Shaman Spell Batching Exploit

I don’t need to show anything, you need to show evidence that it wasn’t possible. It’s called the burden of proof, you made the claim, you show the proof.

Anyone who cares about facts would have accepted my evidence at this point. It’s caused by spell-batching, spell batching existed in Vanilla.

lol nope - youre the one bringing in TBC era evidence to a Classic gun fight - at least my evidence is from Vanilla friendo since Divine Favour functions the exact same way Elemental Mastery does

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What does Divine Favor have to do with your argument?

cuz blizzard specifically nerfed it twice during Vanilla so as to not function in this manner shown here with Shaman

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And why did they have to nerf it twice? Use your thinker here.

Because the first nerf didn’t work, and the second one obviously didn’t work either and that’s why I linked this:

If you’re a Holy Paladin pop Divine Favor, Start casting Holy Light and SPAM Holy Shock, so Holy Shock hits the milisecond after Holy Light does, if done correctly both should Crit, every time, so from one Divine Favor you get double crit

[Edit] Must be done on somebody other than yourself, and abit of latency helps =p

again, what you are posting is from TBC


This is going no where, good luck on your fruitless crusade. There is 0% chance this will be changed.

Because I’m right, as usual.

post VANILLA evidence instead of TBC postings to back up your theory - it’s not much to ask for

you can’t link or post to a single video, comment or writeup showing that Elemental double crits existed in Vanilla - if you could, you would have done so already

PS - this is what vanilla era evidence looks like


Why are you even arguing with him? He’s literally never been right on anything. The worst part is how much he claims to know paladin and the logs so he’s not as accredited as he says. He also calls people offensive names when you show him he’s wrong.

you seem mad friend - enlighten me on where i’ve been incorrect please

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All you have shown is that was in fact a bug that was intended to be fixed multiple times; meaning it was a known issue. So all of the issues that were in vanilla that they have removed already were mistakes or bad decisions? They have changed the game in many ways already and it is not Vanilla. My whole argument was that this was never meant to be in the game from day one. Also if you read above there is an Elemental Shaman PVP video from vanilla giving proof this was super rare and or was unable to be done intentionally . Please watch that and show me where you see this combo being pulled off with 100% certainty. If you care not to watch, I’ll spoil it for you; it does not happen. You however have only given at best some flimsy proof that this existed in vanilla and suggest that you should as well follow the guidelines you posted.

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Do you see how bad the guy in this video is lagging? Find a video of a Shaman using Elemental Mastery and mashing Earth Shock with low latency and having that Earth Shock not score a crit.

That’s not how this works. If you make a bug report, you need to provide proof that it’s a bug and evidence that it didn’t work in Vanilla. This video of a Shaman with 500+ latency is not evidence of anything.

It was not in vanilla, I was a marshal back in the day with hundreds of hours of pvp. I can tell you for a fact it wasn’t in vanilla. The only reason it is here today is the batching. The only reason it isn’t fixed is probably because one of the devs loves playing it.


It was in Vanilla. Why do you think they “fixed” it in TBC?

This is the guy that wrote Shaman guides and had his topics stickied back in Vanilla. I think he knows what he’s talking about.

explain this blue response here then - no one was able to find vanilla era evidence and yet this was fixed within a few weeks of being reported along with this blue post lol

TLDR - if you find a VANILLA era video showing an Elemental Shaman gaining double crits with Elemental Mastery then you will have won this thread and gotten a me wow

I didn’t see anything about getting triple crits in that post. Was hard to read it all though I must admit.

What? You do know Shamans have natural crit chance as well, right? I can easily find videos of an Elemental Mastery Chain Lightning/Earth Shock crit. I’ll do it when I get some free time. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow.

that’s quite literally what I and others have been asking you for some time now - you’ve been stalling this entire time friendo

Dude, you don’t seem to realize; you’re the ones claiming this is a bug, you need to provide evidence.

You haven’t. There’s been laggy videos of clickers failing to activate Earth Shock fast enough to have it crit within a batch.

The same thing happens on Classic, if you don’t hit it fast enough, you won’t get the double crit. You need to read the bug report guidelines again: