Semi Hardcore Player LF GUILD

Hello all, posting on an Alt

I’m an OG vanilla player but was very casual due to my younger age at the time. I have played every expansion with the exception of MoP (in college for most of that one).

I’m looking for a home, preferably an EST Server (prefer PvE, not opposed to the new “westfall” server) but I’m open if the raid times are right. Faction is irrelevant to me, ill play either.
I’m looking to raid after 9pm EST, until as late as 1am EST and at least two days a week.

I would prefer to play healing priest (either PI build or standard holy) but open to mage or warlock as well. If i happen to join a horde guild, i do have interest in resto shammy as well

My raiding experience is as follows:
Classic/TBC Casual
WOTLK Casual Raider/Fill-In for a Semicore guild
Cata Raider with a casual guild
WoD Hardcore with mythic prog guild
Legion Hardcore with mythic prog
BFA Have not played due to disinterest in story/new mechanics

Please leave your discord tag and I can message you :slight_smile:


You may be interested in our guild. We plan to do dungeon leveling since it the fastest way to get to 60, clear all PVE content, do WPVP and Battlegrounds. If interested here is our guild information:

The Seven Deadly Sins - NA Alliance PVP - Herod

About Us:
The Seven Deadly Sins is a guild that was formed by a handful of players that found themselves in a guild that wasn’t meeting their expectations. As is our nature, we decided to make our own guild so we can bring our goals to fruition. We have high aspirations and plan to be the most dominant guild on the server in both PvE and PvP.

What We Do:
Aside from progression raiding and pushing endgame content, we will actively be engaging in:
• World PvP: One of the main reasons we all love Classic WoW is Open World PvP. We want to be known as that guild on Herod that no one can beat. Let’s finally fix that Horde-dominated nonsense that’s taking place on live servers right now.
• Battlegrounds: We plan to have a few battleground teams that play both for fun and competitively. There will be a lot of e-sports events on Classic launch and we are aiming for Rank 1.

Raid Times:
Saturday&Sunday – 8:00PM EST to 12:00AM EST
We raid just 2 days, 8 hours total in a week, but we expect you to bring your A-game in those 8 hours so we can get things done. We don’t encourage or tolerate wasting time in raid. Depending on how we’re doing, we may add some extra time to raid nights. Outside of raid hours, we’re a super laid-back group that hangs out in Discord. We will be running a loot council that will cycle some different raiders into the council each week.


Warrior DPS: Medium
Warrior Tank: Closed 
Rogue: High
Mage: High
Priest: Medium
Warlock: Medium
Hunter: Low
Druid: Low
Paladin: Medium

If you would like to join:

reply here or you can contact me @

Discord = Tepheroth#7342

Discord = raikin77#7735

Or Join our discord at []

Hey there, we aren’t exactly what you are looking for as we are on a PvP server, but figured I’d post anyway. There is some contact info in the post, but if you would prefer to message me on discord do so at jjswat#6708

[Fairbanks-PvP Horde] |Semi-hardcore|Raid times: 6:00-8:00PM PST Sunday/Monday|Loot Council

About Us

We are a spin off guild born out of some of the members of the retail guild The Eternal Fire on US-Hyjal. The Eternal Fire has been raiding together since December of 2015, and has achieved AOTC with all raids since Hellfire Citadel. We are trying to foster a welcoming and mature environment for like-minded people to join and have fun in classic wow. We aren’t a super hardcore guild, and won’t be rushing to level 60. Rather, we want to enjoy the leveling process and spend time in each of the raids as well.

Expectations and Rules

  • Be online fairly consistently
  • Have a good attitude and be mature
  • Respect the other members of the guild (drama won’t be tolerated)
  • Be ready to learn along with the rest of us
  • If you wish to raid have a working mic and a basic understanding of discord


We are currently planning to raid Sunday/Monday 6:00-8:00PM PST.


We will be distributing loot via a loot council that will consist of the officers and GMs. We want loot to be earned, so raid attendance, performance, and attitude will all be taken into account before a decision is made.


  • Shamans, Warlocks, Mages (High)
  • One Dps Warrior (Med)
  • 1-2 Resto Druids (Low)

Contact Info

jjswat#1342, Crabgrass#1578 (Battlenet)

Hi Knohkko!

We have one remaining position open for a Heal-oriented priest (Holy or PI spec is fine). We start a little earlier than what you are looking for (30min to be precise), but figured I’d throw our hat in the ring just in case your times aren’t set in stone.

It’s easiest to drop by our Discord — but I’ll include our Recruitment post as well!

Hello Knohkko

<Symphony of Souls> Adult raid guild is recruiting! Join us on the road to 60! We are looking for like minded players to enjoy classic WoW and high spirited nostalgia on Pagle!

Have fun. Make progress. Don't be a dick.

Expectations: (guild) SoS is an adult raiding guild and we firmly believe in providing a fun and inclusive environment. We encourage our members to play the toon/spec they want to play! The guild is expected to be supportive of one another and we do not condone trolling or attacking fellow members. That being said, the guild is not G rated and adult humor is expected! Ultimately the goal is to have a fun place to ask questions, group up, and enjoy the game as it should be, with friends!

DKP with decay. Rewarded for effort, not being the GM's bff.

Expectations: (raid) The goal is to be raid ready by early Nov, however we are flexible on this. Unpopular raiding specs are supported, though we may have to limit the total number of them if it begins to greatly hinder the raid. Raiders are expected to ask questions, know their class, help the guild farm for raid mats and repairs, and be willing to help your fellow members with attunement etc… Finally raiders are expected to use voice chat/Discord, though you do not need to speak only listen if you wish.

Ask not what the guild can do for you, but what you can do for the guild.

Raid Times: Tue/Thur 8:30 - 10:30 PM EST 2 nights a week with the possibility of adding a 3rd night in the future.

Classes Needed:
Druid - Resto Low
Druid - Feral Low
Hunter - Low
Mage - Medium
Paladin - Holy High
Priest - High
Rogue - Medium
Warrior - DPS High
Warrior - Tank Low
Warlock - Low
Hop into our discord or add me on! Ghyst#1586 Discord - []

You might want to check out:

Check it out.

Hey, Knohkko.

My guild seems to fit most of the criteria you’re looking for. We raid 9:30p - 12:30a EST three days a week (we’ll only be using two during phase 1). We’re in need of a healing priest, and we’re rolling on an eastern server (Incendius). The only criteria we don’t meet is a PvE server.

Here’s a link to my guild’s recruitment spiel, my contact info is listed at the bottom. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in chatting.

we are looking to raid at those times!

come check us out!

Hey our times align perfectly. We have lots of committed, and knowledgeable minds on board. Come check things out :slight_smile:

[H] Skeram

Why choose us?

  • Friendly laid back guild, we hope to build friendships
  • Competitive and dedicated but semi casual (everyone’s welcome)
  • Helpful, will make premades to farm gear with guildies
  • Content variety , PvE and PvP
  • Classic experience

Guild Goals:

  • Clear all PvE content including Naxx
  • Help members gear up farming pre raid BiS
  • Establish a strong economy with careful planning
  • Be accomplished PvPers, and create various team strategies
  • Hold world PvP multi guild events

Classes Needed: Physical DPS, offtanks, healers.

Times: We would like between Sun-Wed starting at 9pm EST (Guild Dependent)

We currently are sitting at almost 30 members.

Discord: add Hordor#1703
or join _ (remove underscore)

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Hi there!

I’m an officer with Pantheon. We’re a Horde guild on Herod. I was wondering how flexible you were with your raiding times. We raid M/T/Th 8:30-11:30, and we could use some Holy priests. I’d love to discuss Pantheon further with you. Below is our recruitment page. If you’re interested, you can reach out to me on Discord at Aydriann#0478.

Thanks for your time!

If your still looking for a home, check us out. We still need some healers and dps. (A) Casual/Semi-Hardcore Guild Westfall

Hey! If you’re open to an 8:30 EST start time, we may be a good fit! 🍻 Grab a beer, let’s get this bread! <Last Call> [A] Pagle PVE - #76 by Grumpyitch-area-52