Shortage of Ony Heads

what then are the options available to those who are held hostage by 1 guild who screws over the rest of the server?

On my server we have 1 guild who raids 1 hour ealier than the entire rest of the server. every raid day they login 6 hours early to pop a reserve head, then login 30 minutes before their raid and pop a head just for their guild.

now every guild on the server requires their raiders to login an hour early to raid to get their head buff, then logout and wait 1-3 hours for their raid to start. this causes all sorts of issues, from feeling like you couldn’t play the game, to people needing to rush home from work, to people never having the buffs ever because they can’t.

we can’t stop this guild from reserving, except to login 13+ hours early, and block them from reserving, after which they throw a tantrum and pop the head 2 hours early so nobody can have it.

our only option is to reset the NPC so that the server can get the buffs and nobody feels like they have to build their entire schedule around 1 guild.

“Nonetheless, any change to WoW Classic has to be very carefully considered”

Have they really though, because every change you guys have made has been as short sighted and legitimately as terrible as possible. It’s like you literally made the worst possible choices on every decision node to give us as bad an experience as possible. I mean honestly you should just hire someone as a consultant to prevent you from making awful decisions since clearly no one at the company has the foresight to do so.

Remove the ability to reset seems more reasonable, since no one wants easy accessible buffs. cough Black Lotus cough

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Oof, “everyone” is a bit hyperbolic, don’t you think? Not everyone is closed off to changes…

Does it really take that long for y’all to figure this out? Every hardcore guild is doing it because y’all sucked at server populations. Just remove the cooldown on the buff.

Now with ZG incoming:

DM North -> Darkmoon Faire -> Felwood for songflower -> ZG buff -> Stormwind for head buff then log off and not be able to play your main until raid.

And don’t forget to not get TOO many buffs (or enchants, or food buffs, or be in the wrong stance, or god forbid get a renew from a priest) so your REALLY VALUABLE buffs don’t get knocked off due to buff cap.

I remember back in vanilla that you folks had to redo how buffs from food and potions worked, because they all stacked. I believe the WoW devs at the time said specifically “the number of buffs players had access to was breaking the game”. In the spirit of this: pretty please, sugar on top, main spec roll, will keep subbed indefinitely - have world buffs remove themselves on entering a raid instance.

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you’re not supposed to be able to have 100% uptime on ony buff. there’s a reason it has a cooldown. don’t get it? try again next week like the rest of us who aren’t exploiting.

except you do because of your flawed mass report system. i was silenced for over a day because of seething children unable to get ony buff.

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The cooldown is 6 hours, not a week.

i meant move on, do your raid and try for the buff next week

why doesn’t blizzard just add a passive 10% crit to all characters base stats like all the exploiters claim is intended

Exploits? Considering your guild name, I think that is hilarious.

i’m not sure what you are trying to say here.

RIght back at you. :smiley:

Don’t need ony heads to clear classic content. More people would probably enjoy the game if they stopped worrying about it.


9 chars.

I agree completely. IMO, the best way to not worry about it is to remove it from the equation by having the buffs go away if you zone into a raid instance.

Lol no. The cooldown works if there is a 3k pop cap on the server. That is not the case. Get off your high saber.

I enjoy having all the buffs and doing it as fast as I can. Please stop telling people how they should enjoy the game.

Maybe you guys are making it to raids with Ony buff on PvE servers…on some PvP servers you are lucky if the mountain isn’t being camped by 2 raid groups.