🍻 Grab a beer, let’s get this bread! <Last Call> [A] Pagle PVE

Thanks :smiley:

Goodnight everyone!

Added you to discord hope to chat today i know its kinda last minute but yall sound awesome!!!

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Looking forward to playing with you! We’ve got an awesome group forming already, and we’re still recruiting!

Better late than never! Welcome!!!

Thought on ally guild? I got 20 people with me and we are looking to recruit or ally and see how things progress in 2 to 3 months!! let me know, sent a friend request in discord. Fumbles#9697

Nice chatting with you!

Adding over 10 characters for a bump.

That’s amazing TY

I sent a couple friend requests. Toby#2580 on discord

Looking forward to talking to you!

Nice looking group here, looking forward to playing with you guys.

a Coors Light aficionado

Hype! Today is the day!

Hello. I’m a hype. Have I come to the right place?

2 hours to go! See you all in Azeroth!

Hi, will you be accepting casuals and bench / backup raiders? I’ve got a few friends, and myself, not interested in committing to a raid team right now. We’re looking to level, make friends, run dungeons, and be willing to sub in as backups if main raiders can’t make a raid, but we’re waiting to see how our schedules go before really getting serious about possibly raiding.

We will! We love socials and friends, even if they don’t raid!

can we play yet? Blizz let me IN

the hype is real

The queue is real