Snucked in a nerf?

He didn’t know whether to use sneaked or snuck so he just combined the two! Adapt, overcome, survive.


yea just like they didnt have the balls to tell us this was on the whim hence “Snucked”


Not changing from Arcane for anything - that’s the whole thing about class fantasy right? Play the class and spec that suits you for that character’s role (RPG)

Will be a pain to figure out the next series of best traits, and then if they revert the change, will we get a free reforge?

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“Snucked” is so cute.:star_struck: It maybe not be an actual word in the English language, but it is adorable. Totally appropriate fhing for a cute little gnome to say.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is going to make Rhielle’s eye twitch extra-hard.

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Not to worry!

Several changes that were made in the Tides of Vengeance update in December got misplaced with today’s update. We’re working on a hotfix that will carry them back into the live game. This includes a damage increase for Marksmanship Hunters, as well as Equipoise and Replicating Shadows.


Several changes that were made in the Tides of Vengeance update in December got misplaced with today’s update

Whats this mean exactly?

assume means they had a screw up and old content stuff got put into patch and it has to be hotfixed to correct it.

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It’s disheartening to see this happening more and more often.
It happened for Fury Warriors during Uldir with Reckless Flurry, now for other classes as well.
Just seems to be more and more “bugs” being dropped through because of failures to QA things properly before releasing them to the public servers.

Service and delivery is becoming more and more of a letdown over the last year or so, which is sad to see.


You sneaked in an ilvl upgrade to level 80 TBC dungeon loot. From ilvl 100 to 105.

Now I can’t apply superior mana oil to my (1 of 3) Blackout Truncheons. I realize the heroic version was bumped up, but…it’s changes like this that are unannounced that makes me wonder…Gee…what other stealth nerfs have been made…“ooo, maybe the players won’t notice”

I don’t get it though…you up’d level 80 tbc dungeon loot to 105…but yet…the LK 25H 2h sword Glorenzelg remains at 102


Can you fix the buff where mages are laughable in general in all 3 specs?


How about the buff to Serrated Jaws that (I don’t think?) ever made it to live in the first place, but was in the hotfix notes?

99% sure you left your stormwind cloak on

Looks like even a broken Rastlin is right twice a day.


Orly? Are you saying there was an MM buff that was supposed to happen but didn’t? Or am I confused?

Standby for clarification.

Great… way to sneak that in.

There were a lot of changes to dungeon gear. I looked on the PTR and didn’t see any for my 69 or 75, so my main interest was wod dungeon gear.

Someone was asking about Equipoise being nerfed earlier in the forums and I couldn’t give them a straight answer.

But you just straight out pointed at that ability.

Would you mind telling the person I was coaching about it,
or are you going to put up a sticky on abilities not currently working?
Or just ya know, this post is it, work off the scraps and feed what you can with it?

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I think “snucked” is a great word. “You didn’t just get nerfed - you got snucked!”


And Demo? Yes EP needed a nerf I do agree but many demo locks had notice that felguard damage had been lower and his energy regen is bit slower then normal.