Shortage of Ony Heads

Your the problem.

This is mental and it is exactly why these bufds should be a bonus for open world activities, not raiding.


why, exactly? Why? If you don’t want to raid with world buffs, don’t. What does my in-game behavior have to do with you at all, actually?

The fact your putting other players down because you didn’t get you world buffs and they didn’t conform to the rules.

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And yet this is nothing in comparison to what the PVP’rs do. We have 2 GMs in our guild so far with 2 more in the next couple weeks, and I think it’s a miracle that they haven’t burned out completely.

The point: some systems need to be changed, just the way they changed AV to stop/modify certain player behaviors.

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Go ahead and report me on incendius, i never spoke ill will toward a player for mistakenly dropping a buff early. I would reach out to them and tell them they should have waited 20 minutes so that 200+ people can get their world buff for a designated raid time.

And this is the exact reason head buffs are now being reset. People can do whatever they want in regards to turn ins. It doesn’t matter now, we just reset it to accommodate everyone

That person is not an idiot because he doesn’t give a crap about your dumb world buffs.


so again, whats the problem here? we solved this issue by paying blizz an extra $15 per month and resetting it ourselves. now everyone can turn in for the quest reward with reckless abandon, with no regard for anyone else’s concept of the meta

Just drop the cooldown. These aren’t servers with 3-5 raid guilds per faction anymore, there’s dozens of raids nightly now if raiding had been this popular back then you’d have adjusted accordingly Blizz.

You drop the CD and you eliminate basically every problem surrounding this and it benefits everyone.

The GM grind is literally unhealthy for people if they do it right and at the least it promotes cheating.

This system should honestly have a rework, if I go to a 1920s themed party I can’t starting being racist, just because they could in the 1920s. There has been large movements and government legislation to protect people from harmful gaming practices, a lot of people died for those to become the norm now, yet this newly released game continues to promote unhealthy and dangerous behaviour.

This is when changes should take place so long as they replace it with something that fits with vanilla then I’m ok with that.

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Private server buff metas need to die off. Dragonslayer and Warchief buffs functioned differently on private servers than they do in classic. The timer changes everything, and guilds can no longer have each buff lined up just before raid times. We’ll always have DMN buffs, we’ll always have songflower, but the idea that every raid night should also have Dragonslayer (and Warchief’s for horde) needs to die off; we’re playing a game where that’s asking too much.

Of course they did u fool

WHy do u think this so is common now? Dudes with alts did it at first

How was this same logic not also applied to premading in AV?


Complete noob question. Is this a dragon that is in Black Rock and its kited to the main town then killed for the head? Sorry to be the village idiot but I am very good at it since I am behind the times. This is not meant to be troll question but I am curious. It orgi a npc yells then I get buff if I happen to be logged in as a hordie. On the alliance I was bio ing and didn’t know that I got buff so I don’t know what is yelled. So the head is brought for a turn in from the instance or the creature to a npc in town? I see in trade chat turning head in x of amount of time… Where is it turned in so I can see this and understand it. thankz

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If only I could live rent free in my apartment like I do in your head…

does it matter everyones getting nef heads now

– and when you do, it’s to nerf MC so nobody can enjoy it, guaranteed. That’s part of the reason why some of us are in WoW Classic instead of retail.

I’m gonna take a stab and say the reason was that had clear victims.

For that reason I’d expect to see a lot more changes to pvp than pve.

No you reset the quest NPC right outside SW, which allows u to turn in another head and send out the buff again before the timer

Mattingly is the NPC’s name

U it applies to most of SW just be near the middle or front of town…As to where the edge of teh buff is idk

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You get the head as a drop from killing Onyxia and Nefarion and it gives you a quest. One per Raid. And it can only be turned in once per person. You turn it in and get an epic item, and then the head goes on display for x hours, forgot the number. When the head goes up everyone in the city gets a buff.

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ty. for the explanation.

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