Shadowlands Ending Lore Bingo

Take your bets folks! Which spaces will be filled? We can revisit later :slight_smile:

edit, made a second one


“Night Elf Mass Rez” doesn’t work since their souls are already obliterated, and restoring Darnassus also won’t happen since Blizzard wanted to get rid of it in the first place, also there are hardly any Night Elves left to inhabitate it anyway.


I’m just upset that it took me like a minute to stand here wondering who Ben Voss was when I realised Benedictus Voss has a nickname :sob:


if I typed out benedictus the letters would get super small T.T

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You missed “Tyrande forgives Sylvanas” and “Arthas redemption”

I take my bets on Azeroth being a First One soul though… or maybe the PC given how OP and Mary-Sue they are.


I could reasonably make two entire bingo boards tbh

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No mana bomb option!?

I feel insulted.

The N column Bingo is looking very promising.


I think we’ll get a bingo in the first row


I think our most likely bingo is top left diagonal, followed by row 4. Middle column would be a strong contender, but I really doubt that Bolvar will be the new Jailer.

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Shouldn’t the Free tile be labeled “Jailer is discount Thanos.”?



What do we do if the final cutscene somehow does all, or almost all, of them? (Including the second board you mentioned being able to do.)

Call out bingo 10 times, or what?


Zovaal kills the other Eternal Ones and peacefully rules over the Shadowlands once again. In the process, the old gods on Azeroth is resurrected due to the Primus’ ability to foresee all possibilities connection to the Void.

10.0 is the rebirth of the Black Empire on Azeroth. Having an expansion devoid of Anduin and Sylvanas will be much appreciated.


Think more silly.

The Sepulcher is not a reality reoriginator. It’s only a Shadowlands reoriginator.
But, because “perspective”, the denizens of the Shadowlands do not know that.
So Zovaal pushes the button, and in the cutscene, we get shown how the Primus, jealous of Zovaal, caused all this mess.
Then, watching the denizens of the Shadowlands go back in time, we see it all go back to the beginning when nothing was wrong with Zovaal the Arbiter.

And, oh well, our work here is done! (We’re not Shadowlands denizens, we wouldn’t be rolled back to V1.)

That, or their relationship across Factions is supposed to be a spark for the Great Faction War. (And a new title! Veteran of the Fifth War! One wonders when we get roman numerals for them. Then the ESRB is really mad when we get to 30.)


I believe it will happen like this:

Sylvanas becomes the new arbiter and stays in Shadowlands for eternity because of all the atrocities she committed while being influenced by Zovaal.

Like her way of redeeming herself and because the world of the living can no longer accept her anymore.

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Letting the one genocidal mass murderer that sent millions of innocents and children into the maw to be tortured and obliterated decide the fate of everyone would be so hilariously bad that it’s very realistic.


Well i know what you mean but this seems to be the way Blizzard is going with their lore letting the bad guys thrive sadly.


am certainly expecting ‘Baine/Ben Voss/Bwonsamadi/Forsaken/Frostmourne ignored’ slots to get filled.

At this point, what I actually want from the ending of Shadowlands is the Dreadlords restore Denathrius, who says 'Say, Zovaal, boss who left me to rot? That thing in your chest that I sabotaged to knock out the Arbiter? It’s still sabotaged. Just in case." He snaps his fingers and Zovaal detonates in the middle of one of his Generic Doomsday Villain speeches (“I will rule everything! Nothing can stand against me!”). Then the final boss battle is you have to fight Denathrius (representing evil Revendreth), Kel’Thuzard (representing evil Maldraxxus), Gorak Tul (representing evil Ardenweald) and Forsworn Arthas (representing evil Bastion) all at once.

Meanwhile, Sylvanas falls into an open sewer and dies while no one is looking.


Honestly a fiting end to a genocidical psychopath that would have killed all life on Azeroth if she could.


so you want an arbiter that is tainted by a corrupted Zovaal?

I see no problems whatsoever could arise from this ending… :laughing: