winning mentality has carried over still. Horde would rather lose a 2hour long game then win a 5min match. PvP is suppose to be fun & competitive in BGs, especially in Classic.


I am personally happy with the win rate in AV. Here’s why:

We suck, and are losing because we suck.

Your smoking gun here is the ability to exploit a queue in order to premade, and, putting it out there like that was fair.

Why does horde fight so hard in AV? BECAUSE WE FORCED THEM TO LEARN A NEW STRAT.

If we had just pugged instead of being S**T Lords we would have kept the nice, boring, zerg fest resulting in 70% of ally wins. But no, we had to be jerks, brag about it, and make ourselves feel entitled for it.

Go be a victim somewhere else.



*Most people I’ve played with. Who happen to be Horde.

This game isn’t a means to an end for me. I play it for fun.

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By that token it has been said why Alliance don’t win AV.

But hey keep pretending it’s not the map.

AV is the least competitive BG in WoW’s history at this moment- a BG with a 100% win rate is basically the exact opposite of competitive.

When Horde were whining, both sides were winning games- and now the whine has moved to AB/WSG premades, where both sides are winning games. That’s the reality for Horde- they’d rather sit in queues doing nothing for hours in order to get a game where they don’t have to pvp or face any challenge for a guaranteed win- then have short queues and face challenging pvp.

Helping my point of alliance just blame map balance instead of acknowledging they are the problem.

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It’s easier to make excuses than admit that your players are bad. But it’s clear as day (at least to most of us).

Really enjoy waiting 3+ hours to accumulate the amount of honor you can get in under one hour.