S4 Elite PVP Set - Not Updated to Reflect Winning Tier

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Much to my dismay and other PVPers who share this sentiment, we have been forgotten in the winning tier appearance set for PVP elite.

Monk Example: The Elite PVP set for monk still reflects Season 3. It should be the victor’s set, Season 1.

Why have PVPers been left out of this? We all partook in voting with the intent of it being across the board, regardless of PVE or PVP. We all enjoy the appearances the same and selected it for a reason.

At this point because it is already live: Add a currency to purchase the winning tier set from the vote.

This is what we voted on, and nowhere does it say it was strictly for PVP.


See the winning sets that should be offered as Elite per the votes for S4. None of these are correct in game currently and it is a major oversight.

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Relevant posts showing the same confusion or disappointment because PVPers have been forgotten in the S4 tier adjustment:

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Example using the monk post: Monk set look - Nothing in this post states it is PVE only. It should reflect PVP sets too for S4 as the vote encompassed all of S4.

There is a complete misalignment from the playerbase and Blizzard. It would be great if a Blue could clarify why PVP was not included in the vote, nor was there any footnote stating so, or if this is simply an oversight.

I am hoping it is the latter as it appears to be from all the evidence. Thank you!!


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For Blizzard’s reference:

Appearance Winners (What the set appearances from S4 should reflect across the board)
:white_check_mark: Death Knight - S3
:white_check_mark: Demon Hunter - S3
:x: Druid - S2
:x: Evoker - S1
:x: Hunter - S1
:white_check_mark: Mage - S3
:x: Monk - S1
:x: Paladin - S2
:x: Priest - S2
:white_check_mark: Rogue - S3
:white_check_mark: Shaman - S3
:x: Warlock - S2
:x: Warrior - S2

:x: being any appearance that is not correctly showing in-game currently for PVP (AKA S3 appearance was not the winner per the community vote).


Yeah, there was someone who posted about this in the warlock class forum. Apparently the answer, or so people were saying, is that the poll only affected PvE sets and that all PvP sets would get S3.

That seems like an odd choice since I don’t feel like there would be much extra work.


I have seen a bit of this response too! And I would have no issue accepting that answer if the Blues confirmed it.

There is no fine print anywhere on any of the official posts saying anything along the lines of: PS - This appearance is not for PVP versions of the appearance. PVE only.

If this was the case, I think a few of us would have voted differently. Such clarity should be given on future polls if indeed the intent is to not award the appearance to PVP play in that season. :pray: I will say that seems incredibly awkward to exclude part of the playerbase from the community’s voted-on appearance for each class.


This should definitely be revised, because the mark of mastery vendor gives the correct appearance for Elite, but the vault, conquest vendor, and presumably rating rewards are stuck with the season 3 appearance.

Ideally, offering a choice of the voted set and the season 3 set would be great, but lacking that, every one of the above should be changed to the voted set. It’s especially questionable why the vote was necessary otherwise, because the PvE appearances could be acquired even after their seasons - only the rated PvP set would be uniquely available again.


I just wanted to add my voice to people looking for clarification on this issue. I am seeing a lot of confusion on other boards about whether or not this was intentional, and if it was, people would like to know why. PvPers are feeling left out of this season, and I totally see why.


We do feel left out and the General Discussion version of this topic showcases it well. Not only due to the excluded PVP aspects, but no Blue communication to the PVPers this impacts.


A summation of my thoughts with the big thread made to mirror this one in General Discussion:

I implore Blues to read this to see how confused people are, from the PVPers to those unaffected (people who do not PVP) trying to help out. It has been almost a week!


Blizzard: As my term of 2023-2024 Community Council comes to an end, I would like to remind you that future polls should encompass some sort of fine print about Elite sets not being included.

Someone like me who didn’t play in Legion when allegedly ‘PVPers lost their minds over their Elite sets being available again’ would never know this. Legion was years and years ago.

The poll showcased itself inclusive of all types of gameplay, there was no exclusion mentioned.

I wish for this to never happen again as my thread by the same name in General Discussion shows how much this impacted the community with misaligned assumptions and overall confusion across the board: