So horde , did you get what you wanted?

Can’t wait to see the wait times in BC battlegrounds.

Most will be in arena’s though so it won’t matter.

TBC Horde queues are gonna be even worse compared to vanilla.


Did you even play Vanilla WoW?

I played AV matches that literally went on all weekend long, a single AV battle taking 3 days to complete. I logged in on Friday after work, queued up for AV, got into a match in 20-30 minutes, played in that match the rest of the evening until the wee hours, logged out, woke up the next morning, logged in, queued, only to end up in the same match with some of the same people playing from the previous night. This went on allllll weekend. All of the ‘gimmicks’ had been done already, the bosses summoned, the fortifications completed, the riders sent, the flyers summoned, to where all it was, was an endless crashing of horde vs alliance on the battlefield, and the push/pull across the map as ground was taken and given up.

I loved every minute of it. This 2-3hr queue to get into an AV these days is not fun. Battlegroups need to be fixed so that the queue times are averaged out so that queue times are ~30 mins max.

You are out of your mind if you think Horde are favored in any way in ANY of the Classic battlegrounds. The maps all favor Alliance until TBC comes out, and changes were made to the BG’s to make it more fair in terms of travel times, choke points, etc.

I played Alliance and Horde both in Vanilla during Classic, Alliance has the advantage.


You asked the horde? Every single horde player you asked this question? A dubious claim. You may have posted a topic in these flame boards but saying you asked “the horde” is just wrong/dumb. The number of horde players that could give a rats fart about these forums and the topics posted within, I would wager, far out number those that do. Anyway, good luck finding an answer to your “question”.

“so it looks like they are happy. surprising.”

You got that conclusion after how many “horde” posts? I think the guy with the salt shaker is right, you’re not after any definitive answer. Enjoy your trolling.

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BGs were fixed- at Horde’s urging, when queue times were under 30 min, to give you 2+ hour long queues.

Horde decided when they had short queues, competitive win rates and challenging pvp that they’d rather have no competition, long queues, and no pvp.

Your faction picked to stack servers so in wpvp you have no competition and no pvp, and when you get a balanced server like Incendius where the Alliance actually fight back sometimes, you flee in droves to servers you can again stack to avoid having to worry about pvp.

And now, at last, with AB/WSG that final pvp place where Horde have 50/50 win rates- Horde have begun the campaign to get rid of premades there too since, like in everything else- Horde do not want competition, they do not want difficult pvp, and they would rather sit hours in queues doing nothing at all for a guaranteed win than ever have to be challenged.

For the faction that likes to zug about how great your players are, you’ve sure dedicated yourselves to avoiding challenges even if it gets to the point of not pvping at all.


That certainly isn’t MY stance on the issue. I want short queue times. I want competition. I want a 50/50 win/loss ratio. I want it to be fun, engaging, and challenging.

I’m not sure where this is coming from. Who are you replying to?

Blizz still hasn’t fixed this? $15 a month for a 15 year old game that doesnt even work properly. Private servers did better.

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Oh, and this is wholly false. When I initially stared playing, my server was mostly balanced. I can’t help that Alliance did a mass exodus during the free character transfer on my server, due to population issues.

This is causation from the map imbalance. How daft can you be?

So what server were you on before you went to stacked Skeram? Because Stalagg/Skeram were never close to balance, the first indications showed 60/40 H/A, which meant you had 50% more players.

That’s a collosal difference if in every zone with 20 Alliance, there’s 30 Horde.

You have one heavily Alliance dominant pvp server, and over a dozen Horde dominated ones- that didn’t get that way by balance, it got that way by extreme faction stacking. And that’s further reflected by your queue times. If PvPers hadn’t stacked Horde, you wouldn’t have hours of queue in AV and 30min in AB/WSG.

I started on Skeram. 60/40 is still better than the 98/2 it is now.

Maybe this will all balance out once Alliance/Horde factions have access to the other factions character classes. I’m hoping it will, but I think we’re too far gone at this point. I don’t see a way to resolve the issue unless Blizzard decides to consolidate servers based on faction populations.

Horde definitely has better PvP racials, and that’s a lot of the reason Horde is chosen on the PvP servers. With all the information available today, that wasn’t available back during Vanilla, you didn’t have players min/maxxing for their benefit. At least not to the degree that they do now.

A nice change would be if they showed the population of horde/alliance when mousing over a server, or show the balance when actually creating a character so that you didn’t end up shoehorning yourself into an imbalanced server.

Seriously? You can’t actually think that, nobody thinks that- we already know from pservers what happens with TBC, we already know from Classic that nobody’s repeating the mistake of pvping as Alliance


Take Heartseeker obviously, as it’s the only Alliance dominant server, and mix it with EF… or Stalagg… or Skeram… or Herod… or WM… or etc…

You basically have one balanced server, Grob, which is an RP server so shouldn’t mix anyway. And everything else is heavily skewed for Horde (or mildly skewed if you honestly think 60% Horde is fair balance).

If there were half a dozen Heartseekers and half a dozen Skerams, sure you could consolidate to balance servers… but there’s only one HS, and everything else is Horde stacked.

Which gets far, far worse in TBC. Horde racials still amazing, even in TBC we know way more belf pallies than draenei shammies were made. Horde get seal of blood meaning your pallies are numerically considerably stronger. +hit is a nice pve talent for draenei, but in pvp racials go from stacked for Horde in Vanilla to ultra stacked for Horde in TBC.

Everyone knew before Classic dropped that horde would outnumber alliance- I don’t think everyone knew it’d be this bad, but nobody honestly thought there’d be more Alliance on pvp servers unless they intentionally ignored ever looking into the subject.

It’d be nice sure to know ratios before you pick a server- but we already knew Classic was going to have way more Horde.

And, we know most TBC pvp servers will have ratios like Skeram/Stalagg do now, so nobody will be able to feign ignorance of the situation in TBC.

Pretty sure that you lose your place in the AV queue when you do that so it’s just making the wait longer. I thought most horde went out and farmed or did world pvp during those times.

They did not break alliamce premades in AV for the horde, they broke it because of the poor 10-15 alliance who were in one of the 20 games alliance premades created but then did not enter

Not all of us, champ.

I got exalted for AV by losing over and over and over to Alliance premades.

Nothing like waiting for an hour long queue to get a 5min loss.

I think Horde is just better, we got tired of getting steamrolled and actually started to try against them.

Alliance just afk out on start now, there is no collective effort.

Why would you notice?

more misinformation. And a bug that they separately fixed.

please. if you don’t know what happened please just refrain from commenting.

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Are you claiming to “know?” Because afaik, we all have access to the same information, and aside from that, we only have opinions and speculation.

Incorrect, this is something Horde have been parroting from the start, before the changes, when Horde thought that was a good point to argue to try to convince Alliance to support ruining AV and making it a 100% win rate for Horde BG.

Alliance naturally did not want a 100% win rate, but Horde kept parroting it anyway.

Also- that issue was the result of a bug, which Blizz themselves said was a bug, and fixing that bug would have been completely seperate from all the other changes.