(A) Casual/Semi-Hardcore Guild Westfall

Legion of Lo Pan is looking for more players for the Westfall server Alliance side. We are a group of vanilla raiders that are ready for the Classic experience that made us love the game. We are in need of all classes, especially 1-2 tanks and healers. We are planning to raid weds. and thurs. starting at 9pm cst.
What we have so far:
2 Warlocks
2 Mages
1 Priest(Holy)
1 Warrior(Tank)
2 Rogue
1 Paladin(Holy)

If interested feel free to post here or contact me on discord at Lorilin

Do you guys by chance need a Mage?

We sure do, we still need most everything. Would be happy to have you.

I know my schedule will not match up for raiding when the time comes, unless my work schedule drastically changes… But if you need a warrior tank for 5-mans in the early AM closer to LvL 55, I’ll be pretty much running everything constantly.

I wouldn’t mind joining forces to help while leveling and to make some new friends.

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My wife is waiting til the rush dies down but I’ll be rushing to 60. She’ll be a pally and I’m going to roll a druid.

Casual/semi-hardcore, I like the fence sitting because I know I will be up for casual but I too am on the fence for being hardcore.

Planning on going ally on Westfall once the server is added and vanilla goes live.

I was planning on leveling up a human holy pally first, I do love to heal dungeons/raids, but if we need more tanks/dps I am open to any role. Will look for your discord if I don’t hear back before servers go live.

Would be happy to have all of you. Hit me up on discord Lorilin#1575 or bnet Lorilin#1468. We have a few that will be ready start right at servers going live and more that will be on later.

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Will do, thanks. I’m Jebill#1832 on BNet and plan on being online at launch. Rolling human holy pally unless I’m convinced otherwise, which I am open to. See you all in vanilla.

Discord Request sent! my ID is: Trixi#1373

I’m interested in joining. Planning on playing a mage. Bnet id is zeric#1280

I been a vanilla player and stop 4 years after that , i feel like getting back into it started with WoW classic, so if you interested i created a Hunter but I can go Warrior (Tank) (off tank). Razz2k6#1734

We are still recruiting. Our main needs right now are 1 resto druid, 1 shadow priest, 1 warrior tank at least 1 rogue and some dps.

Hey are you guys still recruiting? My friends and I are still looking for a smaller sized guild to just level and have fun with. We are Hunter, Priest and Rogue!

I guess I actually should have posted as my classic character! haha

We sure are, we are low on hunters and rogues and could always use another priest. Ill try to look for you in game if your still looking to join.

<Legion of Lo Pan> is recruiting to fill out our roster. Classic is in full swing now and we are ready to start doing late game dungeons, attunements and raiding. We plan to raid Weds and Thurs starting somewhere between 8 to 9 pm cst. Here is what our current needs are.

Paladins – 1

Priests – 1 shadow and 1 heals

Rogues – 1 to 2

Mages – 3

Warlocks – 1

Hunters – 2

Druids – 2 resto

Warriors – 2 tanks/ot and 1 fury

If interested please respond here or Whisper Lorilin, Retrofluxed or Daxx in game. Thank you

Here is what our current needs are. (updated)

Paladins – Full

Priests – 1 shadow

Rogues – 1

Mages – 3

Warlocks – 1

Hunters – 2

Druids – Full

Warriors – 1 or 2 Fury

If interested please respond here or Whisper Lorilin, Retrofluxed or Daxx in game. Thank you

We are ready for a final push to start raiding. In need of dps and 2 tanks/ot. Looking for people level 40+.