Shadowlands Season 1 to End on June 28

So what happens with PvP from the 28th to the 8th in terms of gaining conquest, honor and gear?

After the reset I assume honor and conquest gets reset to 0? So can we start the honor and conquest grind after the reset on the 28th in preparation for season 2?

See you in a year for season 3!

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Stupid change for the illusion.


9.1.5 is the real 9.1.

Just be patient and ride the wave.

:surfing_woman: :surfing_man:

“You’ve had the whole season to push rating.”

Which is why after 9.05 the entire ladder pretty much imploded on itself? Queues have been deader above 2k than pretty much ever before, and that’s if you even still have friends playing. Went from one of the most active modern seasons to one of the most miserable to play - if you can even play it.

That excuse doesn’t apply here. Especially with this season. And especially in regards to something a lot of mid-tier PvPers tend to wait until later seasons for because dealing with PvPers in general is an obnoxious experience of narcissism. (and thanks for proving the point, guys.)

At least it’s finally over.

If you can stomach it, it might actually be easier and faster to do it in RBGs.
I pumped out multiple 1800’s in just a few hours. The bracket is still decently inflated, and should inflate a bit more with people scrambling last second.

Sadly, both my RBG teams disbanded this patch or I’d offer you a spot, but just some food for thought.

Yeah, Holinka touched on that in his interview. Some people will go back to screaming that Gladiator is Rival now by the sound of it.

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Can we get a new M+ mount instead of a recolor pretty please? With sugar on top?

7/6 for CE.

This didn’t really answer the question. What is the date CE will become unobtainable. 6/28 with 9.1 or 7/6 with the new raid release. I’d assume both days will have maintenance…so idk which one you are referring to.


Good riddance to prideful, that nonsense won’t be missed for a minute.

Do you mean July 6th reset? For raid achieves?


Defeat Sire Denathrius in Castle Nathria on Mythic difficulty, before the release of the next raid tier.

chances are it will still be available when 9.1 drops and it will go away on july 6 when the sanctum raid goes live

So can we get an actual date from you Kaivax (in a blue post) for the last possible date to get CE before 9.1 ?


That seems awfully fitting given your guild name. Do you roleplay in far off lands as a pandaren exploring the desert?

I role-play as a ksm tank that hates the prideful affix and has basically run out of content to do.

Oh I roleplay as a spriest that is tired of the meta in pvp and noticed the pvp ladder is dead so I sit in Sinfall or Oribos

But hey 9.1 yayy


Does CE end with the release of 9.1 or with the release of the new raid?


Seriously need explicit confirmation on this. This has literally raised more questions than it answered. Just need a “CE Feat of Strength will no longer be obtainable after [June 29th / July 6th].” This is worded as if it’s a departure from all previous CE tiers. Can we give our raiders a break during 9.1 launch week or will we have an extra week to push a few more % hp on the boss to try and grab it?


nice! was hoping we weren’t gonna do that whole “post season” stuff this time around! there’s still hope to hit 2k io :pray:

gl ladies and gentlemen! :cupid:

Going to throw in my two cents and ask for confirmation as well. Does the ability to earn CE end on the June 29th reset or the July 6th reset.