Shadow Oil proc rate wrong?

I have been using shadow oil and it does not seem that the proc rate is 15% as advertised. I have heard that this is not a PPM proc and the fact that it is stated as “15%” instead of “chance on hit” leads me to believe that is true, but I’m not certain. As such, when I’m using daggers and attacking multiple times per second I should be getting procs pretty consistently, but instead there are times where (no exaggeration, I’ve kept track) I hit 50ish times without a proc. That’s like a 99.9% chance of proccing assuming the 15% is correct. Is it actually proc per minute? How about internal cooldown? I don’t think it has one.


I also have noticed low proc rate. In a few hundred hits (maybe closer to 1000) I saw about 9% proc rate. I was using SoR which usually doubles the rate, too, so maybe it’s supposed to be 5%, not 15%? I will test out Frost oil to see if it is similarly disappointing.

Frost oil seems to have the reported 10% rate.

Yes I also noticed this and made an in-game bug report, please look into this and fix!

Posting here again for visibility, this is important, we need a fix!
The latest theory that we have come up with in the Paladin theorycrafting discord is that there is a hidden internal cooldown on the proc, like 10-15 seconds which is why it seems like the proc rate is much lower then 15%.

Please look into this, and as Mathnapkin above stated, Frost oil seems to be working correctly, so shadow oil should work the same way, no?

Concerned Paladin here, again. Please reply to this blizzard so we know what’s going on.

-Illucia Blaumeux

Any update here?

lots of people waiting on this to be addressed :frowning:

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reposting here for effect as well:

Blizzard - you could at least let us know if this is in fact the case:

## XXXXYesterday at 7:48 PM


shadow oil and consecration are not getting fixed

## rowdyredfred (Aymee)Yesterday at 8:57 PM

Was there a blue post?

## XXXXYesterday at 10:20 PM

idk but thats what esfand told me

## ThelorasYesterday at 10:52 PM

if esfand wanted to actually be helpful then he would put his money where his mouth is

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listen bro he told me he talked to the devs and they are not going to change it

## ThelorasYesterday at 11:14 PM

then they need to PUBLICLY say as much
those bug reports have been up for MONTHS
without a single yes this is working as intended

Still not addressed!!

It isn’t an issue with the proc rate. It procs 15% of the time on all weapons.

It does have a 10 second internal cooldown though, so you cant get 2 procs closer together than 10s. That’s why it appears that faster weapons have lower proc rates. They hit more often during that 10s window that you can’t get a proc.

That’s also why haste buffs like Seal of the Crusader appeared to lower the proc rate on this, when they don’t lower the proc rate on anything else in the game.

Frost oil does not have an internal cooldown, and can proc back to back. It can even proc twice from one swing for paladins running a damage seal. The lack of internal cooldown allows it to have the correct overall proc rate.

If you wait 10s to attack again every time you get a shadowbolt proc, you’ll find that shadow oil does indeed have a 15% proc rate.

Is the 10 second internal cooldown on it intended? No one knows, as blizz has not commented on it, and I don’t have any 1.12 era videos of someone using it to see if they get 2 procs closer together than 10 seconds.

Still waiting as a response as we move into BWL.

Still not fixed!!

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Any chance this is going to be fixed before Naxx?

that’s a good one!

If I had to make a guess it’s probably because it’s using the 16% spell miss chance and not based on melee hit chance.

It both has a 10s internal cooldown AND misses based on spell hit’s 16% miss on bosses.

The miss chance isnt lowering procs, the ICD is, but it does lower how many connect.

The internal cooldown is the issue. The proc rate when off cooldown is fine.

Ah that’s right, I remember reading about the ICD. Is that Vanillalike?

We have absolutely no idea if it is vanilla-like.

I can’t find an example of any other proc or item that has an internal cooldown like that. The most similar item, frost oil, does not have an internal cooldown.

Really, the only way we will know for sure is for blizz to respond to this thread or add it to the “not a bug” list.

Or I guess stealth change it in a later patch.

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