So horde , did you get what you wanted?

i know its been a while since premades got destroyed for alliance in av but i gotta ask… did you get what you wanted with all the 95%+ winrate in av?

i ask this cause i asked before they killed premades if the horde werent happy with >80% winrates which was low i guess when i asked it and they said in response to the post they wanted a “fair” game that was back and forth.

funny thing is they were getting those “fair” win/loss rates when the premades were actually in existence .

i ask again just to see.

are you happy with the state of av and the winrates?


Although Horde do enjoy the 99% win rate they are just as much victims as the Alliance.

They can only play an average of 3 games a day. I can play those same 3 games in less than 3 hours.

AV much like most of the BGS is just broken… No winners here.


i imagine its boring .

ahh well at least theres the other bgs i guess?

seems to be a fair win/loss rate there at least.

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Oh yes… I am enjoying 95% of my wins being in AV when the rest of my losses are almost every time I play WSG or AB lol. I would rather have a 50/50 split W/L than basically only win AV and get rolled by premades in the other 2 bgs.

oh btw, 3 hour AV Queues for that win. fun fun waiting around.


hmm ive heard both 50/50 win rate for alliance/horde and then tales of 90% loss rate on both sides.

hmm weird.

but on that subject of premades in other bgs…

seems the queue times were alot less back when we had premades in av and the games were shorter on all bgs.

also alot less premades in wsg too .

seems like it was a win win for everyone.

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Let’s pretend this is a new and exciting topic.


its not . its just seeking an answer to a question ive had since before premades were killed in av.

i knew this would happen i just want to see if horde are happier now or are happy at all with the way things turned out.


It’s been more like 80% for me personally, but yes… it’s not the worst thing for me.

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if you compare then and now are you happier? or not?

Then, I was Alliance. Now I’m Horde. I’m not sure what you’d like me to say, but I don’t like Alliance.




sure thing. there is some salt.

more of a curiosity thing now though.


How about not making the BGs be regulated, and actually be open for the best team to win? That’s what makes it “broken”. They all seem to be pre-determined.

they do that already with the bgs other than av.

av is imbalanced in the map plainly put. the others are as close to equal as can be and the win/loss rate seems to bear that out.

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3 games a day if you have no life…thats assuming you can stay at ur computer for 3-4 hours at a time without afk’ing to actually get the queue…then another hour or so in the actual match

i’ve had to drop a ton of 1 hr 30 min queues or 2 hr queues bcuz i’ve had to do something IRL for 30-45 minutes and can’t sit at my comp for 4 hours straight to get an AV match in


even more of a reason that it was a bad result with what happened.

queues were way shorter. games were faster.

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This is just wrong. please stop using the map as an excuse. The alliance lose all the time because they go into the match expecting too lose and dont try. Its clear as day when you get groups that actually try to win vs groups that just dont. Can you argue the map doesnt favor us? sure. But not for a second the map is the main cause of the skewed win ratio.


It was. And certainly, there were Horde complaining, but the Alliance complaints about not being able to participate in AV, due to being mass reported, resulting in a 15 minute debuff, and having done nothing wrong were also certainly the reason for the changes.


I dont get the point of this forum, its 50/50 that either side can win.Stop complaining and play the game, horde still loses on any BG’s. Beside, our que takes alot longer then alliance so suck it up.

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Beside, look at the stream now, alliance is dominating the horde, idk what your talking about?