Shortage of Ony Heads

I’m sure others have said but can you please just not have the rallying cry have a cooldown? If people have ony or Nef head they can just drop it for city wide buff? The 6 hours wait is too long and out dated. A big part of raiding in Classic is speed clearing and high parsing. Allowing guilds to have an edge over others because they happened to get their Ony head out first would be silly.

Also if people think their getting grief killing an enemy priest resetting a head imagine the grief a random person dropping a dragon head at “the wrong” time would get.

Only real solution is to have no cool down so guilds can pop dragon heads whenever they need to. Really is the easiest and best solution.

don’t you all have like 5 alts all max gear or is that a streamer thing

Sounds like a streamer thing.

That said, we’re bringing in alts just to get Ony heads so we can drop a head buff as necessary.

yes they do lol you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about

Which is the opposite of

Because you are incapable of acting like a normal human being
is no reason to throw rules out the window.

These are not how vanilla was

Nor was the current implementation of AV.


LOL! I like you, you’re funny!

Yea I still can get head on this and my mage plus im.leveling my 3rd 60 so I’ll be able to buff 3 times eventually hell on this and mage I’d prolly hold it for months since caster gear is crap off only head

oh yeah? Well it’s too late for that, you’ve already caused so many disturbances that this doesn’t even matter anymore.

By 1.12 it was.
Actually it got nerfed to this point before 1.12 i think.

Pretty sure that is players causing them and not him, unless you happen to have a screenie of him in game personally castigating players for stuff?

Ergo, a number of game changes implemented to modify player behavior. This isn’t 1.12 AV.

Yes, but none of which actually changed the game, it still plays the same.
Big Difference

Really? I invite you to chat with the PVP’rs and get their calm, unbiased insights.

You know that the buff is completely unnecessary for clearing current raid content right?


Poor thing, Blizzard’s intended game behavior doesn’t support your speed runs so insist that the best solution is to just remove the behavior. :cry: :cry:

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They can say what they like, the game play did not change a single bit

Ho boy. PepeLaugh.

It’s not like you NEED the buff stop being bad


It’s fun to theorize things like this Shard, but it’s pretty uncool to compare Kaivax to someone with a mental disability. I will be praying for you.