Shaman Spell Batching Exploit

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Not QQing; just stating a bug. Would like to see all of these things fixed Horde or Alliance side. Talents went through a ton of revisions in Vanilla even and I’d just like to see them work as intended. If you notice stuff on Alliance that is broken I’d hope you would report it as well.

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still waiting for documented proof or video showing this existing in vanilla…

especially since Blizzard specifically nerfed spell batching window for Paladins and Divine Favor - not once - but twice in Vanilla



I think nerfing the window would help drastically. But any fix or word on this would be helpful. It gets into that weird area though where because we all have internet that is 1000x faster than we did in vanilla it is super easy to pull this off. If this happened at all in vanilla I assume it would not have been well documented and hard to reproduce with peoples computers lagging from a spell being cast. Either way it still seems like what is happening is a bug and going against the intended design of the game.

They are making changes to the game along with policy changes now so I would expect an obvious bug like this to be fixed sometime in the near future

Edit: I would also like to see your proof that this “was a thing in vanilla”. Please provide some evidence of this occurring at a consistent and easily reproducible rate

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Working as intended. This was how it was in vanilla. Warts and all.

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post documented proof of it existing in Vanilla then plz kthxbai


It didn’t. It needs to be fixed.

Source: Am Shaman, while fun, it is total BS it happens.


+1 to you my friend and thank you for your honesty

For what it’s worth, I was one of the main proponents to have the Blessing of Sacrifice + Reckoning machine-gun Ret mechanic nerfed.

While also incredibly fun, it would have broken then game in both PvE and PvP and I told Kevin Jordan as much to which he also agreed. Sure enough it was removed not long after.


Agreed - when things are unfair they need to be fixed.


On that note, I’m happy to see people who play the class admit something is broken. They need to do this across the board with this type of issue for any class. The Shaman bug is the most prevalent one I have personally noticed, but it seems there are far more than just this.

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no it was not.


Watching through this the combo crit seems very inconsistent. I believe there is only one instance where both shock and bolt crit leading me to believe that was a natural crit roll. Where in the current state of Classic I have witnessed the same Shaman pull this combo 7 times in a row with ease. Hopefully this is good evidence and helps. Thanks Gso!


We can do this literally every time the CD is up. It’s absolutely not intended. So once every 3 minutes we’re a one shot god. In PVE it isn’t a big deal, in PVP it’s kind of BS. It absolutely shouldn’t be happening.

However, I feel like they won’t fix this since in order to they’d have to get rid of spell batching. Which they won’t. Since then they’d have to admit they were wrong and put in a bad mechanic.


maybe we should all ask for refunds?

too soon? :stuck_out_tongue:


Come on guys, I’m gone for a bit and the fact checking goes out the window:

Patch 2.3.0 (2007-11-13): Elemental Mastery: It is no longer possible to get two consecutive guaranteed critical strikes from using this ability.

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Reading out of context.

If you observe above the point made was that things such as this was line item specifically nerfed for more than one class.

Thus far no one has linked any clear evidence that this kind of play was common in Vanilla post 1.11, and it was factually impossible before the shaman update.

Odds are blizzard knowing them will do nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, nay not even to check on things themselves.

The best anyone can hope for is some lip service.

Ps where did you go on vacation to?

Whether it was common or not couldn’t be more irrelevant. The fact is that the evidence shows that it was possible.

I recall correctly. It worked like that for a long time in Vanilla and BC when i played ele.

You have to spam the crap out of your ES keybind doesnt always work (could have been due to my influx in MS back then. Sometimes it was low sometime really high.)

I played ele sham back in vanilla and this is how it was. The same thing also works with Clearcasting (both spells will cost 0 mana)

This happens because of Spell Batching, you know, the system you advocated for months ago?

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