Shadowlands Season 1 to End on June 28

its not about keeping everyone happy, its about doing whats right. I believe they should take the snapshot from 10 because they literally posted about the season ending specifically at 10. I dont agree with giving away free titles.

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You got the most free title ever as a ret paladin. You should thank blizzard’s class design team and be happy.

i actually got rank one on my enh too :slight_smile: there was alot of broken things this season lmao

Thanks for reaching out!

Also hopefully the 6 win traders on alliance will catch your eyes while reviewing the ladder for R1

How long does that usually take?

It’s a 2 week long process

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Man I’m not even a gladiator and it’s disappointing to read that anyone after the announced cutoff time is eligible for a title.

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Since when? Not calling you out individually, but we’ve seen so many seasons where DQs were 10000% not taken into title consideration.

What about the people that stopped queuing after 10:00 pm that were pushing for gladiator or rival and didn’t quite make it? I easily could have pushed to rival and gotten the elite set if I had known I was going to have an extra hour. Why not open the achievements back up until tuesday’s reset? Considering you can still earn CE and KSM

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any update on the cutoffs?

we won’t know until 7/13 when they are given out

Bro it’s Blizzard lol do you really expect them to be up front and transparent