Shadowlands Season 1 to End on June 28

i am scare of will not get ksm mont . . . NOT hahahahahahahahaha

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Yes that’s what typically happens

Also chiming in, this has been so hard to find concrete information on. Can we get a simple, date and time of when exactly cutting edge is removed. Thank you in advance


will cutting edge still be attainable patch week before the raid releases? The wording on the achievment and the blue post above is causing confusion-my guild is close and this info will help us know if we can finish the tier or not

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9.2 will release on Tuesday, November 23rd. Should be enough time for Blizzard to make a 9.3 final patch that makes their game playable before 10.0.

Will conquest pvp gear still be upgradable from June 29th to July 6?

I just don’t see them making a 9.3 at this point
it’s either 9.2 is the last patch/raid and the next expansion will come out in the last quarter of 2022 or 9.3 will come out next year and the next expansion will be in 2023.

How about tell us why we have to recraft legendaries in what is maybe one of the worst game design choices you guy have ever made.

Who cares at this point? SL is the biggest pile of garbage I have ever seen.

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It’s officially been announced that CE, as well as KSM season 1, will be available until reset on July 6th.

While previous seasons have ended when realms were taken offline for maintenance, we’ve chosen to set this season to end a few hours earlier, at a time that should be more convenient for most players. this is so stupid. im didnt get the rival set because of this stupid decision , fell like im not gonna play anymore for real.


So was there a bug or something with ending the season at 10 PDT? Looks like people are still able to join ranked arena and gain rating.

Kaivax - Is it a known issue that the season did not end at 10:00 p.m. PDT on Monday, June 28 as announced here?

The season kept going, people kept queueing rated arena, and many people who were within rank 1 range at 10:00 p.m. were knocked out of range by people queue for hours after the announced season end time.

Dozens those people got screwed when people kept queueing after the end of the season was supposedly supposed to arrive.

Yes. Unfortunately, the season did not end at 10:00 p.m. PDT as expected. We immediately investigated the issue and ended the season for certain at 11:10 p.m. PDT.

We will review the results and ensure that anyone who was eligible for Rank 1 at 10:00 p.m. PDT properly receives it.

If anyone was eligible for Rank 1 at 11:10 p.m. PDT but not 10:00 p.m. PDT, they will also receive it.

This review will be a part of our usual end-of-season processing. Immediately after every season, we examine participation and issue disqualifications before results are finalized.


Giving away free titles?


Thank you!

if you revert it to the time of 10 pm like intended than anyone who got in range after should not receive it. That makes no sense to hand out free titles. We all knew the end time. You either should stick with one or the other, and not allow anyone after the time of 10 to receive it or keep the current cutoff how it is.


While I do agree with you. Atleast everyone involved is happy this way.

Does this including rewards for Shadowlands KSM Season 1? Is the mount and achievement still attinable?

When will final cutoffs be posted?

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